Setting up Mirror Sites

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I could not find anywhere on the net a source of info on the nitty gritty of setting up internet mirror sites. That is sites , naming and shaming , containing information exposing corruption or incompetence etc that others do not want published and will do their utmost to get them removed from the public domain.

A principal tenet of the Peter Principle " People are promoted to their level of incompetence "

This version of this file constructed Nov 2008
Despite official government sites linking to these files there are still corrupt persons knocking out my sites, so for the purposes of searchengines cross-linking them, files no longer available on the original web hosting sites were on, , , and and (last 3 due now to host failure) ,
Of course you can set up a site abroad , complete with domain name, not covered by the clutches of your own countries justice system but this can be expensive , inconvenient and even then could be closed down. I took the route outlined in this file relying on the diffuseness of the net and not "putting all your eggs in one basket" -and it costs nearly nothing.
Start with just an index site somewhere that only gives the click-on links to the sites containing the important files. Nothing much at all on this site and certainly nothing anyone could find offensive in any shape or form. If they make representations to the main (contentious) site owners and get you moved off then for each one closed down open up three other sites somewhere one active, one latent with its details submitted to search engines as it can now take 2 months to be indexed by them and then a third site totally latent just sitting there ready to be linked to at a moments notice. For the latent sites perhaps use holding files so that search engines may grab the contents but the file itself is non offensive gibberish. That is starting with the text of your main files, jumble up /randomise the word order so it makes no readable sense. Bury this between the "Comment" tags mentioned below and put a click on redirection header to the file redirecting people to an active site.

A few multiple submission sites
Multiple search engine submission 1
Multiple search engine submission 2
Multiple submission to search engines 3
Don't bother going to individual search engines and submitting your sites. These multi-submission sites seem to be more successful and its a lot easier. Another technique is get a friend with a website/homepage , whatever the subject it doesn't matter, that has already been indexed by the major search engines. Get him to enter somewhere in some of his script the HTML code
< !-- > metascript < -- >
For "metascript" put in the URL of your files. Anything placed between these COMMENT commands will not be displayed normally on a browser but it will be picked up by search engines and as it will not be on its database will send its spider off to them knowing that it has got the info from a stable existing site - your friend's site. You can use this in your own files for burying "meta name" keywords. Search engines often only grab no more than 50 of any keywords you put in the metaname area of HTML code and ignores the remainder. Say you have a target type of profession then for the "metascript" find a string of often used words in that discipline from an internet "trade paper" or if a geographic target area for your files then for the "metascript" use a string of names of streets from an internet gazeteer or post code site etc or towns in a county from a genealogy site etc. A lot of people are nosey and put their street name or town in search engines just to see what is on the internet concerning their neighbourhood. For targeting a profession the Vivisimo search engine is useful for constructing a collection of targetted words and phrases. Go into the advanced section putting in a few keywords perhaps using the or whatever domain to target better. On the themed list expand all "more" sections, highlight all in this pane and paste to a text file. Repeat one or more times for some of the commonly occurring keywords found in this first trawl .Then when sufficient collection of words in your text file replace all numbers and brackets by using word-processor search and replace etc. and remove irrelevant references.

Some sources of Free Host Websites usually paid for by inserting an advertising banner at the head of your files. Most but not all can be accessed internationally either by ftp or their browser-based file managers.
List of Free hosting sites 1
List of Free hosting sites 2
Skip the following brown text area if not interested as it solely relates to starting a site on a Russian free host which should keep any opposition less gainfully employed trying to close down such a site
Registration (valid as of June 2002 and July 2005) on Russian Free hosting site with name (say) David Jones. Check firstly that a site does not already exist. Registration page is in Cyrillic Russian script with no English option. Script such as "Per....." how it appears in normal UK browser set for English text. To translate any of the pages is a good site -in the context box select Internet.

Registration on
Front Page
Top left corner graphic of keys click on labelled Per......

On the next page near the bottom right click on the upper of the 2 submit boxes to accept the conditions listed on that page.

