Crown v. Paul NUTTEING

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But of course the main reason there is no libel is the files are just straight reporting of events without any invention on my part. All the files have been recorded (on ) totally independently with the first file archived on 19 September 2000 and more than 40 versions of the files over the months and years since.

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Crown v Paul NUTTEING

to be heard at Salisbury Magistrates Court 26th February, 2001, 10. 00 am

Charge Sheet
Between 16th June 1997 and 9th September 2000 at Salisbury in the County of Wiltshire pursued a course of conduct which amounted to harassment of STELLA CONSTANT and which you knew or ought to have known amounted to the harassment of her in that BETWEEN 1996 AND 2000 YOU CONTINUOUSLY SENT UNWANTED LETTERS TO STELLA CONSTANT, FAMILY MEMBERS AND PLACES OF EMPLOYMENT ALSO PLACING AN ARTICLE ON THE INTERNET ALL OF WHICH CAUSED STELLA CONSTANT HARASSMENT AND DISTRESS CONTRARY TO SECTION 2(1) AND (2) OF THE PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997

Bail Conditions: Not to contact directly or indirectly Stella CONSTANT, Kelvin DAWSON, Andrew DAWSON, Honoria CONSTANT, Pauline DAWSON and John STODDART.

Neither Jane Warren nor Roger Norman Thomas Jones , Head of Wiltshire CPS, of 119 Semington Rd, Melksham dared to take this case to court.
They would not forward pre-trial disclosures to my solicitor of the forged letter JBS1 submitted as police evidence by John Barton STODDART or the criminal record of Stella Maria CONSTANT. The implied earlier criminal record of Stella CONSTANT is something else that Wilts Social Services should investigate.
The reasons for the discontinuance will become even more apparent reading the following file .
They had over five months to do so; three more weeks and it would have been automatic abuse of process for this sort of trial. This scheduled trial had to be specially empanelled. Because the two complicitous social workers operated regularly in Salisbury courts, magistrates from well out of area had to be found to avoid a prejudicial environment.

The solicitor, or whoever, in the precincts of Salisbury Magistrates gave me this great sheaf of 120 pages or so from Wiltshire CPS marked "DEFENCE" and told me do with it what I thought best. The other defendants hanging around seemed to just have 2 or 3 sheets marked "DEFENCE". So here it is on the internet as I think that is best.

Police Interview and Witness Statements.

Note -names are real except the names of innocent persons whose identities have been marked _ or withheld. * marks edited words until after the trial. Homonyms have been corrected e. g ( treat is ) amended to ( treatise ). Text in square brackets [ ] is editorial comment. I have in my possession copies of the two audio tapes of this police interview .

Form MG 15(T)
Wiltshire Constabulary Record of Interview
Person Interviewed Paul Nutteing [recorded as R]
Date of interview 9. 9. 00
Time commenced 2011
Interviewing officers WPC 1084 Nicki Griffin / DC 385 Sean Memory
No other persons present.

