The Saga Continues continued

The Saga Continues continued

If you found this file in an archive then put keyword "nutteing3" in a search engine to find a live / recent version. This and associated files have been on the internet more than 3 years now,known to all concerned in Wiltshire and strange as it may seem nothing libellous in any of the files.

Another Transcribed Telephone Call

Starting at 00 . 38 on 8 July 1997

Paul_____ You've just woken me up - who's this
Stella___ Hello,Paul,it's Stella here,did you get my messages
P_ Well the lights blinking but I haven't listened yet
S_ Well OK,I've left several messages and I think you know why don't you
P_ Nothing particular
S_ Well I think so Paul . think back
P_ Sorry
S_ I said I think so,think back
P_ What about
S_ You went round to see Jan at the weekend [ A now ex-friend of Stella's after more than 20 years being friends ]
P_ Jan oh yeah,yeah
S_ She told you that she would ring me
P_ Yeah
S_ And tell me what it was all about ,so what is going on
P_ Well I just want to get some outside independent thought on these things
S_ Right,so why have you got yourself,I've been talking to Leafe,so wound up about these things .
P_ Well no one is telling me anything so ..
S_ Well you haven't asked
P_ Well you didn't explain the last time I brought things up with you
S_ Well how long ago was that,about 20 odd years ago
P_ No about 6 .. 5 months ago or something
S_ When I came down to see you
P_ Look its quite straightforward,are you denying that we lived together ,while Fian was conceived
S_ Yes but I happen to know that ...
P_ Are you denying that
S_ Paul,no I'm not denying that
P_ Right OK
S_ I can tell you
P_ That's a start
S_ (huff) ,I can tell you that Fian isn't yours alright
P_ Lets carry on this line .. carry on this line OK . You're not denying we had sex together round about the time Fian was conceived .
S_ No,er um well no actually we didn't have sex together about the time Fian was conceived,that's why I am so sure
P_ Well there's not much point in talking to you any more
S_ Well what,what makes you think that Fian is actually yours,I've never actually claimed that he was .
P_ Look this conversation is ridiculous
S_ Well yes,I can agree but it obviously has to be sorted out but my concern is for Fian
P_ Well yes
S_ Both my children actually because Leafe is quite upset as well
P_ I'm not surprised
S_ And you've disconcerted Jan somewhat by turning up at her home . Paul , what's the matter
P_ I can't see much point in carrying on this conversation . Whatever you're saying is at complete variance to what I'm saying
S_ Well what are you saying ,I don't really know what ...
P_ I'm saying ,I'm quite prepared to say at this moment that Fian could be Kelvin's or could be mine . All I would like to know ,how you could be sure but you're saying that we didn't even have sex together, which is plain ridiculous , at the time he was conceived
S_ Not at that particular time . How do you think I am so sure . Look,you know, you're a male while I'm female,Paul,there's the difference . We know the difference, OK,we know about when we are fertile our cycle etc . And so I happen to know,I wasn't sure about Leafe,um but um I know,that I know that she was yours ,right . By cycles ant times of the month and all those sorts of things
P_ You .. I can't believe that you can be that accurate
S_ Um excuse me ,but it can be extremely accurate,you're taking the usual male view that women can't possibly know . And I'm sorry but women can possibly know like I know when I was expecting twins,or any doctor can ..
P_ You reckon you can tie it down to plus or minus a day or so
S_ I can actually tie it down to a time,I can actually tie it down to a particular incident in both cases,yes I can,and I think you can find most women can do that
P_ Well I'll take advice on this,I've never heard of this before
S_ Paul what you think,what will you achieve by this um
P_ I'm going to hang up this phone now,I don't want you phoning again
S_ Paul,I tell you if you cause my son trouble,my son will destroy you, not me,my son . You've not met my son ,you've not been in contact with him
P_ No
S_ Have you
P_ No
S_ My son is a very different kettle of fish from Leafe and I advice you to be aware ,you're dealing with a,if you mix with him you're dealing with an extremely [?] eighteen-year-old . He doesn't suffer fools gladly and you will be in a whole bundle of trouble if you try and contact him . I can assure you not from me but from him
P_ OK,fair enough
P_ He is not Leafe,Leafe feels sorry for people,Leafe gets involved,Leafe goes off on her own little ways . Fian is not your son,number one . I don't know how much plainer I can make it than that,he isn't your son . If you get in contact with him you will have a whole bunch of trouble . Fian does not like people who cross him .
P_ Fair enough
S_ He's a business man in his own little right . He's only 18 and has just made 1000 on a venue he's just organised,he's off to India to do voluntary work, he's just done his "A" levels ,he's projected 3 "A" "A" levels,and that's in art subjects ,not pissey fucking science subjects which any moron ,if he put his mind to it ...
P_ Look I'm going to put the phone down ,there's no point in talking to you any more ..