Then main registration page

4 boxes - Transfer code number to the first box , login name (jones) , password, repeat password

Next box down leave blank (alias option)

next box down your pre-existing contact email address say

3 Boxes david, jones, Mr then top button (husband) date of birth dd, mm, yy - 3 boxes - 2 digits in each box

Country Box -select UK 5 down , lines, then 3 down (so 8 down) then "City " Box -type "Birmingham" say

Next box - Social status 3 down "expert"

Next box - Check question - select first (4 words) for mother's maiden name then box for answer type "Smith" or whatever

Leave unchecked the interests boxes

Click on next box to continue to register. (July 2005 perhaps now jump to normal login ) At this stage use 3) on next page to enter filemanager - no need to change subdirectory or index file if you don't want to. Filemanager principally in English and fairly standard in function

Site becomes
Normal login via front page (orange square labelled ABT.....) 3 boxes - jones + password + 4 down (labelled CTP....) select to go into filemanager
3 down is your account info
Repeat the site and password entry in the next small dialogue box (if necessary).
The third button marked sort of 3ak... is the normal upload button and the fourth is upload zipped files and home returns to the directory. There appears to be no rename function so upload from a temporary subdirectory on your machine if a file-name conflict. Delete function is on the directory page. To logoff or to log onto a different account. Click on the pic at the top of the page which returns to same home URL of but different page. On the left is now a click on line (your sitename) Under that is a click on line starting Bb.. which is logoff.

For registration on
The cyrillic will come up here
as ?s followed by useable machine translation and
 will give you the patterning of the submission boxes.
First time and normal login is down the right hand side of
As appears to English eyes on their front page
For later usage
nornH (your site minus
napo.. Password
BoN.. Submit

Under that starting Per...
is the registration route to the page after my &&&s

Password box didn't seem to like numbers so use only a to z
&&&&s and ****s are just my dividers

&&&&&&&& Registration

????, ???????????? ??? ??????????, ?????????? ???????

' ???????? ??? ??? ?????? ?????
?? ?????? ??????? ????? ????? ????????? ?? ????????? ????, ????, ??????
????????????? ("_") ??? ????? ("-"). ????? - ??? ??? ?????? ?????, ??, ???
????? ? ?????? ????? ??????? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ???????????
????? ???????? ?????? ????????, ? ??????????? ? ?????????? ???????? ???
????? ????? ??????.

Registration of the Field, obligatory for filling, are designated by a badge
" you CHOOSE the NAME FOR the SITE can choose any login consisting of latin
letters, figures, signs on underlining ("_") or a minus ("-"). The login is
a name of your site, that costs in the address of your pages before
On a choice of a login at registration it is necessary to pay special
attention, in a consequence in adjustments to change a name of a site it
will be impossible.


???? ?? ??????? ?????, ?? ??????????? ?? ??????? ? ?? ?????? ????????? "????
? ????? ?????? ??? ??????????", ?? ??? ????????, ??? ???? ????? ??? ???-??
?????. ?????????? ????????? ?????? ??? ????? ? ?????? ??????????? ??? ???.
   ??? ?????
If you have chosen a login, but registration is not has gone right also you
see the message " the Site with such name already exists " it means, that
this login is already borrowed by someone. Try to think up other name of a
site and to be registered once again. A name of a site


 ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ?????? ?? ????????? ???? ?????? ????????, ???? ?
?????? ?????????????; ??????, ?????????? ????? ?????? ???????, ???????? ??
?? ????????? ??????? ??????? ??????, ??? ????? ????? ????????? ?
??????????????? ????? ??????.
  ????????????? ??????

Your password can consist only of latin letters of any register, figures and
signs on underlining; the password including any other symbols, will not
work. Do not choose too simple password, it can easily pick up and take
advantage of your site. The password Acknowledgement of the password


' ???? ?? ???????? ??????
  Email ?????:
???????, ??????????, ??? ????? ??????????? ?????. ?? ????? ???????????? ????
?????, ????? ????????? ? ???? ? ?????? ????????????? ??????? ?
?????????????? ???? ? ?????? ?????? ?????? (????????, ???? ?? ?????? ????