Introductions made NUTTEING advised of right to free and independent legal advice and cautioned
1084__ The reason that I arrested you this evening in relation of on suspicion of harassment w as following a complaint that I received from a Miss Stella Constant who came into the Police Station back in April of this year and she made a complaint to me that over a period of approximately four years since 1996 up until ...
R_____ As long as that two years okay
1084__ The present day that you have bombarded her and her family
R_____Not bombarded, I take exception to that, it was about half a dozen letters over three years I'd have said, well she says four years , maybe four years. It's not what I call bombarded .
1184__ Can I explain the reason that you were interviewed.
R_____ Yes
1184__ That you bombarded her family, her friends, neighbours and employers with literally hundreds of unwanted and unanswered letters
R_____No not hundreds, unsolicited letters I agree with but unless someone has totalized the figure I wouldn't say it was hundreds.
1184__ Okay. At that time when she came in, back in April, she made a complaint and made a written statement in relation to the harassment that she felt that you were causing her by sending those letters and she requested that you be advised to cease this course of conduct which is causing harassment. I arranged with Hampshire Police for somebody to come round and visit you in May of this year, May 2000 and a WPC VIVIAN replied to my letter saying that she'd call round to see you and advised you to cease in your course of conduct which is called the harassment.
R_____ Well as far as you go yes
1184__ Okay
R_____But she actually stated to cease sending letters to her , that is a whoever the complainant was which she didn't identify. I later phoned, I later contacted you by writing to find out who the complainant was.
1184__ Okay
R_____She didn't tell me at the time
1184__ This all took place in May, Miss CONSTANT returned to the Police Station back in I think August of this year and said that she was continuing to be harassed by your conduct
R_____I haven't harassed her at all. Her family has been harassing her if anyone I haven't.
It's pointless sending letters to her.
1184__ She feels harassed by the course of conduct which you are continuing with and wish to make a formal complaint of harassment against you.
R_____ The people I've sent letters to are entitled to call up the police, even send the letters back to me or whatever. I've not harassed her, I've not sent a letter for well over a year, it was March 1999 was the last letter I sent.
1184__ Okay
R______That was the last
1184__ What I'd like to go through with you , I've got some , some of the copies of some of the original letters, not all of them, I haven't brought all of them down with me, but basically to go through what Miss CONSTANT said in her statement. in her complaint against you and I'll go through this with you and then ask your opinions once I've gone through that with you. Do you understand
385___ I think what we could do to start with is perhaps you could tell us a bit of your history and how you know Stella and how it's led to you being here today.
R_____ I can enter up the whole lot written out here there's about 60K of words , didn't I send a copy to you.
385___ Yeah
R_____Yes it's because it's in the public domain not under my name.
1184__ What I'm, what we want you to do is explain to us how you know Stella, how you became ...
R_____ She, She ..
1184__ How you became involved ....
R_____ Okay
1184__ And what's led up .......
R_____ The basic problem is roughly twenty years ago, 1976, she had a daughter, well I can show you if you like, was registered, birth register with the father who is someone who is infertile and therefore cannot be the father and someone who she later married and in fact five years later married. She, she left me for whatever reason prior to the birth and I'll find the [documentary material], it's here somewhere. I'll take that lot out.
385___ You say this man's infertile, how do you know that
R_____Stella told me, she told me the sperm count and everything and in fact he was tested twice that you might say that's hearsay, I mean that's, I've no access to his medical records but that is , if you formally want me to admit as evidence, cos it's not, it's a photocopy.
1184__ For the purpose of the tape Mr NUTTEING is showing us the Birth Certificate of Naomi Leafe DAWSON.
R_____ The main point is the name of father as K D DAWSON
1184__ Who as Stella has stated in her statement is not the biological father she's stated that you are the biological father of ...
R_____ She actually stated that did she in the statement.
1184__ Yes
385___ Yes
R_____Oh right okay .
1184__ Yes that's not really in dispute she stated in her statement that she separated from you before the birth.
R_____ But that is perjury as such . She knowingly put down a false statement to a crown official.
1184__ Where was the birth registered.
R_____ Signed , signed by both parties. When it was registered.
1184__ Where
R____ Ah, Southampton, Bugle Street as far as I know.
1184__ They would be offences that would have to be investigated by.
R_____ Well the CPS have started investigating it already, back in April that's why I have had to be interviewed by Hampshire Police on that, in fact I had a follow up interview as well about other stuff relating to it.
1184__ Okay
R____ Anyway I actually pleaded with her to come back and live with me again after the daughter was born and the same thing happened again, she left prior to the son being born, but at least this time he was registered as illegitimate but given Kelvin's surname although they were married three years later, whatever that is perjury I've no idea probably is but it's false anyway, false information. That's how it started I never knew about that, it was only cos my daughter found by whatever means I dunno, I didn't contact her. I suspect who did contact her but I've no proof .. Ah, in about August 1996 she phoned me up saying straight off, I believe you are my father which I wouldn't deny, that's how it started but her informant that's my daughter's informant never told her about her son, [error] her, her brother being unrelated to this Kelvin Derrick DAWSON that's what it comes down to and then sort of continuing to , conspiring to disguise all this perjury and lying to my daughter so that she actually wrote to me cutting off all contact because according to her I was lying and deluded. I hadn't actually lied at all about anything except one thing to disguise her mother's behaviour but I got found out on that but that's very much a summary of it but the basic idea.
1184__ And as a result of this what was your actions
R_____I expected of course I'm not dealing with an honourable person, but I suspect that it's dragged on so long that it ruined my daughter's education at university, it's going to ruin, well let's call her son's education probably and because me daughter one of the reasons long before she contacted me knew .. I didn't go into details, what the blood groups were of her mother and Kelvin. I assume cos Kelvin might have a military passport so put me right if I'm wrong but anyway she found out that his blood group which she referred to as quite a rare blood group, she didn't actually say group B, but a rare, quite a rare blood group and she expected to have the same rare blood group and she doesn't, she has blood group A which is my blood group so it would be very easily arranged with my GP, that it's quite a standard procedure as long as everyone agrees, that GP will contact GP, exchange letters confirming blood groups. If Fian was blood group B then he couldn't possibly be related to me and that's the end of it. It wouldn't if he was A it wouldn't mean that I was the father but at least it would show that this Stella woman is lying through her teeth and that he couldn't possibly be the father. But it could have been easily settled in 1997 but now it's dragged out till this silly extent of smashing windows and god knows what but that is it.
1184__ Could you explain who you've sent letters to
R_____I think that's more up to you to tell me but certainly family, a couple of friends.
1184__ When I mentioned that Miss CONSTANT had mentioned hundreds of letters what estimate would you put at.
R_____ No, cos I haven't religiously sent the same letters to the same people each time but I would say on average five to however many people that she says I've been sending letters to but it's certainly not twenty people I've been sending letters to, twenty people to make a hundred letters you know
385___ And why have you been sending letters to these people.
R_____ Well I'll plead my case with anyone who's prepared to listen and all these people have, not a single one until two weeks ago , I got a round robin which this is a photocopy of on two sides from the four named people that this was the first indication in what she says four years, I'd say three years that anyone has not appreciated my letters, there's no threats in them.
385___ You say that you've never had a reply from any have you
R____ I've not had a reply from anyone so far. I assume that was acceptable. I mean if you find letters offensive you ...
1184__ Do you know these people
R_____No, I mean I met Mr DAWSON five or six years ago accidentally but other than that no. No they're all unsolicited letters.
385___ How did you find their details to send them to
R____ This was standard procedure for genealogy sort of thing, genealogy, but, the Catherine House Index you're not familiar with that.
[ For the assistance of anyone alighting on this file because of the person tracing aspects here is someone's file birth parent tracing story , otherwise skip]
1184__ No
385___ No
R_____You're kidding have you never heard of the St Catherine's House Index
1184__ No
R_____Oh right, do you want me to explain I mean ...
385___ Yeah
R_____Since 1837 to the current day every birth, marriage and death is registered locally, in this case [holding up Leafe's birth certificate] in Bugle Street, Southampton. All the records are collated on a three monthly basis and sent to the National General Record Office, GRO. They are over all collated together nationally in that sense and I don't know since when but certainly for decades they've been released to county by county in reference, usually records offices or reference libraries on - I can't believe I'm telling you this - but anyway accessible by anyone, you know a member of the public, private detectives, anyone like that. It's not illegal and there's enough information there then to apply for a copy of the certificate which is again perfectly legal to do, whether birth, marriage or death certificate for someone related or unrelated, it's quite standard procedure .
1184__ And from that index you can get peoples addresses can you.
R_____ No, I mean we're talking about old information I think this is 1976 [Leafe's registration in front of us]. I could have got their marriage certificate if I wanted to, that would have been 1981 but after 1992 you have to apply to the individual registry office, which you can access but it costs a bit more, it costs about £30 to have access to the indexes directly as distinct from the microfiches that go to the record offices.
1184__ Where do you get people's addresses from
R_____Addresses from, well the voter's list
1184__ Okay
R____ Again open information it's not illegal.
385___ What were you hoping to achieve by writing to all these people.
R_____ Well I was getting nowhere with this woman, I mean I had sent her two or three letters, gradually, well other than she'd be shouting and bawling down the phone in the middle of the night, harassment if you like but is actually. Absolutely getting nowhere but I decided, right, plead my case with as many people I could contact and that was what I did which is what I did and it has had an effect.
1184__ So what did you think would happen when you sent letters to people.
R_____ Well say one of these people here is an Andrew DAWSON and he is the younger brother of Kelvin DAWSON, well presumably they had the same parents or did have the same parents [their father died in 1986] and the same blood group so if I wrote a letter to him claiming that his brother had blood group B and this Andrew was blood group A, I'd expect him to write back a bit seriously, indignantly, and put me right or anything else. It was highly specific letters I was sending.
1184__ What about the other people on this list
R_____Ah that's the mother of Mrs CONSTANT and that's the mother of the two DAWSONS
1184__ What did you want to achieve by writing to them
R_____The same, get some dialogue going, getting somewhere but nothing came back, no rejection letters, not a thing, not from any of them, amazing but
385___ Did you think that Stella would find out about the letters
R_____Well more than likely
385___ It was quite obvious really wasn't it if it was a family of hers they say that you've written
R_____Assuming they're on speaking terms with one another but if she-. I know one friend who was friends with this Stella woman for twenty years but is totally non-friends now, they're totally antagonistic over this, obviously, cos, well I assume, they believe me or she believes me rather than believes Stella.
385___ And what about writing to her boss
R_____That was after the window was smashed yes, I mean. I happen to know someone who works for the Samaritans and going around smashing windows is not a rational way by any means and it's often a precursor to suicide and there's other medical argy-bargy that's ...
385___ I disagree with that
R_____Well he's a doctor, he's a doctor who's a councelor with the Samaratans
385___ We have a number of people in here for criminal damage and ...
R_____ Oh yeah if you're talking about drunks leaving a pub and kicking windows or smashing windows that's a different matter, this was premeditated, targeted.
385___ That's what you'll say it's not what Stella will say
R_____Well I don't know I mean she came from here to * , contacted her, well I wont say her name but her friend who lives in * and she, this friend, brought her to my new pub which Stella wouldn't know anything about. Why I don't know, this Stella woman started stalking me around the pub. I said quite loudly to everyone who could hear but not shouting that if she had anything to say then put it in writing, that's what I've been trying to get her to do for years, and she, I upped and left and she came round, same business again so I went right down to the other end of the pub, finished my pint and left and then an hour later almighty great cracking and banging from the front door at home, trying to break in including, cos there's a street light outside my glass door, trying to slide a credit card down the slot and using her keys to try and activate the lock with her own keys or something but then my neighbour said perhaps he's round **, which is just around the corner, neighbouring road, and she went round there and kicked this huge window in.
1184__ That's all been investigated hasn't it.
R_____ Yes it was processed by Hampshire Police as far as I know.
1184__ So that's been investigated by Hampshire Police and am I right in saying that she's agreed to pay for the damage
R_____In principle or some of the damage, it's ...
1184__ So that matter has been resolved in that respect ..
R_____ Well no it's in the process
1184__ Well it's in the process of being resolved, is that correct
R_____It's being processed, I don't know about resolved
1184__ You mentioned that you hadn't written to her employer other than about this window. I understand from her statement that she made back in April which is obviously prior to the window that you'd contacted her boss at that time and you sent a letter with the web-site details on.
R_____ Not me. No I sent a letter when was it, I've got a reply back from them somewhere, something about it being ..
1184__ So that must have been sent prior to April of this year
R_____As far as I know I sent, I sent two letters to Mr STODDART I think it was, here we are.
The first one was 30th May and then one recently this notification that failed to get through to her about taking her to civil proceedings in small claims court.
385___ You sent it prior to that window being damaged then
R_____Sorry, what prior to
385___ You sent him a letter prior
R_____No the window was smashed on 28th May
1184__ So if I speak to Mr STODDART he will confirm that he's had no contact with you prior to that date
R_____Oh I contacted, what was her name MIDDLETON or something or other. That's right I addressed the letter to Mrs MIDDLETON. I think it was the wrong department and she sent the letter on to Mr STODDART
1184__ When was that
R_____A week or two before this ...
1184__ What I'm saying is had you made contact with her employer before the window had been smashed
R_____No, cos, I mean I wrote it on the 30th May but not to Mr STODDART he ...
1184__ I'm not , I'm not talking specifically I mean anyone at her place of employment, had you written to any person at her place of employment prior to the window being smashed
R____ No, but not before this one, it hasn't got a date on there so, ah the 16th June, yeah, sorry
1184__ Cos, when Mrs CONSTANT made her statement in April she sent, mentioned in her statement that you'd contacted her employer and left a Web-site detail and implied that she wasn't a fit person to be doing her job or words to that effect
1184__ So you're disputing that that's taken place
R_____Yeah I have written to her employer but ..
1184__ You're saying it all took place after 30th May
1184__ You're adamant about that
385___ And have you written saying she's unfit
R_____Well yes, I was referring to the suicide thing
385___ But that's your opinion the suicide, it's not fact is it
R_____Yes but I mean she's dealing with children and other peoples families, look at what she's done to her own family, I'd hate to think that ...
385___ But what sort of effect would that have had on her at work
R_____She should get herself sorted out
1184__ Going back to making contact with her employer, did you make contact in any other way than writing. Did you fax him
1184__ Or send a computer message
R_____I didn't even know what the name of the employer was cos the original letter I sent to a different department, I mean Social Services but it wasn't actually directed to him
1184__ What about Mrs CONSTANT's neighbours
R_____Yes, yes I sent them one letter each I think
1184__ One letter each and what did you hope to achieve by that because surely they wouldn't have been blood relations of ..
R_____ I can't remember they were long term neighbours
1184__ Fian
R_____Long term neighbours, I was just trying to find out what's happened to my daughter and things. I mean the last contact I had with her was in Leicester two years ago and I couldn't, I wouldn't get anything out of her parents so I thought I might get some information out of the neighbours but I was wrong on that count, they obviously sent the letters straight next door , both of them and that was the end of that
385___ You must have thought that was going to happen though when you were writing about Stella in letters
R_____No, no there was nothing offensive in there but ..
385___ Well in your opinion
R_____ Well I mean it's not like what I think really of harassing people, pushing dog shit through letterboxes and things like that, that is
385___ But I think it's very harassing that you've written to her work and claimed that she may be suicidal and that's purely conjecture on your part you've got no evidence, no experience about that at all
R_____ Yeah, I quite agree so it's ..
385___ That's quite a cruel thing to say really ...
R_____ It's very justifiable, I think. I mean if she was a Traffic Warden ..
385___ Well she's not suicidal though
R_____ If she was a Traffic Warden or something like that it would be a different matter but ...
385___ She's not suicidal, she's not been assessed, she's not needed any assessment and she's not suicidal so it's a cruel lie. You've based it on damage to a window
R_____ And all that goes along with it but ...
385___ But what sort of, you know, when the boss picks that up what is he supposed to think
R_____ What he is supposed to think. That it needs a bit of investigating, check out there isn't some foundation there ...
1184__ You must have known that when you made that contact that that's going to cause her some sort of distress to her
R_____ Imagine the distress to me. I can't afford to replace this window [10 ft x 6 ft , 8 mm thick plate glass]
1184__ You must have known that when you sent that letter to her boss mustn't you
R_____ To her boss
385___ What were you hoping for her to get the sack
R_____ No I was hoping for her to get treated
385___ Surely she's the one if she wants treatment to seek it herself
R_____ No it's up to her family and GPs and things
385___ She hasn't seen you for twenty years or so. Why are you the fount of all knowledge on whether she should have treatment
R_____ I can't, I can't get her committed I mean it's up to her husband and other people, I can't do it.
385___ In those twenty years since this baby was conceived why have you, cos you knew she was pregnant didn't you ..
R_____ What with the daughter
385___ Yeah
R_____ Mm, oh yes
385___ Why did you leave it twenty years without any contact for your own daughter ...
R_____ What you mean I should go out trying to contact my own daughter. Imagine the trouble that would cause. It was my daughter that contacted me, not me ...
385___ But for those previous twenty years you didn't care a thing about your daughter
R_____ I've got no proof she was. She was going around with at least four different people including the person who later was her husband. This is by her own mouth I'm not talking about rumour. I've got no proof and she, I was, I was told that my daughter was registered illegitimate.
It 's only finding out all this family history stuff, finding out and getting a copy of birth registration details that I found, well perjury. It was conspiracy with Kelvin
1184__ What do you, what effect do you think this has had on her all of these letters that you've been sending to her employer and friends
R_____ Well my argument is it could so easily have been resolved, all she had to do was divulge a few blood groups and agree for GPs to swap details.
385___ What happens if she doesn't want to do that
R_____ But why doesn't she, she wants to get rid of me surely, get rid of all this nonsense
1184__ That wasn't a question I said, what effect do you think that's, this, all this had had on her
R_____ I really don't know so
385___ Do you care
R_____ Care, I'm caring indirectly cos I know the effect it's had on my daughter while I was still in contact with her but, she just took her, took her mother's side and sent me a letter saying I was deluded and lying to her and that's the last contact I've had with her.
I don't know where she's living.
1184__ Are you still in contact with your daughter
R_____ No, she just totally broke off contact
385___ But Fian has made it quite clear he will ...
R_____ He hasn't written to me, oh he ...
385___ He's made it quite clear that ...
R_____ He phoned me up one time shouting and bawling down the phone
385___ He's made it quite clear that at no point will he undertake any test
R_____ Has he, well he's not said that to me or anything
385___ So that really should be the end of it
R_____ Not as far as I'm concerned
385___ You can't force him to take a test
R_____ I can't force him no
1184__ He's an adult now isn't he
R_____ Mm mm
1184__ And it would be an assault for anybody to force him to do, take a test and he's refusing to
R_____ But I would have thought everyone would want it cleared out of the air
385___ It's not something , it's not something the family need clearing cos they're quite happy that Kelvin is the father
R_____ He can't be
385___ Well you've only got, we've only got your word for that
R_____ Indirect but genetic evidence
385___ When did she move out from you then, when did you last have sex with her
R_____ Oh, I vaguely remember it might have been a few occasions after she was married but the odd occasions anyway in the late 70s I mean after both were born.
385___ You say you've had sex with her after the birth of both children
[If this interview had been recorded on video tape you would be able to see both bottom jaws drop in astonishment at this point]
R_____ Yeah, yeah, not very often but a few occasions, the late 70s, you know, but there's always other people that could have been the father as well, which I'm not going to name but ..
1184__ When Fian spoke to you on the telephone did he make it quite clear that he wasn't going to entertain the idea of having a blood test
R_____ He was, that was it as addled as his mother on these occasions at the same time of night as well, trying to think, he was shouting and swearing , couldn't really make, didn't really say anything, that's right, it was after I sent the letters to the neighbours, that's right, so immediately or within a day or two of that so that was, cos whenever I sent any letters it seemed to have some sort of effect, got things going, might of gone in the wrong direction I mean I've no way of predicting that but, but at least he, someone, that was the thing that wound him up. Someone I've never spoken to before, wouldn't recognise the voice at all, purporting to be Fian DAWSON. I've got no proof of that which is what I said on the phone, especially at one o'clock in the morning. Get woken up, that really wound him up, I assume it was him, it might have been a plant by anyone, I just don't trust this Stella CONSTANT woman at all, it could have been anyone
385___ What are you hoping to achieve by proving you're the biological father cos you haven't been a father to them
R_____ That I haven't lied to my daughter basically. Just one thing I'd lied to my daughter about and that was the, the night she was almost born. Stella came round, we'd separated months beforehand, she came round and we were having sex and Stella started haemorrhaging and we rushed up the hospital. Medically I don't know if, if the doctors suppressed the birth. It would have otherwise been due then or what anyway she, it was suppressed and patched up and she was, she was giving birth two weeks later. But I had sent a diary of events or whatever you'd like to call it, of our relationship , when we were living together, when we weren't living together and I had quite deliberately disguised that we were having sex, although on odd occassions, although we'd separated but I had mentioned this thing about she, did her mother ever tell her that she was born almost two weeks earlier, or ten days early or something like that. She was just pestering me and pestering me to get an explanation of the otherwise strange event of being born too early and eventually I had to explain that I'd misled her. I hadn't actually lied to her, I had misdirected her, implied that we were living together and we separated and there wasn't any ongoing odd occasions in between
385___ Was it important to your daughter then to know that she might have been born two weeks early
R_____ No, no the point is that's the only time I've lied to my daughter but what I've no idea what her mother's been telling her but she's firmly of the opinion that I'm deluded or lying or both or a thoroughly nasty person and ...
385___ Could you now leave them though just to be a family unit and get on with their lives
R_____ Get all this stuff out of the way. I'd have done it three years ago. I mean we've got incompatible blood groups
385___ Yes but they've already told you that they're not prepared to undergo tests so at some point you have to stop
R_____ Well it will just niggle away with them for the rest of their lives in that case but ..
1184__ What you'll niggle away with them for the rest of their lives
R_____ Not necessarily but it will niggle at their own consciences
385___ That may be the case but you, but you, have to stop harassing them when they've said they're not going to entertain a test, which is why you haven't had a single reply to any letter you ever sent
R_____ I don't know she. I mean no one's contacted me at all so I've no reason of knowing why they haven't got back to me ..
385___ Isn't it all an indication though that if people don't reply that they're not particularly interested
R_____ I'd soon reply to a letter I found offensive, anyway it had my name and address on the top, fully identified
385___ Why do you think they didn't reply
R_____ Because it is very informative information. They were probably getting a load of rubbish from Stella as usual, and they're believing me. But on the other hand they couldn't really get back to me cos it was implying that they're sister or whatever was being a habitual liar
1184__ I expect they didn't get back to you because the whole family knew ..
R_____ I don't know, all I know is ...
1184__ Knew of these letters
R_____ This was the first occasion [the round-robin in front of me ]
1184__ And chose to ignore them because they didn't want to be contacted ...
R_____ This is the first occasion anyone has communicated with me [round robin photocopy]
385___ But once you don't get a reply to a letter surely that's some indication the people don't want to talk to you
R_____ Well I'd say the opposite
1184__ Especially as you don't know any of these people
R_____ Well all the more reason for them to write back saying, a perfectly civil letter saying that, I received your letter of so and so ...
385___ Which after three years they have done
R_____ After three years exactly, three years, but not that many letters, I mean five or six letters over three years
1184__ Each
R_____ Well five on average I would say, four to some six to others something like that
1184__ What abut Kelvin, Fian and Leafe, how many letters have you sent to them
R_____ Well Leafe I mean we were communicating perfectly amicably until the mother threw a spanner in the works that. Sorry what was the question.
1184__ How many letters have you sent to others in the family, not Stella
R_____ I mean well to Leafe, thirty letters or something. We were just trying to make contact with one another there's nothing threatening in there, well nothing threatening in any of the letters
1184__ What about Fian
R_____ The same sort of number of letters as everyone else, five I suppose, something like that
1184__ And Kelvin DAWSON, her husband
R_____ Maybe three I should think, probably only three
1184__ And what about Stella herself
R_____ Two maybe, no more than three anyway but the last one of those was in March 1999, I don't actually have a copy here but there is a transcript here
1184__ Do you keep records of all letters you've sent
R_____ Oh yes, yeah
1184__ Do you have copies at home of all the letters that you've sent
R_____ Not all of them because they tend to be much the same and I just sort of recorded I sent one to so and so and it's just the same letter and I just sort of put in my records that I sent the same copy to so and so
1184__ And what about the Web-site you set up
R_____ That oh yeah, yes sorry what about it
1184__ What was the purpose of setting up the web-site
R_____ Put it in the public domain and get some feedback from people, cos I couldn't find how to deal with this sort of thing. I mean basically I can't afford to put this stuff in a civil action, prosecute them, god knows what that would cost
385___ What are you hoping to prosecute
R_____ Oh this disputed paternity
385___ Without their consent they won't give the blood so it can't go anywhere can it
R_____ No it had to go before a judge and he would have to decide the merits of the case as far as I know
385___ But he could decide the merits but he can't force people to take blood tests
R_____ Can't he
385___ No cos that constitutes an assault without people's consent
R_____ Well I think, I'll take your word for that, I mean I've not read up on it much, I, I assumed well what is the point of people going to paternity issues in courts if that's not the case. Are you sure about that?
385___ Well we certainly can't take blood from anybody here without their consent
R_____ No but I mean if you went to a judge and he saw the merits of a case then maybe he would
385___ How are you going to force someone do it though if they don't want to
R_____ By the courts. I mean if you cut some of their hair off that's technically assault but it's been deemed allowable by whatever act of parliament it's not assault in those circumstances
1184__ We don't want to dwell on that too much