Copy of this (part) sound recording 560K

[Compare this reference to "A" level grades to the testimony of FG Dawson on the second file of this series on the internet . This woman in dissociation has total unawareness (fugue/amnesia) for the content of her speech and actions in this "alter personality" . When reference to such conversations get back to her the only way she can react to them is that this info has come by subterfuge . The other way of dealing with it is saying it is rumour with absolutely no awareness that she is the rumour monger . Back when I lived with her I once jokingly said I had bugged the house as the reason I knew something or other that I was not supposed to know -it was she who had told me . Stella Constant immediately latched on to this as explanation and however much I denied having done any bugging made no jot of difference . In her mind that was the explanation . ]
S_ Look come on you're dealing with a whole different ballgame mate,OK, and you want to be really careful
P_ OK I'm putting the phone down now
S_ I'll tell you another thing,you have no legal right to Fian or Leafe come to that . You are dependent on their good will and I should listen to what _ told you about the whole situation .
P_ Yes I did it was quite interesting
S_ Good,I'm glad that you did because you should do because you're acting so selfishly . All you can think of is your hatred for me which has obviously sustained you through the years . Leafe has said that you have tried to manipulate me .. her to hate me . And of course it just won't wash . Another thing she knows what I'm about and you are a stranger and you don't realise it but you've picked the wrong sort of tack . I don't know why you hate me so much. OK,I was a pain in the arse when I was younger,I'll acknowledge that, I recognise that,but why do you have to do this . I just don't understand it Paul . I just don't understand it ,rally I don't
P_ OK you've had your say now is that all?
S_ Why are you doing this ,do tell me
P_ I'd just like the record go straight that's all
S_ But it isn't straight is it
P_ No I know it's not
S_ But it .. what your saying to my daughter isn't straight ,it's a biased view of how I was then . But that isn't how I've been since .
P_ I've no idea what you're like now
S_ And it's a biased view anyway,don't you see . She said that you get really upset when she stands up for you .. for me . Why do you do that . Don't you want her to have a good mother ,don't you want her to have a good relationship with her mother because she does,don't you want her to . Do you want her to hate me or something because she's not going to Paul,just to satisfy you,don't you understand . I don't hate you or anything,I just don't in spite of all the trouble that you've been causing my family . I don't hate you . I just actually am more concerned about you and Leafe's very much like this about me that she's concerned about you . But if you .. I'm warning you Paul,if you mix with Fian he's not like me and he's not like Leafe,he will destroy you love,he really will and I mean that as afriendly warning,I don't mean,beacause he will
P_ Fair enogh
S_ You know he can be an absolute little shit and is extremely fly . I've seen him reduce a grown adult to tears,yeah,I'm not sure whether real tears but a very very,you know,sussed young man and he won't take ... and I'm warning to protect yourself . Why do you hate me so much,why do you, because you do don't you
P_ As far as I am concerned I don't but
S_ But you do Paul
P_ But I can see how it can be interpretted ..
S_ You do see how it can be interpretted well that's a start then . Leafe said to me and I've never said anything to her about you other than,you know,I've always been very neutral about you because I thought that was the best thing,right
P_ Well I can damn myself,that's no trouble,I often do
S_ No I have,I think that you will find ,that Leafe will have said to you that .. that I've always been neutral and haven't said anything bad about you . Would you disagree with that?
P_ Well she hasn't really said much about it anyway
S_ Well that's right because there hasn't been a lot to say because I've been neutral about you . I haven't said a lot of things because that was our personal relationship,it was very difficult but,I don't want to put that on her,you see what I mean?
P_ Well yes
S_ But you haven't done that ,have you,you've thought it all in how much angst I gave you and all of this stuff and as far as she sees it is you're trying to turn her against me .
P_ You're the social worker,you must be familiar with these situations before .
S_ I am
P_ I mean,that's what's bound to happen isn't it
S_ No it's not bound to happen . Not if people have good will . If people have concern about what is happening,they really are
P_ I've had 20 years to come to terms with it
S_ Yes it is,it's a very long time ago,Paul . That's what I'm trying to say to you ,why
P_ There is some things you don't forget
S_ I know it was difficult but I was just a young ,very young,messed-up woman then . I'm very different now . I was very different ...
P_ Well,going by this phonecall I find that surprising
S_ Paul,I'm worried about my children
P_ That's fair enough ,yes
S_ I get a phone call from one of my friends which has concerned me a lot ,what do you expect . What do you expect really um
P_ OK is that all
S_ No I just want to know why you hate me
P_ I don't
S_ You do,you do Paul
P_ How can I prove that I don't hate you then
S_ Er,by not trying to make Leafe hate me,not that you're succeeding,which is making her unhappy . By not upsetting my child who is taking his "A" levels,he's got a good future in front of him,I don't want that messed up
P_ I've told Leafe,I'm not going to contact him because Leafe requested me not to and I'll do anything she says . I can say that to you
S_ Well good,Leafe knows that I'm her mother and I can assure you that's reasonable isn't it
P_ You don't mind odd characters in pubs bringing up strange tittle-tattle from the past .
S_ What odd characters in pubs . I haven't met any recently . What odd characters have you come across
P_ Well,It doesn't really apply in my case but ...
S_ What are you talking about
P_ I'm talking about this Michael character in Salisbury somewhere