 " IF YOU WILL forget PASSWORD Email the address: Enter, please, your e-mail
address. We shall use this address to contact you in case of occurrence of
problems with a site registered by you at present (for example if you have
forgotten the password).


' ?????????????? ?????????? ? ????????????
  ??????? ??? ????????

 " The ADDITIONAL INFORMATION On the USER the Surname the Name the
Patronymic the Pseudonym


' ??????????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????
?? ?????? ???????? ??????? ??????????? ???????? ??? ????@Mail.Ru ? ??????
???????? Mail.Ru, ????????? ????????? ? ?? ?????????? ????????? ??????? ?
????????????? ?????????????
" TO SUBSCRIBE FOR the GENERAL NEWS of the SITE you wish to receive news of
a free-of-charge hosting Mine ˝┬RŠ@Mail. Ru and other projects Mail. Ru,
promotional materials and do not object to take part in marketing researches
Not required


' ?????? ?? ?????????????? ???????????
 ??????????, ??????? ???????????? ?????, ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ????????:

which you see in the  picture:

&&&&&&&&&&& Filemanager

BTW there is 50 Megs available (52,218,562 bytes)
Preliminary page , after second login ( you have
to submit your password twice) active link starting
Y(Pi)p.... = file manager (Pi) looks like Greek letter Pi
goes to Serveletfilemanager then
in filemanager 3ar... upload files
Bp...  exit file manager

The other hot spots on the filemanager page translated

To create /to edit/ to copy /to move /to rename /to make main/ to remove /
That you have seen made changes, press Ctrl+Shift+Refresh LOADING of FILES
In the CURRENT FOLDER (freely 52,218,562 bytes)

Dial-up otherwise free-host sites seem to have less restrictions on file sizes and file types etc. If using the ones in your own country be prepared to up and move site because of the activities of your opponents. Perhaps find someone in a similar position in a foreign country and make a mutual pact to place each others files on their own countries dial up hosting sites. Remember to dial them up a couple of times a month and relay a few files just to keep some money rolling in to them or they will close you down for that reason
If you find your site closes down but the host is still functioning they won't necessarily inform you that you have transgressed their "unacceptable use " policy. Give it a few days and start a new site on the same host with a slightly changed sitename/user name/password. Then email the host saying you cannot access your first site but tell them you can access your second site (with exactly the same content as the defunct site). The following is quoted from a host who closed down my first site with them but kept open exactly the same but slightly renamed second site with them.
"Your web site is in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. Specifically, your page contained material or content that is racist or otherwise offensive to others, including content which aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others. If you have any questions, you may refer to our Acceptable Use Policy located at ......" [ Update of June 2002 -, is back on my original mirror site knocked out by the opposition last year but the host-company informed me it was available again. ]
If they email back saying you have gone against their acceptable use but don't close down your second site with them then it is probably due to your opponents making representations to them rather than a strict self-monitoring of their site. Your opponents have to specify precise details of actual files not a blanket request not to host files in the future coming from yourself. [ Update of April 2002 the opposition have just had another of my sites closed down so a matter of opening up 3 more sites - I see a geometric progression developing. ]
Some hosts ignore such requests from individuals if your files are in the public interest then only respond when there is actual legal representations. It would be nice to see a list differentiating these types of host. Put a word like corruption and the hosts part-domain name in some search engines to see how many possibly contentious files are held on your intended hosts site and try and gauge how long they have been there.
Change the links (on your index site) to the new site and off you go. Incidentely keep the same filenames to your set of files just change the name of the site they sit on. Then if you have counters etc you just put the URL of an empty non-file on your primary index site in the call-up code of the counter otherwise you have to keep changing this bit of your files for each new site. Include somewhere in each of your files a unique keyword and make mention of it so that anyone finding a file in an archive can put just this keyword in a search engine to find your active sites. In my case my surname "nutteing" makes an almost unique keyword. Go to a usenet search engine and find sites similar to your own from other peoples postings Usenet search engine
Remember Google web search engine will keep any of your defunct files in its archive so still indexed and available to anyone clicking on the archive source rather than the top-line, now invalid , URL. The second time its spider accesses your now vanished file it will drop the text sample. The next time round the Google indexing of your file would be dropped. If you do manage to re-occupy your original site then the search engines already have the URL and will update on the next spider visit. But it is the time after the first non-appearance that is the important one as it gives time to submit other sites and have them grabbed by the search engines. Incidentely Google is probably the best general search engine but is poor for wildcard ( * ) searches. Google seems to only reliably index the first 100K of a file, MSN search is good for indexing large files. Altavista is good for wildcard , and indexed numbers , and has the useful non-standard Boolean search operator NEAR. Vivisimo (meta-search) is good for its classifying before sending back to you and also supports the NEAR operator in its advance search. All the Web (FAST) , MSN and Hotbot and AOL are good for the speed at which they come around to previously indexed files for the most recent indexed version of a file.
It has come to my attention that after maybe only a month a site that has been knocked out by your opposition may become vacant again and you are free to recussitate and reconfigure the original site. Well you don't want your opposition sitting on your original site do you. Dial-up paid for sites are likely to be permanently disabled though.