Buzzer sounding on tape

1184__ What that sound there means is that
R_____ The end of the tape
1184__ The end of the tape. There's still other things we need to discuss with you so what I intend to do is conclude this tape and put a fresh set in. The time by the interview clock is 2051 hours and the interview is concluded

Continuation tape Duration of interview 41 minutes Time commenced 2055 Time concluded 2136

1084__ Okay the time by the interview clock is now 2055 hours the date is still Saturday the 9th of September 2000, we've just concluded tape number one and we're going onto tape number two an interview with Paul NUTTEING. Can you confirm Mr NUTTEING that the same people are present
R_____ That's correct
1084__ And that we've had a couple of minutes break so that you could visit the toilet
R_____ That's correct
1084__ And you're happy to continue with the interview
R_____ Yeah it's fine
1084__ And you understand that you're still under caution
R_____ Yes
1084__ And we will continue where we left off with the interview okay. Before we go any further I've got a couple of letters here which Stella CONSTANT has given me, this one in particular is to Mrs R , I don't intend to go through the content of all these letters
R_____ No, fair enough
1084__ In particular but I just want you to confirm with this letter is written the 26th of May 99 to Mrs R, can you confirm that that's your handwriting
R_____ Yeah it would be my letter yes. I don't actually remember it but yes I mean it's my letter
1084__ And that's your signature at the bottom of the letter
R_____ That's right, yes, yes
1084__ And I think that might be it's in biro, its another letter dated the 29th of March 2000 to Mr DAWSON again ...
R_____ Sorry which Mr DAWSON
1084__ Umm just says Mr DAWSON
R_____ Probably says on the envelope who it is to. Yeah that's him
1084__ Again which this signature at the bottom can you confirm that ...
R_____ Yes that signature's mine, yes
1084__ That's your handwriting and that you'd written that. I'm just flicking through that there's a number of letters
R_____ I like to see there's hundreds of them ...
1084__ So you're not disputing that that's your handwriting
R_____ Oh no, no
1084__ Okay I refer, I can, if I refer to Stella's statement it refers to the amount of letters, which she is referring to have sent ...
R_____ This is over three years bear in mind
1084__ And what's happened to them
R_____ Sorry what's happened to
1084__ The letters
R_____ I've no idea no one has come back to me saying so ...
1084__ No I'll explain that to you. She states that she was in, in a relationship and, with yourself in 199-1976 when she fell pregnant, she goes on to , go on to say that Naomi was born, however after she was, prior to her being born that you had separated, that you had an on off relationship, however at the time she was registered, registered the birth, she was living as a couple with her now husband Kelvin
R_____ I don't dispute that
1084__ Kelvin DAWSON and it was him who registered as Leafe's father on the birth certificate.
She said that her and Kelvin went on to have their son Fian and ...
1084__ They have since had ...
R_____ In between we were living, when he was conceived, when he was conceived ME and Stella were living together
1084__ Going from what she's saying on her statement ...
R_____ All right okay yeah but ..
1084__ Okay she then goes on to say she's had two further children with her husband and you know they now live in Salisbury. She says that sometime in 1996 she doesn't know the exact date, she had a telephone call from Leafe to say that she was upset and she wanted her help, because she had been in contact with yourself and that you started to bombard Leafe with letters, obsessive letters and this had upset Leafe and that you were implying to Leafe that you knew things about her and making general hurtful ...
R_____ They weren't implications they were highly precise detailed information
1084__ Comments that were upsetting Leafe and that's why she went to her mother with her concerns. Stella states that Leafe had showed her a pile of letters that you had sent her and that the letters were manipulative and insinuated there were dark secrets, possibly criminal secrets which related to Stella and the rest of her family. She states that you'd sent her approximately 100 letters most of which ...
R_____ 100 letters to who
1084__ To Leafe
R_____ Laugh
1084__ Most of which were destroyed however Leafe has kept a shoebox full at home, the letters did not contain any actual threats, however they were extremely distressing and that most of the contents were fabricated and twisted versions of the truth
R_____ No, I've never lied to my daughter at any time apart from the one specific occasion I said
1084__ She states that as a result of these letters Leafe had asked her to intervene and asked her to speak with you and she says that at that time that she came to * and she said she compassionately asked you to try and deal with your relationship with Leafe on amore appropriate level, can you confirm that meeting took place
R_____ I can confirm she came round to see me, the conversation half of it was about Social Services matters nothing to do with this at all. In fact, in fact talking about an ongoing investigation that was, she shouldn't have been talking about at all, she was totally off her trolley that day. In fact when I pointedly asked her who Fian's father was, biological father, she said it was someone completely different someone I don't know. News to me but
1084__ She said that she left this meeting on good terms with you
R_____ Well I didn't throw her out if that's what you mean
1084__ You were disputing it was on good terms then
R_____ I'm disputing that it was a conversation, she was -what's the psychology, the psychiatry, she was in an alternative personality. It's out of things, just irrational, you just can't have a conversation with her. She just comes back with a politician's answer [ anterotesis ] , if you ask her a very precise question she'll just come back saying Oh what you're implying I'm lying or something.
She won't keep to the subject, you just can't get anything out of her
1084__ She goes on to say that approximately 6 months after this visit that she and Leafe heard nothing and then all of a sudden that you started to bombard her with letters, saying that you sent letters to her husband Kelvin DAWSON, her son Fian DAWSON, her daughter Leafe DAWSON, her daughter-her mother Honoria CONSTANT, her mother-in-law Pauline DAWSON her sister and husband Mr and Mrs R, another sister and her husband Mr and Mrs E, her brother-in-law Andrew David -Andrew DAWSON, her neighbours Mr and Mrs C, other neighbours M. D. and her place of work Salisbury Social Services. I'll go back saying this letter, this statement was made in April of this year prior to the window ...
R_____ Not one to Mr STODDART at all
1084__ So you're saying you made no contact with Mr STODDART or her place of ...
R_____ Well no, this is my letter dated the 30th ...
1084__ Work whatsoever. I'm not disputing you wrote that one, what I'm saying is back in April she's saying that you made contact with her, with Salisbury Social Services. I'm not saying Mr STODDART I'm saying Social Services
R_____ No
1084__ You're saying that's a lie
R_____ It's nothing to do with me
1084__ She said the contents of the letters most of which she's seen were generally hurtful comments, lies and distortions about her and her family
R_____ I'd like to see some of these lies proved, she's very handy at using the term lying.
For someone who is a pathological liar. I mean what do you call perjury if it's not lying
1084__ Well she's written here also that ...
R_____ I'll tell you this one thing that got up my wick. She phoned me up one time, probably in the middle of the night, I don't know, saying things were getting, her daughter was getting upset about all this, that she didn't want me contacting my daughter anymore. At that point I sort of said yes to calm things down. That very same week my daughter wrote me a letter containing with it her mobile phone number precisely to make it easier to contact my daughter.
Her mother's just desperate to, I mean all this gagging order basically I mean, trying desperately to get rid of me, a thorn in her backside or something and my daughter wanted to give me her phone number precisely to make it easier to contact her, but her mother was trying to push me out
1084__ Stella goes, she goes on to say that other letters you refer to her suffering from MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder
R_____ Hm mm
1084__ Well how do you know that
R_____ Well I've spoken to a psychiatric nurse
1084__ Are you an expert in that field
R_____ I'm not no
385___ That's only what you've said to the nurse not what the nurse has seen of Stella
R_____ Oh not no not Stella at all no
385___ So that's in fact a lie
R_____ It's consistent isn't it, it's consistent with
1084__ It's not a fact is it, you're writing letters
R_____ I can't, I'm not er, I'm not medically qualified or anything
385___ But you said she's suffering from it and you don't know that she is. You've got no idea
R_____ I can only go by this strange behaviour
1084__ Yeah but that's just made up then isn't it
R_____ Sorry what's made up
1084__ The fact that she's got Multiple Personality Disorder
R_____ Well I hope it's that rather than schizophrenia
385___ No but you made it up, because you've got no evidence other than you've spoken to someone
R_____ I've got nothing in writing no no
385___ So you've made it up and you've written that in letters which is quite hurtful isn't it, if it's not true
R_____ If it's not true
1084__ So that's one thing that we've pointed out that's a lie isn't it that you've written
R_____ Sorry what's, what's a lie
385___ That she's suffering from it because you don't that
R_____ It's the only explanation I've come across in all this that fits
1084__ It's still actually, it's not a fact though is it
R_____ Well I'm not a psychiatrist so I've not
385___ No so you're not in a position to make that comment but you did
R_____ On, on the basis of evidence that I have ...
385___ Because a lot of people might find your behaviour completely irrational
R_____ I quite believe it. That woman drives everyone round the bend, certainly did twenty years ago so hasn't changed now. Give her the benefit of the doubt to start with but ...
385___ But that's your opinion isn't it. Which again isn't fact
R_____ But it's not necessarily lies
1084__ She says that you've accused her of trying to get someone to kill you
R_____ Sorry. Oh to my daughter yeah that's right yes. That's genuine
1084__ Can you tell me about that
R_____ I mean this is going back 20 years. I mean we're talking about, if you don't mind going back 20 years
1084__ No
R_____ No its not recently. It was when she left, that was her parting , parting threat that if I should consider trying to contact her daughter or her son then she's got these fairground workers who would come round and set on me apparently
1084__ Sit on you
R_____ Set on me
1084__ Set on you. She says that you talk about her being evil, corrupt and having illegal activities and being immoral
R_____ Could be. I mean I haven't got it in front of me but it's possible
1084__ It's possible that you could have written these things in a letter
R_____ Well I don't know about a letter but .
385___ What are her illegal activities then
R_____ I don't think I would have written in a letter but might have been in this public domain thing
385___ So what are her illegal activities
R_____ What then
385___ You, you've obviously at some point written
R_____ I'm trying to think what these illegal activities are
385___ Or you made that up as well
R_____ I'm just trying to think, what's it in contact with, context with illegal activities
1084__ She's saying that these are her, some of the hurtful, she's pointing out some of the hurtful things that you've written in some of the letters
R_____ No, there's reference to that sort of thing in this public domain document that's on the internet
385___ Okay so in that then, so what are these illegal activities that you've put in the public domain
R_____ I'm not sure they're illegal as such
385___ So why did you put illegal activities
R_____ Have I actually written illegal activity
1084__ I haven't got any letters(incoherent)I've just got her statement without reading through them which would take the rest of the night
R_____ I'd certainly say immoral activities and activities that wouldn't be consistent with being a social worker I would have thought
1084__ Can I just clarify with you, because you're talking about the Web-site, basically that being in the public domain as being separate to the letters
R_____ Yes yes some
1084__ And I understand that
R_____ I mean there's ...
1084__ I understand that you've sent little booklets with this information from the web site in paper form
R_____ Yeah
1084__ To a lot of the people from Stella's family
R_____ With all names disguised and all that sort of thing
1084__ Is that correct
R_____ With all the names disguised, yes
1084__ Did you send that booklet to anybody else like to her boss
R_____ Maybe I could have done, yes. Yes it's quite possible
1084__ Okay and when did you send that
R_____ Er probably with this, I can't be sure on that but you've got it definitely in writing somewhere have you
1084__ I haven't spoken to her boss at the moment but I can confirm that when what
R_____ Yeah it's quite possible it's just, you know, there's so many odd people and bits of paper it gets a bit confusing
1084__ So you may have sent that too
R_____ Yeah may well have done yeah
1084__ Mr STODDART, but you can't recall when it was
R_____ Oh it was probably with the letter as contents
1084__ Could you have sent it before then
R_____ I doubt it cos I didn't even know ...
385___ If you had a grievance with Stella why haven't you gone through the proper channels to sort the grievance out
R_____ As far as I know it costs in excess of 10, 000 probably £20, 000 these days
385___ As far as I know
R_____ As far as I know
385___ Have you considered Citizens Advice where you get a free letter
R_____ Sorry free letter
385___ Solicitors letter to send her
R_____ She'd just tear it up in front of her.
385___ So you instead you ...
R_____ I didn't consider it no I can't
385___ You harass all her friends to try and get some response
R_____ No I inform people as best as I could give, basically plead my case with anyone who will listen to it that's why
385___ Most of it is your opinion isn't it
R_____ No most of it is very precise genetic information
385___ Things like she's suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder is your opinion because she's not been assessed
R_____ Oh that was later on in the ...
385___ That is your opinion
1084__ It's also your opinion that your Fian's father
R_____ Until proven otherwise yes
1084__ So they're all opinions it's not a fact is it
R_____ All someone has to do is come back to me saying whether he's got this wonkey wrist business or short arms or what my daughter's got which is Cubitus Valgus which is a cocked-over arm at the elbow. It's all part of the same thing called Dyschondrosteosis Dyschondrosteosis
385___ You're not the only family in the world suffering from that are you
R_____ It's one in five hundred thousand so it's the same level as DNA or that area of probability.
1084__ I don't want to go down that route again because we've, I think we've exhausted that route
R_____ But there's plenty of forensically admissible stuff about
1084__ Stella goes on to say that you began to send letters in 98 this is approximately maybe one or two years after the letters started only when they started in 96 so some time
R_____ I doubt it was 96, 97 might have been
1084__ Sometime into the letters you began sending letters which imply that Fian was your biological child which she knows is not true and you started bombarding her
R_____ Sorry who knows this not to be true
1084__ Stella knows this is not true
R_____ She was living with me, we were having sex every night for the three months that cover the time gap that Fian was conceived . Now I know she was having sex with other people but apart from anything else, balance of probability, it would be that I would be the father
1084__ She said that you bombarded her and her family of letters about this and sent birth certificates, medical information of blood grouping etc
R_____ That's right yes
1084__ In relation to those claims
R_____ They're very precise stuff yes
1084__ And that you've also written directly to Fian making no secret that you believe that you're his father
R_____ That's right yes
1084__ She says that in total you sent her and her family, literally hundreds of unwanted, unanswered, letters over a period of approximately four years
R_____ 50, 50 I wouldn't dispute over three years
1084__ Most of the letters have been destroyed however I do have a number of letters which I produce which are here and also with , some of them with the envelopes. It's also saying you also set up the web site which we've just discussed with your story
R_____ Which also has got the dyschondrosteosis stuff which is very very helpful to five people around the world [ about 30 now in June 2001]
1084__ Which refers to her and discusses immoral and evil
R_____ It doesn't, it refers to someone called Sheila or something or other
385___ Who is Sheila
R_____ Just a person in my write-up
385___ But your write-up is about Stella isn't it
R_____ Write-ups about all sorts of things
385___ But you said earlier that you changed the names to ...
R_____ Changed locations, I changed a lot of details you know
385___ But it ...
R_____ Because it's in the public domain, I didn't want to have to read up about libel rules and that sort of thing
1084__ In your story the person that you're referring to as Sheila is Stella
R_____ Just someone called Sheila
1084__ Do you know someone called Sheila then
R_____ No it's a write-up
1084__ So you're saying what's on the web site is fictitious
R_____ Yeah a lot of it is
1084__ And it doesn't make it, it doesn't refer to Stella at all
R_____ No no where in it
385___ Do any of the stories relate to Stella that involve Sheila
R_____ Oh bits of them
385___ And earlier you said you changed the names because you didn't want to be sued for libel. If you just made it up you wouldn't need to change a name would you
R_____ Well make, change the name, make up names anyway
385___ Cos doesn't Stella receive some correspondence to Sheila, have you sent anything to her about Sheila
R_____ Not as far as I know. Unless I have got an alternative personality and started doing that
1084__ She goes on to say that she'd now like the police to intervene and she feels harassed and distressed as a recipient of the unwanted and the unanswered letters and she fears by your comments that you made in a letter dated 29th of March of this year. Where you say, "I'll move onto the next irrevocable stage after April 30th, 2000 unless anyone comes up with any forensically admissible proof that Kelvin and Fian are related". What did you mean by that comment
R_____ Well I started to go in the public domain I was trying to keep all this within the family sort of thing
1084__ So what did you mean by move onto the next irrevocable stage