[According to Leafe this "Michael" had taken her aside in a pub and told her something about her paternity being not what she was led to believe . Notice all mention of this "Michael " character were absent from all the prosecution statements . I now know that my daughter is a proven liar (supposed letters to hotels in Leicester and ficticious credit history checks on her in her police statement) . It is even more firmly now my conjecture that Leafe fabricated this informant to disguise the real informant being one of her family friends . There were 9 people I recently contacted who were aware of the questionable paternity of Fian and Leafe in the mid 70s . Only 2 of these were of the opinion that only Kelvin could be Fian's father . Both had continuing contact with this Salisbury family . One was living in Southampton around the time Leafe was conceived but was living in the New Forest when Fian was conceived and returned to Southampton in about 1979 . The other person was the one who aided and abetted S . M. Constant on the night of the window smashing . This was the same person who had identified to me the serious psychiatric episode of the father of S . M. Constant,Michael Ellis CONSTANT, at Heron Wood in Middle Woodford ,Wiltshire in 1984 . I would consider it is just as likely for her to relay potentially devastating information back the other way,probably taking some sort of pleasure in doing so in the process]

S_ It's a bit strange Leafe and I talked it through and I haven't a clue . It's just one of those things it will always be a mystery . Well yes it's best not to worry about it unless he causes some trouble .
P_ Exactly,I mean,whoever this bloke is ,obviously knew what was going on 20 years ago and more to the point recognises Leafe and knows how to contact her in the present
S_ It's very very odd that he knows . It's certainly nobody I know of . I did know a Michael but it isn't him . It's very very few people that know of her paternity .
P_ I mean if he is someone of a dubious nature he is probably using a false name anyway
S_ Well I can't imagine,I just don't know . Leafe was getting very worried,very panicky about it . Well I don't know who it is but if it is someone,then it's one of a few number of people because very few people actually know
P_ You do see my point
S_ If it is one of those people then they're playing silly games and best just not to take any notice of it .
P_ Yes but there's people like that,take pleasure in doing that sort of thing
S_ Oh yeah,obviously the guy did take pleasure ,you know . I actually went to the pub the night after it happened to see if I could catch him because I was concerned
P_ But you see my point ,if he knows what was going on then and recognises Leafe and presumably he knew what happened in Fian's case . Whether he knows anything much about it or not I don't know .
S_ But it's always been very straightforward where Fian is concerned as no one as far as I am concerned ,nobody has ever been told about you because I knew
P_ Well it's strange you told me the opposite 20 years ago
S_ No I didn't
P_ Sort of saying things like he's got my nose and things like that
S_ No I didn't ,Paul,come on you know I didn't . That was Leafe I did . and you actually because knew she was your's and you just sort of said "oh she doesn't look a bit like Paul" . And me thinking ,crap . I knew she is ,the same way I know . You're just a man . What would you know about these things anyway etc . Take it from me Paul,if Fian was yours you would know about it
P_ Well OK . I'll leave it at that for the moment but I'm not convinced
S_ Well take my word for it
P_ No,I won't take your word for it but I won't be doing anything precipitously
S_ Why not
P_ I never did then I can't see any reason to believe you now
S_ Paul ,I may have been fucked-up but essentially although I may have told lies I also essentially always told the truth
P_ Yeah,how to pick one from t'other . If someone lies you've got to be dubious about anything they say
S_ I may have lied about not important things but I usually told the truth about the important things
P_ I would have thought it was the other way round but never mind
S_ Ur,you realy do hate me ,don't you,you really do
P_ No,just remembering back ,that's all
S_ Leafe's right,Leafe's right you do hate me . Why,It's such a long time ago ,why do you still hate me .
P_ Well as far as I am concerned I don't but er ..
S_ I think well,OK,you say that ,but I'm just saying that a person is not what they say but what they do . Does that make sense
P_ I'm not going to get into philosophy at this time of night ,at one o'clock in the morning .
S_ Now don't run away . You know what I'm saying that you and all the things you have done since you've been in contact with Leafe has been about getting one over on me