I am not a lawyer but have been through the experience and for anyone in the same boat.
I would suggest put all story/evidence in the public domain, inform the opposition of where it is in the public domain. Keep any comment to a minimum and, what there is, compliant with the Eady decision. see Richard Branson 'libel' and the Eady libel adjudication
Guardian Aug,19,2002,7558,776711,00.html
Friday June 15, 2001,7495,507715,00.html

The following shows the importance of mirror sites for the publishing of deeds of incompetence also of UK social services.
The Broxtowe Files
The following report in the UK national newspaper The Guardian is no longer available on its archive , for legal reasons but no explanation as to why, but grabbed from the Google cached facility before it could be lost from there as well. Keywords , Brandina Tadyanemhandu , Andrew Meldrum , Harare , Tichaona Tadyanemhandu , Lovemore Madhuku , Frances Lovemore , Zimbabwe.
Andrew Meldrum report of 24 April 2002 page 13, col. 1 Guardian Newspaper
South African report in April of the same story not removed from their archive
Follow-up piece
Andrew Meldrum trial report of 13 July 2002 Guardian Newspaper Was, 4273, 4460726, 00.html

Another useful resource is the "Wayback Machine" The Internet Archive
This facility has been trying to grab "all" from the internet. It has on permanent record the text of one of my now lost mirror sites (one of the files as an example )
( or click on this reference if the first does not work)
This site was probably pulled down by my opposition but the follow-up site with nutteing2 instead of nutteing in the URL is still up and running.
Unfortunately the Internet Archive did not grab one of the other "naming and shaming websites" before it was pulled. This was " " key phrases on the site were " most selfish man in Portsmouth " by "Cindy Chapman" between 1999 and 2000. I never thought to "save to disk" a copy of her site.
BBC comment about "Selfishman" 1
BBC comment about "Selfishman" 2
From her notification to the Cook Report site (British TV series)
" Go to and this should give you the low-down on a man with whom I had a daughter, he is an alcoholic, pathological liar and probably the most selfish man in Portsmouth. I threw him out last Feb - I simply couldn't handle anymore of his alcohol induced paranoia. We had our own limited company, he set up another, moved the biggest contract over to it (?55.00 per hour) and has steadfastly refused to pay us a penny. The CSA can do nothing apart from rely on his goodwill - yeah right! And he didn't even buy his beautiful daughter Abbey a single Xmas present. If you want to know any more - e.g. how I took the car off him, twice, because I was desperate for money, or why I bugged my own phone, thank god I did or we would be homeless by now, by all means get in touch. I meet families all the time who have similar experiences because their ex-partners are self-employed. Most have never received a penny, but I am prepared to link pages to my website with information about their ex partners. Eventually, as people become aware of this site, they can check it to see if the person they are with is as contemptible as mine was. Cinds Cindy Chapman "
This is a USA Today report of 03/13/2000 concerning ""
"......LONDON -- If you're a wronged woman, don't cut up your man's suits to get even. It's just soooo last century. These days, you can look to the Internet and express your fury to millions of people across the globe. That's what Cindy Chapman did. The 41-year-old mother of two from Hampshire, about 70 miles south of London, has devoted a Web site to Paul Hafiz, with whom she lived for seven years and who is the father of her daughter, Abbey. Even the site's name,, doesn't pull any punches. Under the banner "Is this the most selfish man in Portsmouth?" Chapman gives a detailed account of their relationship, from its romantic origins at a pub in 1991 to caustic details of their split in February 1999. "His daughter thinks her daddy is magic. But