R_____ Well I assumed, it's the first time that I've ever put anything like this on the Internet. That it might create a life of its own sort of thing and be unstoppable, but I don't think it's the case though. It's just ignored.
1084__ She saw that as being a threat to her, is that what it was intending to be
R_____ No I mean I never made any threats at all to her
385___ It's a veiled threat there isn't it
R_____ No it's not a threat I don't make threats. Stella is the one that makes threats and violence as well
1084__ She goes on to say that the stress that you've caused not only affects her but the whole family, in particular her daughter Leafe who's your daughter too
R_____ I'm afraid so, that's the way it's ended up
1084__ But if you're causing this
R_____ I'M NOT causing it, it's that, THAT woman just lying about everything to everyone, it's just disgusting ...
385___ You could be termed as what's called a nuisance really though couldn't you
R_____ Yes, that's why she wants this whole business of a gagging order, to get rid of me
385___ Because you're a nuisance
R_____ A thorn in her leg, right
385___ You harass her
R_____ No I've not, I've not, I've not harassed her . I've informed a number of her family, relatives, very precise information, that's not harassment in my terms
1084__ If someone took that course of action towards myself or anybody I knew I would call it harassment
R_____ Have you read the relevant act
385___ Yes
1084__ Yes
R_____ Section 2
385___ Section 1, subsection 2
R_____ The Man on the Clapham Omnibus Test, what constitutes harassment
1084__ It's not actually specified in the act what is and what is not harassment
R_____ It does say what constitutes harassment if someone independent knows what's going on.
1084__ It's not specified
R_____ The test, the test for harassment is someone independent watching what's going on, is in receipt of exactly the same information whether they would find the conduct, if they would personally feel harassed. I put this to all sorts of people, there's no threats in my information
385___ Doesn't have to be a threat to be harassment does it
R_____ No the section 2 is it , the test for
385___ The person whose conduct is questionable ought to know that it amounts to harassment with another, if a reasonable person possessing the same information would think the course of conduct would amount to harassment of the other. Well I like as a reasonable person that you've harassed Stella and her family
R_____ I've shown some people these letters and they've been enthralled about it not anyone anyone if receiving these letters would be harassed.
1084__ Ultimately Mr NUTTEING she's made a complaint of harassment against you, she feels harassed and distressed by your course of conduct towards, otherwise she wouldn't of come ...
R_____ Her, her family's actions towards her not mine
1084__ By your course of conduct the letters now been sent to her family but they've come back to her, which ultimately causes her more distress by the nature of where you've sent them to. She's saying that course of conduct has caused her distress, hence she's come to us , if it hadn't caused her distress she wouldn't have come to the police and asked for this to be made in complaint to you, because she hasn't done so for several years of having receiving these letters has she
R_____ That's as far as I know yes
1084__ So she's feeling distressed then
R_____ She she wants a gagging order that's what it is
1084__ That's not what she's asking at all
385___ What do you mean by gagging order
R_____ Well she wants me to be put in a position where I'm not allowed to inform anyone about anything
385___ She wants to be left in peace
R_____ Well that's EASY, just, just divulge the blood groups openly, exchange letters between GPs, that is all that's required
1084__ But that's not going to happen is it
R_____ No it's a ridiculous stalemate thing
1084__ She's saying
R_____ All this business. Wasted money on window
1084__ That your course of conduct has caused her distress and you're saying ...
R_____ No one came back to me saying anything, it's only the last, what is it ...
1084__ That's because they have chosen to ignore your letters and filed them in the bin, because they don't want to be hearing from you and they certainly don't want to be receiving hurtful comments about somebody they care about
R_____ I certainly never got any comments of any shape or form back that they found them intrusive, offensive, anything nothing at all
1084__ That's because most of the letters were destroyed
385___ But you didn't get any positive feedback either did you, you just buried your head in the sand
R_____ I-I haven't buried my head in the sand
385___ And continued to send them . You didn't get feedback positive or negative
R_____ I mean I've physically received this round robin and I can reasonably infer from that that they didn't want these letters but up to that point I've heard nothing at all
385___ Yeah but you've got nothing to say they didn't want them, but you've got nothing to say they did want them. So you just buried your head in the sand and continued to send them
1084__ It's not like you know these people is it
R_____ You're giving the impression that I was bombarding every post or something like that, certainly was just over three years, I don't know why she says four years, maybe 97, 98, 99 yeah I would have said three years rather than four
1084__ Ultimately Mr NUTTEING it's going to be up to the court to decide what is and what isn't harassment and if she feels that she's been distressed and harassed by your actions then it's going to be up to the court not one person you've spoken to or even our opinion that counts. It's going to be up to the court to decide whether they deem your course of conduct towards her and her family and friends and employer as harassment
R_____ Well it wasn't intended as harassment. It was putting my case to people who could have a bearing
1084__ Well I put it to you that it wasn't reasonable for you to be writing to her neighbours, her employer
R_____ The neighbours were a bit different. I was basically trying to get something about where my daughter had gone or anything
1084__ You're saying that, that the parts of your neighbours and employer was unreasonable
R_____ Sorry the parts
1084__ The letters that you sent to her neighbours were an unreasonable part of your trying to spread your
R_____ No a reasonable part
1084__ You're saying it's reasonable
R_____ Yes I mean no one there was going to tell me anything. For all I knew my daughter had emigrated. I had had absolutely no contact whatsoever, but someone I helped out well 800 quid, 500 quid one time and 300 quid another time for paying her rent on her house and that sort of thing in Leicester and about two weeks after that I get this letter from her saying I'm lying and deluded and doesn't want anything more to do with me
1084__ I'm just amazed that you think your course of conduct was reasonable
R_____ It is in those circumstances. Would you write to a close relative of yours informing that they were lying and deluded
1084__ That's
R_____ I think that's highly justified
385___ I think there's, I think there's things in your letters that you can't prove are true
R_____ Yeah but not lies necessarily are they
385___ But they're not the truth, you're making a lot of supposition about Stella without medical experts actually physically examining her you don't know. Because I could say the same about you
R_____ Those comments are referring to someone in a write-up it's not directly referring to her
385___ But it was because you sent those letters ...
R_____ Where, where in all those letters does it say that I've implied that Stella CONSTANT has got psychiatric problems.
385___ You my not have said Stella CONSTANT but in your thing on the internet
R_____ That, that's a different matter altogether
385___ Well, you've actually said, that copy those, (incoherent) to Stella and other people or to her family so you must have meant it to mean Stella , or why send it to their families
R_____ There's a lot of it in there relevant, but a lot disguised and umm
385___ But you've already said that you believe that's the case that she is suffering from that disorder
R_____ I wouldn't be at all surprised I tell you
385___ It's not the truth is it, because she's not been examined for
R_____ I, I don't know
385___ Pure speculation on your behalf
R_____ I should hope someone has. No, just as an ordinary concerned member of the public I mean this-when she came round to me-that unannounced visit. She spent well over half an hour going into great detail about this case she was investigating in Winterslow, involving sexual molestation and all sorts of nasty goings-on. This was, as far as I knew, actually current investigation, and there was me nothing to do with social work. Prattling on about this, I've forgot what I've said, so why did I bring that up
1084__ Can we go back to this web-site that you set up. You agreed that you sent copies to some of Stella's family and friends, is that correct
R_____ A printed version
1084__ If that's nothing to do with Stella why would you send that to them
R_____ Because it's got information relevant about all sorts of stuff, I don't put in letters. I mean there's precise details of blood groupings, its very difficult to get hold of that complete listing of what's allowable and what's not allowed ..
1084__ If you're saying it's nothing to do with Stella why send it to these people that are relations to Stella
R_____ Because there is a lot of information that is relevant, but until I have a dialogue with them I can't say what applies to her and what doesn't apply to her.
1084__ You're not answering the question now, I'm saying why have you sent it to Stella's relatives if you're saying it's nothing to do with Stella
385___ And you're saying the story's not based around Stella
R_____ Oh there's links in there but not word for word
385___ The people who are reading those things straight away that Sheila is Stella because why send it to them otherwise
R_____ Because it's a large printed tract and I don't mind writing long letters but 60K of writing is ...
1084__ You're trying to make us believe that you were writing to Kelvin's family to try and ascertain blood test-blood groupings and things like that as a genuine reason to find out what Fian's blood group is etc, which I can, I can understand why ... There's a logic for that.
R_____ I expected them to come back if I was totally on the wrong track. If Kelvin's brother was blood group "A" then I expected them to come directly back to me saying "You're talking a loud of rubbish" ...
1084__ I don't disagree with that, I don't disagree that I understand the logic for that one.
What I'm saying is if you're saying that this document has got nothing to do with Stella why are you sending it to these people. That just doesn't make sense, that is just clear harassment by sending this document ...
R_____ No it's, it's not even set in Salisbury, all the names are different everything ...
385___ If it's all different why send to the people that you've been sending letters to
R_____ Because I've got the general information in there, the dyschondrosteosis and stuff. It's genuine information
385___ And all you've done is change the name and in fact most of it relates to Stella
R_____ There's all sorts of differences in there, to disguise who was writing it as well
385___ So you didn't get sued
R_____ Er?
385___ So that you didn't get sued by Stella
R_____ Possibly, I haven't looked into that and can't comment anything about that
1084__ Why else would you change the names
R_____ Oh it's a ripping good yarn if you like, ideal for the internet, it's full of conspiracy theory
385___ You've based it on a true story in your opinion haven't you
R_____ There's elements of it in there that are true yes
1084__ What did you hope to achieve by sending that document to her family and friends
R_____ It's a summary of, all sorts of stuff
1084__ What did you hope to achieve
R_____ Well on the internet ****. Nothings coming back, information of any sort, I could under-, I could understand people complaining about information overload or something-just too much
1084__ But you weren't sending people e-mails were you. You were sending people, a, you were copying a document which you put on * and sending it in the post to them. What were you intending to achieve if it wasn't intending to cause harassment, what was the intention
R_____ It's all about information . It's putting my case, that is just part of it. It's not particularly useful because it's all disguised. The far more useful bit is-I don't think I've got a copy here-but my actual [paternity] treatise, the first letter I sent to Fian, with all the genetic information. There was about 12 points, but 9 of them probably would be forensically admissible probably
1084__ I mean now you've heard it from us that Fian won't entertain the idea of consenting to a blood test so ...
1084__ The matter of this being resolved
R_____ I mean the Family Law Reform Act where a mother's refusal to ...
385___ He (incoherent) the parentage
R_____ ... go over blood groups can be deemed I don't know what the term is
385___ If he's quite happy with accepting that Kelvin's his father. that doesn't necessarily have to be biological does it because he's brought him up from birth
R_____ Yeah I think, it's not like he's been officially adopted
385___ Why can't you leave him to get on with his life
R_____ Until I, I know definitely for sure
385___ Because once he knows even if you are his father, he's not gonna want to speak to you anyway
R_____ Not now, because the mother's mangled things up so much. Even my daughter's not gonna have any contact with me now
1084__ The family are in no doubt that KELVIN is the biological father of Fian ...
R_____ Any ...
1084__ Which you're disputing. Now that's not gonna change as a result of our conversation here today, we need to be sure that your course of conduct is gonna end, because they, we're telling you that Stella is feeling harassed and distressed by you're course ...
R_____ I can say. I won't be sending any letters to these four named individuals here. I've got no animosity to them, it's just it's the first communication I've had.
385___ Because she doesn't want anymore sent to her work either
R_____ Well I can't, I've not had a letter from ...
385___ What we're saying to you though is that she believes that, that course of conduct by sending it to her work is harassment. You've been informed of it now and if there's another letter you will be brought back in here
R_____ I can understand that
385___ Now we've got to make it clear to you now. Because you know that all the letters that you sent out were unwarranted and people don't want them
R_____ I dispute whether it comes under the harassment act but I can see your point
385___ What I'm saying is you must not send anymore to work
R_____ But my point was I was warned in May or June whenever it was not to send any letters to someone who transpires to be the complainant and victim Stella CONSTANT which I haven't done
385___ No but you've tried to be clever and go around that and sending to neighbours because you know damn well ...
R_____ That, That was a lot earlier, that was
385___ But you know damn well by sending it to her family that they're gonna bring it up with Stella so other than delivering directly you've sent them to Stella
R_____ I can't predict things like that
385___ You know, you've done that so Stella can come round and talk to you about the bloke and sort that out, so you know the family are gonna talk to Stella about it
R_____ This has to be in writing. I mean it's pointless talking to her or conversation on the phone, is absolutely pointless. I still haven't had anything in writing
1084__ I've made reference to Stella's statement which has listed the people that you've sent letters to and she's explained that all the recipients of those letters do not want those letters from you
R_____ I've now heard this.
1084__ And they certainly do not want any of those letters in the future
R_____ I've now heard it, and I've heard precise names
1084__ And she's, she's listed not only her employer, the people that you have letters from, she's also listed under that, LEAFE, FIAN, her husband KELVIN and other people
R_____ So my next move is Strasbourg then
1084__ That's you're choice if that's what you want to do
R_____ That's HER choice. I mean it could have been settled three years ago, but, so now I've got to go to Strasbourg, because you're telling me I'm not allowed to communicate with my children
1084__ We're saying that the letters
R_____ That's what you're saying
1084__ The letters that have been sent are unwanted and they do not want to have this harassing communication from you
385___ I think the best way for you do it, is to go through a solicitor if you want access.
R_____ I can't afford a solicitor at all
385___ You go through the proper way but at the moment Stella's doing more ...
R_____ If I could have afforded it that's what I should have done 20 years ago
385___ Yeah
R_____ Couldn't afford it then, can't afford it now
385___ I think we've resolved the interview today
R_____ It's ridiculous
1084__ Okay is there anything else you wish to add
R_____ Yeah I did, I did write down a few points, just in case they didn't turn up. Yeah, I said I was incorrectly warned by WPC VIVIENE
385___ I don't think you were incorrectly warned
R_____ Yeah, but I was warned not to send letters to Stella CONSTANT, I hadn't
385___ Yeah which can be directly or indirectly
1084__ They can't possibly
R_____ Letters, letters to Stella CONSTANT, not ...
1084__ (incoherent) that what she said because you said you didn't know who it was
R_____ I'll go through precisely what it was. I happened to be going home *
385___ You actually said that she didn't give you a name so you
R_____ It wasn't just that I went home , dropping off stuff at home because ****, at the same time there's two uniformed policemen outside talking to a neighbour about a car that had been dumped outside for weeks. So I assumed it was about that. WPC VIVIAN came up to me and said "Hello Mr NUTTEING I want to talk to you, any idea why I want to talk to you?". "oh, well if you know my name then it's probably something to do with a woman in Salisbury". She said "yes" and said "We've had a complaint about you sending letters to this woman" she didn't say a name "and I'm here to warn you that under" well she didn't say the section "under the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act if you do it again you're likely to be arrested" but she just made reference to this one unnamed person
385___ Okay what's your next point
R_____ Yes I mean if you brought up about that recorded delivery letter. That comes under Section 1, subsection 3c as being reasonable in the circumstances to get notice to her before the end of August after which her costs in the civil action would go up all the time. [The letter I was arrested for sending] PAUSE. And in a general sense a lot of my activities are covered by section 1, subsection 3a as a means for detecting a crime that is perjury and conspiracy to commit perjury. [and defamement by Stella Constant of myself to my daughter]
385___ But that's you're opinion isn't it