P_ I very much doubt it,I doubt it,but never mind
S_ I think you have . It's been extremely unpleasant . You got stroppy with Leafe when she stood up for me you know ,yes
P_ It's to be expected really in the circumstances
S_ Why,no it's not to be expected . Why can't you just be adult about this . Well,Paul,this happened 25 years ago
P_ I'm saying one thing and you're saying another
S_ My main concern now should be the children yes,yes . Why what's so wrong with that . What's so wrong with being adult about it,eh
P_ I've told you I am not going to contact Fian in the forseeable future and leave it at that
S_ I am concerned what is going on in your head,you know . I was fond of you one time and I worry about the effect you seem to have had on you that you hate me so much P_No
S_ Paul,you think about it ..... [personal reminisces] ...
P_ You still deny saying at one point that Kelvin was infertile
S_ Yes I deny that,yes I do
P_ That was one thing I specifically remember you saying
S_ Kelvin .. when I was drunk I may have said all kinds of things,whether or not they were true or not ,of course,I cannot deny absolutely but ..
P_ It would have been nice counteracting this
S_ Listen,I don't remember,I may have said all kinds of outrageous things but I was so fucked-up,this made a lot of sense to me,doesn't mean,doesn't mean that it was right and it isn't true ,let me tell you that now
P_ You told me this but you never retracted it so I had no reason to disbelieve it
[They as a couple had no children for 23 years until 1994 when it was technically possible via ICSI (Intra Cyto-Plasmid Sperm Injection) for someone almost 100 per cent infertile to father children. There is the matter of who is the father of this woman's twins . The probabiliy of having twins via the ICSI procedure ,according to a recent report is 31 per cent . I had assumed this couple had paid their 7000 pounds or so for ICSI but a friend of mine came up with another scenario . If John Stoddart were the father of these twins then it would explain his sudden intrusion into all this - I had not thought of this possibility .]
S_ All I can say to you is I don't remember ever having said that
P_ You said he had had tests in hospital and come back as ..
S_ I only have your word for it as I don't remember
P_ But er,but er
S_ But he isn't ,Paul,OK . I don't know why I should believe what you say now, assuming you're not drunk at the moment . You know a lot of time has gone by and comeon Paul,why should I believe you for that matter
P_ Exactly
S_ Exactly,you seem to have done nothing except try to cause trouble between my daughter and I since you've got to know her . It's hardly been a pleasant experience for her
P_ It's not been a pleasant experience for me,it's not been pleasant for you
S_ Er
P_ Does Kelvin know all this yet
S_ What
P_ Are you going to tell Kelvin about this
S_ He's heard something about this of course . I'm bound by what Leafe has said or else not certain about it
P_ About the last year
[The following italicised speech, is in a different voice, that makes my flesh creep when I hear it ,it is probably one of the MPD characters coming to the fore . Jolting back to the usual voice when I say I will cancel the call . Also a picture of the eyes of someone not connected with this story that captures the appearance in this state - scary stuff]

S_ Are you trying to cause more trouble ,Paul
P_ No,I just hope you told him
S_ Revenge is sweet isn't it mm . You've used my daughter ,you're not a bit interested in her at all,are you,you're not a bit interested . You've just leant on it as a good excuse to have a go at making me pay for for all ...
P_ I'm going to put the phone down ,now,OK
S_ Well comeon Paul,be honest with yourself once in your life
P_ OK I'm going to put the phone down and don't call me again tonight . If you want to call me then phone me at a reasonable time in the evening not in the middle of the night
S_ Come on Paul you're never in during the day
P_ Not the day,the evening
S_ You're out at the pub aren't you
P_ You can phone me between 6 and 9 any evening of the week
S_ Well I have tried between 6 and 9 but can't get hold of you
P_ Well you must have been dialling the wrong number . That's all . OK I'm puting the phone down now
S_ I think you should think about what I've been saying . A wish for revenge is not a very good way to approach children
P_ I'm putting the phone down,OK
S_ Don't you think you should be concentrating on is getting to know Leafe
P_ OK,I'm putting the phone down
End of call
BT CLI "Telephone number 01722 412 ... called at 00 . 38 hours"

So to sum up yet another non conversation with this bloody woman that gets absolutely nowhere

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