he couldn't care less if she lost her home and lived in a bed and breakfast just so long as he can drink himself into a coma, " says the first page. Chapman spent two months creating the site, which attributes a litany of faults to Hafiz, from a drinking problem to a failure to financially support their daughter, now 6. "This whole thing was eating me up inside, " Chapman says. "I created this site as a kind of therapy." Has it worked? She says the site's worth every penny of the $30 she spends each month to maintain it. She insists the site was not born of malice, but was set up as part of her campaign to win child support. Still, even the old joke on her answering machine may hint at an abiding anger toward all men: "If they can put one man on the moon, why can't they put the rest there too?" Revenge server: Chapman's site says Paul Hafiz won't support their daughter. Mostly, Chapman says she has been frustrated by a government that's been unable to garnish the wages of Hafiz, who works for himself. "I want to assist women who are in the same fix that I am left in, " she says. "We can use the power of new technology to make a stand for women." For his part, Hafiz has mostly remained silent. "How would you feel if you were featured on a Web site like that? I am sticking to what I always say, and that is to make absolutely no comment about this at all, " he says. Attorneys say Hafiz could sue Chapman for libel, but he probably wouldn't win. "As long as what she says is accurate, and as long as she can prove what she says, then Chapman's site is OK, " says Tom Cassels, a defamation specialist. Furthermore, he says, name-calling on the Internet is generally acceptable under British law. According to various Internet companies, a site that is overly abusive can be removed. But sites generally are not monitored. Someone would have to call the abuse to the companies' attention. Chapman's site has gotten plenty of reaction. In one recent week alone, she received more than 300 e-mails. "Most of them are very supportive and are from women who've had similar experiences, " she says.........."

There used to be a site site , by ex MI5, David Shayler , G9A/1, the imprisoned whistleblower.
There used to be an incomplete site from mid 2000 on the Internet Archive but since October 2002 that has been removed also. What is the point of an archive if it is forever being corrupted by weeders leaving it to people like me to rescue some of this material. Here is flavour of that Shayler site just 2 files
Shayler file #1
Shayler file #2

An example of the power of the Internet Archive - spot the difference between this file grabbed in June 2001 and what the current file contents are currently downloadable or rather as it was in 2003 Apr 29,2003 version otherwise same file name on the same US military site.
The bit where there is now mission statement crap in the third paragraph originally contained
Quote Prior to his appointment as Secretary of the Army, Secretary White served as Vice Chairman of Enron Energy Services, the Enron Corporation subsidiary responsible for providing energy outsource solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. Mr. White was responsible for the delivery component of energy management services, which included commodity management; purchasing, maintaining, and operating energy assets; developing and implementing energy information services; capital management; and facilities management. Secretary White also served as a member of Enron's Executive Committee and was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Enron Operations Corporation. He was also responsible for the Enron Engineering and Construction Company, which managed an extensive construction portfolio with domestic and international projects. End Quote
retrieved 27 April , 2004

some related material to this file

Fiona Mont a site that will probably soon not be active but is otherwise available on the Internet Archive
Now only on archive Fiona Mont available on the Internet Archive