Form 365 served Interview concluded

The following is the first 5 minutes 40 seconds missing from the first tape transcribed by myself.

1084__ Have you ever been interviewed on tape before.
R_____ No
1084__ What happens is I put 2 tapes in that run at the same time they're not recording one after the other. They both record at the same time. One of those will be completely sealed up and if the case goes to court that is called the master copy and that can be unsealed for proof of the interview. The second tape is given, its one I can make use of, it's called a working copy.
R_____ I don't get a copy so can I use my own recorder.
1084__ Hang on a sec. You can't use your own recorder but you can apply for a copy.
R_____ A transcribed copy or a copy of the tape
1084__ A copy of the tape. I will give you a form at the end of the interview. I've already written it here. This is the tape number. If you take this along to a solicitor they can arrange for you to have a copy of the interview. If it goes to any more tapes I'll record their numbers too. Alternatively you don't have to go to a solicitor you can write yourself and ask for a copy.
R_____ Is there a case number I can refer to. I've had trouble with this before.
385___ There is a unique number.
R_____ ok, right, ok
1084__ With these details you can get a copy of the tape if you so wish, ok. Initially I have to go through a number of instructions and explanations. I have to go through with you. I'll go through that then I will go through the body of what we need to talk to you about OK
R_____ Yes
1084__ This interview is being tape recorded. It may be used in evidence if your case is brought to court. At the conclusion of the interview I will give you a note of explanation of what will happen to the tapes and your entitlement to the tapes. I am WPC 1084 Nicki GRIFFIN currently stationed at Salisbury. This interview is being conducted in an interview room at Salisbury police station. The date is Saturday 9th of September 2000 and the time by the interview clock is 20. 11 hours. What is your full name
R_____ Paul NUTTEING
1084__ And your date of birth
R_____ ----
1084__ Also present are
385___ DC Sean MEMORY, Salisbury CID
[Probably Sean James MEMORY, 10 Manor Farm Rd, Salisbury, born March 1969, Bromley ]
here to assist my colleague with the interview
1084__ Can you confirm there is no one else present
R_____ Oh yes that's correct
1084__ I must remind you that you have the right to free and independent legal advice.
You can speak to a solicitor in private at any time of the day or night and this legal advice is free. You can speak to a solicitor personally. If you don't want to speak to him personally you can speak to him by telephone. Do you want to speak to a solicitor before the interview continues.
R_____ No
1084__ Would you like to tell me why you don't want free legal advice, you're not obliged to give any reply.
R_____ Nothing major has turned up as yet that I can see warrants a solicitor, nothing unforeseen that is.
1084__ I understand that previously you asked for legal advice but changed your mind.
You'vee spoken to Inspector DIBBLE and told him you no longer want legal advice because you've spoken to him on the telephone.
R_____ At this moment
1084__ And you want to proceed with the interview and Inspector DIBBLE has given authority for the interview to go ahead. Can you confirm that is correct
R_____ That is correct
1084__ Is that still the case R That's still the case yes
1084__ I'm now going to caution you again as I did after you were interviewed. You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you don't mention in questioning something that you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand what that caution means.
R_____ Yes
1084__ What's your understanding of what that means.
R_____ I understand it but I don't really understand why but I can understand remaining silent.
1084__ It's a bit more than that. I'll go through and explain it. It's very important that you have a complete understanding of what that caution means. The first part says you don't have to say anything which means you don't have to answer any of the questions that I put to you. The middle section says that it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something that you later rely on in court. What that means is that if you say nothing now and the case goes to court and you come up with some explanation as to why you've been brought here then that can be used as evidence and the court can draw its own conclusion as to why you failed to say anything here. Also if you say something here this evening and if the case goes to court you then give a different answer or a different reason then again that can be used in evidence and the court can come to its own conclusion as to why you've changed your answer ok. And anything you do say can be given in evidence. You have an understanding of what the caution means now.
R_____ Yes
[ In all the 1 1/2 hours of this interview , in my terms, I only made one mistake - one word I should not have used. There were apparently 2 more occasions but these turned out to be transcription errors discovered listening to the actual copy of the audio tape. These errors have been corrected from the original transcript as supplied by the CPS. It was probably more a case of the transcribing typist hearing what she wanted to hear rather than deliberate falsification. Nevertheless all such transcripts should not be taken on trust and should be compared with the recording. Not something a solicitor is necessarily going to do so anyone else in similar circumstances - make your own copy of these tapes. ]
A lot of the following witness statements contains what Howard Carter, Egyptologist, referred to as spherical and in the plural but for legal reasons I have to put in the public domain word-for-word exactly as it was written.

Witness Statement for Wiltshire Constabulary Statement of Stella Maria CONSTANT of Salisbury Occupation Social Worker

This statement (consisting of 8 pages each signed by me) is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true

Signature S. M. CONSTANT Date 14. 4 . 00

I am the above named person and I live at the address overleaf [ 4 Nelson Rd, Salisbury ] with my husband Kelvin Derrick DAWSON, dob 26. 7. 54 and two of my four children, twins _ and _ dob_ I met my husband in [th -struck out and initialled SMC] 1971 whilst at school in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We had a relationship for five years before we split up. And it was after we split up that I met Paul NUTTEING (Aged 47 years). At the time I was at teacher training college in Southampton and Paul had recently left university in Southampton. I was living as a lodger in his house , in the Empress Road area of Southampton (now demolished) [not true -converted to small business use].
Paul and I had a relationship which started in about January 1976, I fell pregnant. The pregnancy was unplanned and I did not feel that we were in a long standing emotionally fulfilling relationship. We never even discussed marriage or settling down as a family as we did not have that sort of relationship.
Whilst pregnant I moved out of PAUL's house and into lodgings in Denzil Road [sic] , Southampton.
On the 27. 11. 76 I gave birth to a baby daughter Naomi Leafe-Marie DAWSON At this time I resumed my relationship


with my (now) husband Kelvin DAWSON, and therefore decided to put Naomi's name down on the birth certificate under DAWSON.
 BC of N L Dawson
Copy of the birth certificate of Naomi Leafe DAWSON

[ Hampshire CPS was well aware of this perjury long before Wiltshire CPS got involved.
Main text reads
CHILD - Twenty seventh November 1976 General Hospital, Southampton
Name - Naomi Leafe-Marie DAWSON - Female
Father - Kelvin Derrick DAWSON, born Salisbury, Wiltshire, University Student
Mother - Stella Maria CONSTANT, born Swindon Wiltshire - not married
Address - 5 Denzil Avenue, Sothampton
Signatures K.D. Dawson and S. M. Constant Date of Registration - Twenty first December 1976
Date of certified copy - 16th September 1996 ]

Kelvin agreed to bring Naomi up as his own and up until the split we'd had a fulfilling relationship which I believed would be stable.
I believe I told Paul about my plans and he never objected or intervened. He knew he was Naomi's biological father, however he never offered to pay maintenance or offer any support.
I occasionally saw Paul around and he'd ask after Naomi (occasionally), but did not appear to want to be involved in our lives.
PAUL knew that I was seeing Kelvin again, and never expressed any objections to Kelvin becoming a "father figure" to NAOMI.
When NAOMI (who I call by her middle name LEAFE) was about 6 months old , I had to move out of my lodgings and had nowhere to do [sic]. PAUL offered to help out, therefore for a few months LEAFE and I moved into PAUL's in the EMPRESS ROAD area of Southampton .
At that time, although Kelvin and I were a couple, I did re-kindle my relationship with Paul, and we did occasionally have sex at that time.
After a few months Kelvin found us a property to rent in Winn Road, Southampton, which we moved into in [about -struck out SMC] 1977.
After moving out from Paul's house, and moving in with Kelvin, I ceased to have any sort of relationship with Paul. I would occasionally see him around town and we would chat politely and we


stayed on friendly terms, however we never had a relationship again.
Whilst Kelvin and I lived at Winn Road, our son Fian Gerald DAWSON was born, on the 27. 10. 78. I am certain that Kelvin is Fian's biological father , and this has never been questioned (until now) [sic - brackets].
In September 1981 Kelvin and I married, and in 1988, Kelvin and I moved back to Salisbury with LEAF[sic] and FIAN.
In 1994 Kelvin and I had two further children, twin _ _ and _ DAWSON Between 1981 and 1995, I had no contact with PAUL, and he never made any attempt to contact us.
I never discouraged him from having any contact with LEAFE, however at that time I do not believe he knew where we were living. He never made any legal representations to have access to LEAFE, and I never made any representations to apply for maintenance payments. I was under the impression he was more than happy to let me bring up LEAFE without his input.
Kelvin and I brought LEAFE up to believe Kelvin was her natural Father however we never "deliberately lied", as the matter was never questioned by LEAFE. In 1995 [a member of the family -struck out SMC] LEAFE found out that Kelvin was not her biological Father, and queried this with me. I gave LEAFE the "basic" details of her Father, Paul NUTTEING and the reasons she was brought up as Kelvin's child. LEAFE accepted this and made no mention of her intentions to contact him. I did not know PAUL's address at this time as we had not kept in touch.
In approximately 1996 while LEAFE was


away studying at University she traced her natural Father and made contact with him. (She did not tell me about this at the time).
Sometime in 1996, LEAFE telephoned me, she was very upset and wanted my help. She told me that she'd been in contact with PAUL, her biological Father, and that he had started to bombard her with "OBSESSIVE LETTERS". LEAFE was upset as he was implying he knew things about me, and making general hurtful comments.
LEAFE showed me a pile of letters that PAUL had sent her. The letters [were -struck out SMC] were [generally -struck out SMC] manipulative and insinuated there were dark secrets, possibly criminal secrets which related to her Mother and the rest of her family. PAUL sent her approximately a hundred letters, most of which were destroyed, however LEAFE has kept a shoe box full at home. The letters did not contain any "actual" threats, however they were extremely distressing, as most of the contents were fabricated and twisted versions of the truth.
As a result of these letters, LEAFE asked me intervene [sic], therefore I went to * and went to speak to PAUL at his home address *****.
I made a COMPASSIONATE Appeal to him to try and handle his relationship with LEAFE on a more appropriate level. PAUL was quite tearful and [have -struck out SMC] seemed to take on board what I was saying. There was no aggression or confrontational aspect to the visit and we chatted on friendly terms, updating each other on the missing years. He never once made any reference to FIAN being his child.
I left on good terms, but made no


plans to see him again and did not discourage him from seeing LEAFE.
For approximately six months after this visit, we heard nothing, and then all of a sudden, he started to bombard us with letters. He sent letter [sic] to my husband Kelvin DAWSON, my son FIAN DAWSON, My daughter LEAFE, Daughter [sic], my Mum, Honoria CONSTANT, My Mother-in-law Pauline DAWSON, my sister and her husband Mr & Mrs R, another sister and her husband Mr & Mrs E, my brother-in-law Andrew DAWSON, My neighbours Mr & Mrs C, and another neighbour D and my place of work, Salisbury Social Services.
The content of the letters , (most of which I've seen) was general hurtful comments and lies and distortions about me and my family.
In one particular hurtful letter, which he sent to my Mother and Sisters he enclosed a Newspaper clipping which referred to my Father, [following -struck out SMC] referring to an incident in SALISBURY seventeen years ago, this letter caused particular distress as it raked up an unpleasant incident from our past.
[Usefully confirming the identity of the 1984 Middle Woodford incident]
In other letters he referred to me suffering from (MPD) multiple personality disorder, he's accused me of trying to get someone to kill him, he talks about me being evil, corrupt, illegal activities as well as being immoral. He also makes reference to moving onto the next stage, after April 2000. He has enclosed "information booklets" about me to most of my family, again, twisting the truth out of all recognition to portray


me as an immoral person. He also tells my children that I have a sinister influence over them, because they won't co-operate with them[sic].
I have attempted to make contact with PAUL, in respect of these letters, however he refuses to acknowledge my telephone calls, and I have therefore only been able to leave messages for him, asking him to refrain from sending letters.
In response to this he sent my family further letters saying I'd been abusive and threatening to him.
In 1998 PAUL began to send letters which implied my son FIAN was his biological child which I know is not true. He has bombarded me and my family with letters and [photo -struck out SMC] photocopies of birth certificates/medical information on blood grouping etc in relation to his claims . He has also written directly to my son FIAN, making no secret that he believes he his Father.
He has spoken to FIAN on the telephone and FIAN has made it quite clear to him that he doesn't want anything to do with him.
In total PAUL must have sent me and my family, literally hundreds of unwanted, unanswered letters, over a period of approximately four years. Most of the letters have been destroyed, however I do have a number of letters which I produce as exhibit SMC1, many of which are signed by him.
He has also set up a web-site [ actually now ] on which he has written "his story"


much of which refers to me and my immoral and evil behaviour and mental health problems.
In addition to this I have received silent phone calls which coincide with a letter being sent.
The caller withholds their number and never speaks, leaving it a couple of seconds before hanging up. I suspect PAUL is responsible for making the calls.
Up until now we have tried our best to ignore the situation, approximately 2 years ago we tried to report the concerns however it was explained that the law did not cater for such problems, due to the lack of physical threats.
I would now like the police to intervene as we have suffered 4 years of harassment and distress, as the recipient of many unwanted and unanswered letters. Over the years the letters have become more and more irrational and I'm worried that because he has become increasingly obsessive and irrational, I fear what he means by his comments in his letter dated 29/3/00 where he says "I will move onto the next irrevocable stage after April, 30, 2000 unless anyone can come up with any forensically admissible proof that Kelvin and Fian are related".
I do not know if he suffers from any form of mental illness however the contents and quantity of the letters leads me to feel that he "may" suffer mental health problems, which again leads me to fear what he might do next.
At present I work as a social worker


for Salisbury social services, and my boss at work has received literature from PAUL accusing me of "illegal and immoral activities" which has caused me a great deal of stress and upset at work as well as at home.
The distress PAUL has caused, not only affects me, but the whole of my family, and in particular my daughter LEAFE, and I believe that he is attempting to cause problems and distress between he[sic] and my family and in particular my husband.
signed S M Constant

Witness Statement of Stella Maria CONSTANT on 22 August, 2000
Further to my previous statement made on the 14th April 2000 I wish to add that I have been further harassed by Paul NUTTEING.
In my previous statement I explained how I have been bombarded with letters from Mr NUTTEING, the letters being sent to my family, friends, employers, contain offensive remarks about myself which [ultimato -struck out SMC] ultimately causes me to be distressed.
At the time of making the statement I requested the police visit Mr NUTTEING and "advise" him to cease his harrassment[sic] of me. I understand that Mr NUTTEING was advised about his course of conduct some time in May 2000.
At the end of May 2000, I cannot recall the exact date, I visited * , to visit a friend and whilst out for a drink bumped into Mr NUTTEING. I tried to speak with him , however he refused to talk to me, so I followed him to his home address [admission of stalking in her own police statement] in an attempt to ask him personally to refrain from harassing me. However in an attempt to raise him, banging on the window of ***, I accidentely broke a piece of glass at the * of the premises. This matter has been dealt with by * Police.
However since this incident I have received further [sic] letter causing me harrassment[sic].
 3 missing pages?

[Note there is a page break here and the narrative is discontinuous although the next page is marked page 2 the first page, in the section marked "consisting of pages" , there is the number 5 which has been struck out un-initialled and marked 2 pages of statement. Someone might miscount 6 pages as 5 but no one miscounts 2 pages as 5. This will have to be investigated using ESDA (Electro-Static Document Analysis) on the originals to establish sequencing]

Following the unfortunate incident involving the window, I voluntarily agreed to pay for the damage, which I am sorting out through my solicitor.
On the 9th August 2000, I received a letter from Mr NUTTEING, sent by recorded delivery.
This letter caused me to be upset as it infers that I am "stalking" him. A copy of this letter has also been sent to my husband, Kelvin DAWSON, my brother-in-law Andrew DAWSON as well as my boss John STODDART at Salisbury Social Services.
I produce the letter and envelope [2 words "and envelope"caretted and not initialled], dated 9/8/00 as exhibit S. M. C. 2.
On the 15th August 2000, my husband received a further letter, and computer printout from Mr NUTTEING, again causing me distress. I produce this letter as exhibit S. M. C. 3.
This on going harrassment[sic] is causing me a great deal of anxiety and distress, and I now feel that as he has refused to heed the advice[sic] given to him by * police that I would like to pursue a criminal complaint of harrassment[sic] against Paul NUTTEING.
signed S M Constant