Some Cross-links to other UK naming and shaming web sites

Hounded and Grounded Flying Vet

A Social Services exposure site

Exposure of bullying in a Kent hospital Kent institutionalised bullying

More NHS hocus pocus

A UK site for exposing social workers Blundering Social Workers

A US site for exposing social workers and allied officials King Herod Society

The appalling saga of Birmingham SS the criminally discredited Roy Meadows and - Karen and Mark

An extensive set of links to social services child abuse Exposing "child protection"

Counter feminism etc

The following is a link to another David versus Goliath battle , this time with Dorset County Council, Social Services 3 Families

Exposure of Bedfordshire Social Services

the real picture of uk social services

A personal rant against social services etc but not naming and shaming unfortunately

Another David v. Goliath Story from Dorset (no longer on the original BBC site)

Gordon Warren Story of corruption within the Metropolitan Police oddly from an inside source

And another similar but more general site Police corruption from inside sources

Reports of corruption in UK officialdom
To access this site now you have to go to The Internet Archive Internet Archive and type in [ Update June 2002 the original URL is now redirected to a mirror site with same URL, if anyone knows this neat trick could they tell me the secret ]

Someone else's site concerning the seemier side of social services in Wiltshire

An eclectic mix of UK " naming and shaming " sites variously exposing
David Forward of Malmsbury shaming his own kids
Liverpool Council
Parking Wardens
Currently unavailable but is still available on the internet archive Mirror of NHS exposed site

Paul Nutteing
Anyone wishing to pass on any of their own experiences or any comments or tips then please email me.

Email but ( removing 4 of the 5 dots )
or email Paul Nutteing, remove all but one dot
Or a message on usenet group has got to me recently a couple of times.

"News is something someone is trying to hide, everything else is just advertising" - either variously acredited to William Randolph Hearst or Viscount Northcliffe 1865-1922

If you have found this file in an archive then put keyword of "nutteing6" in a search engine to find an updated version.
Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave 70K

All the actual witness statements for the forthcoming trial can be found by clicking here Pre-Trial Witness Statements and evidence 150K

Continuation of the sorry tale , nutteing2 The Saga Continues , nutteing3

Folie ┴ Deux, Dissociation and Crime 40K , nutteing4

Setting-up Mirror Sites , nutteing6

DNA profiles and their implications , dnapr , nutteingd

Log of sites/files had taken down by the opposition in Wiltshire
Now only readable by using the "Wayback Machine" The Internet Archive and putting in the search box the original URL

20 Nov 2001
Hello Paul Nutteing, Your web site is in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. Specifically, your page contained material or content that is racist or otherwise offensive to others, including content which aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others. If you have any questions, you may refer to our Acceptable Use Policy located at Regards, Abuse Team

10 April 2002
Dear User, We have received a number of complaints about the allegedly defamatory content of your postings regarding { }. We must remind you that the Freeserve user conditions subject to which Freeserve is made available to you require you not to use Freeserve "to transmit or post any material which is defamatory, offensive or of an obscene or menacing character, or which may, in our judgement, cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any person." Your postings regarding { } put Freeserve at risk of libel proceedings and accordingly we will be suspending your { ) website as of 09:30 April{10}th 2002. However, if we receive your written undertaking that you will remove the allegedly defamatory content from your website, then we will be happy to reinstate your { ) website. Kind Regards Freeserve Webmaster

They're still at it
November 14 2002 was pulled down. Why do these people want this material propagated all over the place in response. Update 21 Dec 2002 I was allowed to reopen this site.

3 December 2002 they knock out my site -how tiresome.

And then on 12 Dec 2002 they attack knocked out for the second time. What a childish game I've now actually lost count of all the mirror and latent sites around the world I've set up in response. But anyway a month later on 11 Jan 2003 reoccupied the site

Sometime before 13 Dec 2002 they knock out but I re-established it on 24 Jan 2003.
Sometime about 07 July 2005, site knocked out for the first time so site opened plus 2 more to replace.

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