Witness Statement of Kelvin Derrick DAWSON, civil servant, of Salisbury Date 29/9/00
I am the above named person and I reside at the address overleaf [ 4 Nelson Rd , Salisbury ] with my wife Stella CONSTANT, and our two youngest children, twin _ _ and _ DAWSON. We have two other children [Lea -struck out initialled D] Naomi Leafe DAWSON born 27/11/76 and Fian Gerald DAWSON born 27/10/78, who no longer live at home.
In approximately 1975, while I was a student in Southampton I met Paul NUTTEING who I met as a result of my social circle. I would not describe him as a friend of mine, merely someone I knew to speak with. At that time I was having a relationship with Stella CONSTANT who is now my wife.
Stella and I split up, and I became aware that Stella was seeing Paul NUTTEING. I wished to re-kindle our relationship and I believe at about that time Stella was seeing both Paul and I.
In approximately Spring 1976 Stella told me she was pregnant. At that time we'd drifted back together and were living in a bed-sit. I recall us being unsure of Leafe's paternity, however, we hoped the baby was mine and decided to treat the baby as mine and became a family.
At the time Paul NUTTEING knew about Stella's pregnancy and never once indicated that he believed he "could" be Leafe's father, so we never pursued this with him.
On the 27/11/76 Leafe was born, and I was present at the birth. The three of us lived together as a family while Leafe was a baby however we were struggling financially as I was studying for my finals and was trying to provide for us.
I recall when Leafe was a small baby, Stella moved out, and so she had no where else to go stayed with Paul NUTTEING. Leafe was approximately 7-8 months old (in 1977).
In June 1977 I sat my finals and started looking for a job and a flat. In the autumn of that year Stella and I got back together again, and moved in together into a new flat . I recall we spent that Christmas together and as a couple we were "settling down".
In the spring of 1978 Stella told me she was pregnant. I recall at that time there was no doubt in our minds that the baby was mine. We were together, and settled in a loving relationship at the time the baby (Fian) was conceived.
On the 27/10/78 Fian was born, and I was again present at the birth. Stella and I lived together with the children. We very occasionally saw Paul NUTTEING, however on the occasions we did see him he never made any comments whatsoever that he was either of the children's father.
Stella and I married on the 2?/9/80, and after moving to Winchester, settled in Salisbury in Wiltshire.
I [sic] approximately 1996, I was working away quite a lot, and when I came back from the Falklands I discovered Leafe was very distressed about the contact she'd initiated with Paul NUTTEING.
Because we never knew, 100 per cent who was Leafe's father we never discussed her paternity with her and when she found out about Paul NUTTEING she [had -struck out D] contacted him. By the time I found out about this, Paul NUTTEING had already started to send her dozens and dozens of letters. Leafe became distressed at the gravity[unclear] and content of the letters and couldn't "cope" with the situation and became extremely distressed. I recall some of the letters were distastefully explicit about Stella's promiscuity, and about her relationship with him. I was appalled by the way he had handled the situation with Leafe however at that time Stella tried to deal with the situation on her own.
I knew Stella went to visit Paul in *, at that time and tried to reason with him.
After becoming so distressed, Leafe ceased contact with Paul, who by now was accepted as probably her father. She was so determined to cease contact that she moved house and did not give Paul her forwarding address, and expressed to the rest of the family that she didn't want anything else to do with him.
I believe Leafe kept most of the letters, however I recall we[maybe she] destroyed the most upsetting of the letters.
The letters then ceased for a while. And then Paul NUTTEING started to write letters to my mother and Stella's mother. Then my brother Andrew DAWSON got a letter, and eventually one by one the letters got back to us. All the letters had an underlying bitterness, and made unpleasant comments about Stella and her promiscuity in her youth. The letters were often cryptic, i.e. he would send a birth certificate and imply from his letter that the recipient should delve{unclear] deeper into the contents of the letter.
I contacted Salisbury Police, however I was advised that, at that time there was nothing they could do, and they advised us to ignore the letters.
The letters continued and we destroyed most of them straight away.
After a while the contents of the letters suddenly started to talk about Fian, and how he believed he was Fian's father. We couldn't understand this, so we just continued to ignore them.
I personally received approximately four letters, Stella received approximately six letters, Fian received approximately six letters, and Leafe received several dozen in total.
I do not know how many letters he sent to the rest of my family, however I do know the family felt distressed by the gravity[?] and contents of the letter[sic].
He also sent letters to our neighbours and to Stella's employers at Salisbury Social Services.
The whole episode was extremely upsetting, and Paul seemed determined to "embarrass" Stella to as many of her family and friends he could contact.
We continued with our stance to ignore the letters, as the police advised us however he continued to try and provoke a response from us by the unpleasant contents of some of the letters. I know on a couple of occasions Stella telephoned him, pleading with him to cease the harrassment[sic] but that just provoked more letters.
He also published a "story" on the internet, detailing the events of Stella's life when he knew her in Southampton. He changed the names , however it was obvious to everyone who read it who the characters were.
He sent this information to our neighbours, our family and to Stella's employer.
The letters caused increasing distress to us as a family, and in particular to Leafe and Fian, and we now feel that we want the harrassment[sic] to stop.
In May 2000, Stella and I discussed reporting the incident to the police as she felt so distressed about how the constant bombardment of letters to friends and family that we decided to report the harrassment[sic] to Salisbury Police asking for Paul to be advised.
However despite this advice the letters have continued and we would now like to proceed with a formal complaint of harrassment[sic] against Paul NUTTEING.
I personally feel harrassed[sic] by Mr NUTTEINGs actions and can verify as to the upset he's caused the rest of my family.
signed K D Dawson

Witness Statement of John Barton STODDART [ 1 Shaftsbury Rd, Barford St. Martin, Wilts ], area manager, social services Date 3/10/00
I am the above named person and I currently work as area manager at Social Services in Salisbury.
One of my employees at Salisbury Social Services is Stella CONSTANT. Stella has been a social worker at Salisbury for eleven years.
In April 2000, a letter, post marked the 11/4/00 arrived at Salisbury District Council. Inside the hand-written envelope was a piece of paper stating " has the illegal and immoral activities of one of your staff called stella[sic]".
The letter was wrongly addressed and was therefore sent to County Hall, who established the only employee we have called "Stella", is Stella CONSTANT and forwarded the letter to myself at Salisbury.
I was alarmed by the note and felt I had a duty to investigate the allegations further, and therefore printed off the details off of the internet web-site and read them.
I read the web-site in company with Stella's immediate supervisor John Pook.
[ This is probably John POOK, 36 Hulse Rd, Salisbury, born 1951 Salisbury, married a Jean E. Gardner, Salisbury, 1977 ; probably died 31st Oct 2004 ]
John informed me that he was aware that Stella was being harrassed[sic] by a man in *. It was therefore obvious to us that the false name given on the web-site did in fact refer to Stella CONSTANT.
I received the letter on the 13/4/00, and the following day I spoke with Stella about the letter.
Stella was extremely angry and distressed that the letter had been sent to her employer . As a social worker, working with children and families, such comments about "illegal and immoral activities", is very worrying, and potentially damaging to her career.
Stella explained to me that she was being harrassed[sic] by a man from * called Paul NUTTEING, she told me that she had had a relationship with him a long time ago and that he had been harrassing[sic] her for some time. She told me that she had previously spoken to her immediate supervisor John Pook about the harrassment[sic], I therefore accepted that the allegations were unfounded, and for this reason I did not reply to the initial letter, as I did not wish to encourage him.
On the 30th May 2000 a second letter arrived. This time the letter was sent to our Adult Care Department by mistake prior to arriving at our office.
The recipient at the adult care team L. M. , write a letter of acknowledgement to Mr NUTTEING stating she had now forwarded the letter to myself at Salisbury Social Services.
I produce the acknowledgement letter as exhibit JBS2.
The content of the letter again related to Stella and referred to her relationship with Paul NUTTEING. The letter made reference to her son and genetic testing. I did not keep a copy of this letter.
I again raised this issue with Stella, and gave her the letter to use if she wished to pursue a complaint of harrassment[sic] with the police, or to destroy if she wished. I again accepted that she was being harrassed[sic] and took no action as far as her work was concerned.
On the 9th Aug 2000, we received a further letter at our office from Paul NUTTEING. Enclosed inside the envelope was a typed sheet entitled "Update as of 21 May 2000". And three hand-written letters dated 9/8/00 I produce [a -struck out uninitialled] these letters as exhibit JBS3.
I found these letters extremely unpleasant, and the content , and tone of the letters extremely worrying, and felt quite concerned about Stella's welfare.
I again spoke to Stella about the letters and she informed me that copies of the letters had already been sent to other members of her family and she had already read them. Stella was extremely distressed and clearly felt harrassed[sic] by Mr NUTTEINGs course of conduct directed at her.
On the 15th August, a further letter dated 15/8/00, arrived, again hand-written and directed to me. This letter [? struck out uninitialled] again referred to Stella and an incident involving a broken window in *.
I produce this letter as exhibit JBS4.
I produce the initial letter sent dated 11/4/00 as exhibit JBS1
[This letter JBS1 is a forgery, it is not one of my letters]
One of the most distressing aspects of this upsetting correspondence is that the letters have been wrongly addressed and therefore have been unnecessarily circulated to other members of staff.
I believe that the fact these letters [co-??? -struck out initialled JBS] have been sent to her employer is extremely unnecessary, and I do not welcome private correspondence about my staff. The whole incident has clearly affected Stella, who is a particularly[unclear] private member of staff and I have no doubt that she feels her career has been affected by these allegations made against her by Mr NUTTEING.
signed John B. Stoddart

Witness Statement of Fian Gerald DAWSON, student, Exeter Dated 4/11/00
[ As a point of general interest there are just 4 people in England, Wales and Scotland with Fian as their first name despite it being an oriental first name also .]
I am the above named person and I reside at the address overleaf.
I was born on the 27th October 1978 in Southampton and my parents are Stella Maria CONSTANT and Kelvin Derrick DAWSON. I have one sister Naomi Leafe DAWSON (23 years old) and twin _ _ and _ DAWSON _ years. The family reside in Salisbury.
I recall that some time in 1997, when I would have been 18-19 years old, I became cross with my parents for always opening my mail. They gave their excuses but this did annoy me at the time.
In February 1998 my sister, who the family call "Leafe", sat me down on my own one day, and informed me that she was in fact my "half sister", and her father was a man from * called Paul NUTTEING Leafe told me that he'd bombarded her with dozens of letters, and she had ceased contact with him because from the letters he appeared to have an unstable[unclear] personality and had started to write unpleasant venomous comments about our mother Stella CONSTANT.
Leafe explained that the reason my parents were opening my post was because Paul NUTTEING was trying to contact me, claiming "he" was my father.
Leafe told me that because I was sitting my "A" levels at the time and planning a trip to India, they believed it was in my best interest to protect me from any contact with Paul NUTTEING. I wholeheartedly agreed with this decision.
During my conversation Leafe showed me a pile of letters that Paul NUTTEING had sent to her, and I read some of the letters. In particular I recall reading excerpts which referred to me.
I found the content of the letters very distressing as they contained references to our mother and talked about her life at university in Southampton .
After our long chat, I then went and spoke to my parents Stella CONSTANT and Kelvin DAWSON. My parents assured me that they felt sure I was their biological son, and agreed that now I was fully aware of the situation I should deal with the letters [? -struck out FGD] myself. My parents stated that they would support my decisions about Paul NUTTEING, whatever they were, and would support me if I wished to reply to any of his letters, or meet Paul NUTTEING.
Having now read a quantity of the letters, and spoken to my family, I made the decision that I had no intention of replying to any of the letters, or meeting Paul NUTTEING to discuss his claims of paternity.
After this conversation I went to India for six months, and then a month after I returned went off to university. I did not receive any mail while I was travelling, however on my return my parents gave me some letters sent to me by Paul NUTTEING.
Most of the letters were briefly read, and then ripped up by me. I found the content and unpleasant comments about my mother upsetting and had no intention of replying to any of the letters. I believe I received approximately ten letters.
On one occasion I received a "coded" letter, where Paul NUTTEING he[unclear] was moving on to the next phase and "going public". I found this letter quite disturbing so I decided to telephone him and for once "air my views" not his. [transcript of this call at end of the file].
I was quite reasonable with him on the telephone, explaining that I didn't want any contact with him, and I did not appreciate him sending so many letters.
I informed him I was now an adult and my paternity was my business not his. I believed my parents when they told me I was their son, and I accepted[unclear] that I told him under no circumstances {? -struck out FGD] would taking a "blood test" to positively prove my paternity would change the fact. I wanted nothing to do with someone who had caused so much distress to my family.
After airing my views to Paul NUTTEING on the telephone and informing him I did not want any contact with him, he continued to write me letters. I found this quite distressing as I believed any reasonable person would respect my wishes and leave our family in peace.
He appeared to have an "obsessive" personality, and continued to persist in bombarding me and my family with letters. I know he sent letters to my extended family and also to my neighbours.
This really upset us as a family particularly my mother. We supported each other as a family through this distressing time just hoping he would leave us all alone.
Whilst living away at university I was informed that Paul NUTTEING was trying to find "where" I was staying at university. I believe one letter sent to my parents had my "A" level results in it, and made reference to me doing a law degree. None of this information should have been known to him. There was also a reference to him trying to trace me at the "wrong" university and getting into an argument with someone about where I was studying.
[I had caught out Professor C. G. J Morse, Head of the School of Law, King's College London. In written "cross-examination" of him he had stated the Cable and Wireless phone system in their college could not extract the CLI (1471) line identification off my phone line. Also how did Fian Dawson know about this particular business I had never said anything to any of the Dawson / Constant clan about this business. ]
As a result of this I feared he might try and trace me so my credit cards etc, I therefore had to have all my post sent to my parents house in Salisbury which was really inconvenient , and I had to be guarded about "who" I gave my university address to.
In total I believe from the time I discovered Paul NUTTEING was trying to contact me, I have received approximately ten unwanted, unsolicited letters. I always informed my parents if I received a letter from Paul NUTTEING, so withholding the unpleasant comments about my mother suffering from a "multiple personality disorder", being an "evil bitch" and doubt over paternity claims etc always got back to my mother causing her more distress .
I personally find it unbelievable that one person can cause a family so much upset and distress, and I was keen for my parents to involve the police at an early stage of the harrassment[sic] however my mother is a very forgiving character and did not want to upset him by having him pressured however my family now feel unless formal actions[sic] is taken against Paul NUTTEING he will never stop harrassing[sic] us as a family and in particular my mother Stella CONSTANT.
I have not "personally" kept any of the letters sent to me . The letters sent to me were either destroyed or retained by my parents.
signed F G Dawson

Witness Statement by Naomi Leafe Marie DAWSON , letting manager, London [also uses the Naomi CONSTANT ] Date of Statement 4/11/00
I am Naomi Leafe Marie DAWSON and was born on the 27th November 1976, in Southampton.
At the time that I was born my mother Stella Maria CONSTANT was having an on/off relationship with my "dad" Kelvin DAWSON and my biological father Paul NUTTEING, and after I was born my mother and Kelvin DAWSON brought me up, and as a child I had no idea there was any doubts in my ancestry.
I [? -struck out, initialled ND] recall when I was eighteen years old I got into an argument with my dad, Kelvin DAWSON. I was being a "normal" stroppy teenager and making general heated comments during the argument. My mum assumed from things I'd mentioned that I knew that Kelvin wasn't my biological father, but this was not the case. Therefore after the argument mum made a comment about Kelvin not being my natural[sic]. I was really shocked as I had no idea. I recall walking out of the house, and trying to work out in my head what she was telling me.
Mum was very upset at the time and told me that whilst a student in Southampton she was having an on/off relationship with both Paul NUTTEING and Kelvin DAWSON. She told me she fell pregnant in an unplanned situation and believed Paul was the biological father. She told me after falling pregnant she realised it was Kelvin who she loved and they chose to bring me up, treating Kelvin as my father.
I was really confused and upset, and on the one hand I wanted to meet him and get in contact , and on the other hand I didn't want to upset my parents. I have a very good relationship with my parents, and we've always been close as a family. Kelvin never treated me any different to my siblings and often quite the contrary and I often felt I was favourite.
On my return from "storming out" I saw my mum hang up the telephone, I was suspicious because it was late. After she'd left the room I [did -struck out ND] dialled[caretted] 1471 and noted the number had a _ code. I suspected my mum had been speaking to Paul. I looked in my mum's telephone book and noted down Paul's telephone number - I never told mum or dad that I had done this.
[The above is a load of tosh, surprisingly, her mother's statement about "at that time I do not believe he knew where we were living" is the true version. I first knew of their address 22 Oct 1996, their telephone number 5 Nov 1996 and the first contact of Leafe to myself on 8 Sep 1996, not Easter as stated in the following. Somewhere in this fabrication and all their statements is a deliberate disguise about "Michael" being Leafe's informant about me]
I don't recall discussing any "contact" with Paul at this time, [? -struck out ND] however both mum and dad we, re being very supportive and I didn't feel under any pressure not to contact him, I just didn't want to upset their feelings, particularly my dads.
I recall going back to university after this "bombshell" had been dropped couldn't stop thinking about my biological father, and curiosity got the better of me. I returned home to my parents in Salisbury for the [summer -struck out ND] Easter holidays and it was at this time I plucked up the courage to ring Paul NUTTEING for the first time. I called him and told him who I was, and he "hung-up". I called back and again said who I was, and he said he'd been expecting me to call. He sounded very nice and we chatted and exchanged telephone numbers and addresses. I decided not to tell my parents about contacting Paul as I didn't want to upset them.
Paul and I began to correspond, and all the letters were pleasant and informative, so we were both keen to find out information about each other. I wrote to Paul on about two or three occasions but generally contacted him by telephone speaking approximately twice a week initially.
I continued to receive lots of letters and at first I was pleased Paul was taking an interest in me, however as time went on the letters became more and more ?[unclear] to the point that I was receiving letters every day sometimes 2 or 3 letters in one day. The letters became "rambling" and started to include references to his relationship, sexually with mum and started to include unpleasant references to my mum. I felt he was trying to turn me against her.
The letters were all hand-written and posted direct to me.
A few weeks after we'd started our contact, I phoned him and arranged to meet him in *.
I still hadn't informed my family, so they had no idea what was going on. I met him, we chatted and he drove me home to his house. I was really shocked by what I saw. He appeared to be living a very "insular" existence in a tumble down house, * * *. His appearance was dishevilled, with scruffy clothes and * *. I immediately felt sorry for him, and my feelings towards him were more of pity than anything else.
After the meeting, the letters continued until I felt I couldn't cope with the gravity[unclear] and contents, as they seemed to be becoming more "disturbed". I confided with a close friend at university, and asked her to read the letters which she did. She immediately told me I must tell my parents as the situation was too much for me to cope with alone.
I telephone my mum, I was extremely distressed and told her everything, and how I couldn't cope with the letters he was writing to me. Mum was great, she wasn't at all cross with me and was very supportive. Mum offered to go and speak with Paul on my behalf and try to ask him to [be m -struck out ND ] behave more appropriately towards me. I believe mum visited him in * and he seemed to take on board what mum had said to him.
On my next visit home from university I brought the letters back and showed them to my mum. The letters however continued and out of the blue he suddenly started to refer to Fian and claiming he was Fian's father. I ?[unclear] mum again and she said this was not the case but he started to become obsessive about Fian and wrote me a number of letters claiming paternity.
He was always telling me, that he was "saving everybody", and wanted "the truth" to be made public. He became more and more unpleasant and I really became quite distressed by the content of the letters.
On numerous occasions I pleaded with Paul not to "tell" everyone about him being my father as I felt it was a private matter between him and me, and didn't want everyone in particular my extended family to know. He always seemed to have a plausible explanation for "telling" and "saving" everybody, but he didn't seem to care how much this would upset me. I soon became aware of his motives, to cause as much distress to my mother as he possibly could.
At this time my brother Fian was totally unaware of anything to do with Paul NUTTEING and never even knew of his existence. We had decided to protect Fian from what was going on, however as the letters continued, I decided I should tell Fian the truth.
I told Fian everything in 1998 before he went off to India. He appeared quite calm and seemed to take it all in. I can't remember discussing any contact with Paul, other than I advised him how he'd behaved towards me and wanted him to be cautious. Fian made no comments to me about my advice to contact Paul. My parents were aware of all that I'd told Fian, and again were very supportive to us.
When I was about twenty years old, I decided I didn't want any further contact with Paul as I found his obsessive behaviour towards me and my family too distressing. I told him I didn't want any further contact with him and moved away giving him no idea where I was going to live.
I made sure I couldn't be traced and made sure I wasn't on the electoral role[sic]. Fortunately Paul never managed to trace me. However I did still received[sic] some letters at my parents home in Salisbury.
I find it quite disgusting at the
lengths he seems to go to track me
down, writing to every hotel in Leicester
to find where I was working and finding out
my "credit history" to try to locate me.
I feel that if there is no formal
proceedings ordering Paul NUTTEING to stop
harrassing[sic] me and my family the harrassment[sic] will continue indefinitely. I do not want any further contact with Paul, and I feel his behaviour towards me was totally inappropriate.
After ceasing all contact with Paul, in 1998, Paul started to bombard my family with letters. He decided against my wishes to tell everyone about my paternity and wrote letters to my family, my extended family, neighbours, mum's friends and her place of employment. My mum also told me Paul had set up an internet web-site. I did not see the letters sent, but I did discuss them with my mum and she was very distressed by the whole episode.
My mum is a very quiet natured woman, and I know that the unwanted letters which were filtering back to her were causing her a great deal of harrassmnt[sic] and distress.
I have kept most of the letters, some of which I threw away and destroyed. The letters I kept dated from 1996 to 1998, all hand-written by Paul NUTTEING I produce as exhibit NLMD1.
signed N L Dawson

Witness Statement by Honoria Eileen CONSTANT, retired Date 30/9/00
I am the above named person and I reside at the address overleaf [ Mrs H E Constant of 6 Elliot Green, Winterbourne Gunner, Wilts].
I have four daughters , Stella CONSTANT, A. W , N. E, and G. R.
[ Two of these anonymised three could have joined in the conspiracy as they received the same letter from me. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were honourable no to. In acknowledgement of this I am honourable enough not to print their names here. There were not blacked out in the witness statement of Mrs H E Constant ] My eldest daughter Stella has four children , Leafe, Fian, _ and _. Stella lives with her husband Kelvin in Salisbury.
Approximately three or four years ago I cannot recall the exact [? -struck out HEC] date I received a hand-written letter from "Paul NUTTEING". I had no idea who this man was but it was clear from the content of the letter that he referred to Stella's past and I found the unpleasant contents very upsetting. I ripped up the letter and put it in the bin without mentioning anything to Stella .
After I'd received this letter, I received a telephone call from Stella asking if I'd received any strange letters. I told her I had and had ripped it up. She told me other letters had been circulated about her.
After this first letter, I remember a further six or seven, hand-written letters all personally addressed to me. All written by one Paul NUTTEING. To my knowledge I have never met the man and he has no reason to contact me or have my address.
On receipt of the additional letters I immediately recognised the handwriting and as I did not wish to be upset again by the contents I put the letters straight onto the fire without reading them.
On a few of the occasions I received letters I told Stella that I'd received them.
Stella was extremely upset about all the letters being circulated about her, and we all felt as a family very harrassed[sic] by this man who persisted in his letter writing.
I did not reply to any of the letters, as I did not know this man and did not wish to correspond with someone who had caused so much upset to our family.
All the letters were unwanted, and I believe that the only intentions he could have had , were to upset us all as a family and in particular Stella.
I received the most recent letter some time earlier this year.
signed H. E. Constant

Witness statement of Pauline DAWSON, retired Date 30/9/00
I am the above named person and I reside at the address overleaf [ , Mrs P Dawson of 7 Maple Croft, Ridings Mead, Salisbury ].
I have two sons, Kelvin DAWSON and Andrew DAWSON who both reside in Salisbury.
Kelvin is married to Stella CONSTANT and they have four children Leafe, Fian, _ and _.
Approximately two to three years ago I received a hand-written letter from "Paul NUTTEING". I have no idea who this man is and I've never met him before. I read the letter and found the contents very upsetting. The letter referred to Stella's past and I was quite disgusted about the lies he was saying about Stella. I decided not to tell Stella or Kelvin about the letter and put it away in a drawer.
Kelvin telephoned me after I'd received the letter and asked me if I'd received any "unusual letters". I said I had and gave him the letter.
I then received a further two or three letters, again which I read and I again found the contents extremely distressing.
I know that the circulation of these letters about Stella, have caused her and her family a great deal of distress. The whole family feel hrrassed[sic] by his persistent letter writing, and I personally feel in fear as a result of his actions.
All the letters were unwanted, and I never replied to any of the letters as I did not wish to correspond with this man who had caused our family so much upset.
I have never given this man my address, and I do not[caretted and initialled PD] wish to have any contact with this man.
The most recent letter from Mr NUTTEING, was a post card which arrived during the summer of 2000.
signed P. Dawson

Witness Statement of Andrew David DAWSON, retail manager Dated 30/9/00
I am the above named person and I reside at the address overleaf [ Mr A Dawson of 21 Wordsworth Rd, Salisbury ].
I had one brother, Kelvin Derrick DAWSON, who also resides in Salisbury. Kelvin is married to Stella CONSTANT, and they have four children, Leafe, Fian, _ and _.
Approximately two, to two and a half years ago, in approximately 1997-1998, I received a hand written letter from a man called "Paul NUTTEING". I read the letter and immediately realised the letter concerned my sister in law Stella CONSTANT. The content was quite disturbing, and I immediately contacted my brother Kelvin and gave him the letters[sic].
I have never met Paul NUTTEING. I have never given him my address and he had no reason whatsoever to write to me.
In total I received approximately six or seven letters, all personally addressed to me, and all with similar upsetting contents.
I always informed my brother of the letters and always gave them to him. I know that Stella was very distressed by the fact letters were being circulated about her, and the whole episode has caused the whole family a lot of upset.
I did not reply to any of the letters, as I did not even know who this man was, and had no intentions of being involved. Kelvin advised me at some point to ignore the letters and destroyed them.
On one occasion I received a typed booklet. The story in the booklet gave false names however it was clear to anyone who knows Stella that the story referred to her. On another occasion I received coloured photographs of Stella with with[sic] the[caretted -un-initialled] man. I found this letter the most upsetting.
[This is the photo reproduced below showing myself with SM Constant and her daughter taken on 04 June 1978. No wonder he found it upsetting as he is not related to NL Dawson or FG Dawson despite what the surnames would suggest]
I produce the letters sent to me as exhibit ADD 1.
I find it quite disgusting that a complete stranger to me can repeatedly send me unwanted letters, with distressing contents, and cause unimaginable distress to the whole of my family. At one point I moved house, and the letters briefly stopped, however they soon continued again at my new address. I found this quite upsetting that someone was determined to track down my new address without my permission.
signed A. D. DAWSON

Witness Statement by Paul NUTTEING made at * police station at 08. 30 on 29th May, 2000 to the same WPC who had warned me concerning 1997 Protection from Harassment Act only 10 days earlier on the 19 may, 2000 so was fully aware of the position I was in.
Local police will not release a copy of the following statement so I have to rely on a near contemporaneous version made about 11. 00 on 29th May, 2000.

On 27th May, 2000 I was at Dolphin Pub. About 22. 00 Stella CONSTANT and Christina GARMAN [married name Edwards] arrive. About 22. 45 Stella came over to me and I said loudly (deliberately to be witnessed by independent people nearby, but not shouting "Go to the other end of the pub". She did not, so I went to the toilet. She was sitting on my seat on my return talking to I. H. So I picked up my glass and went to another table, talking to D. J. and A. J. Stella came over again and I said "Put anything in writing" and went to the other end of the pub. I quickly finished the rest of my pint, asked B. (a pub acquaintance) to get my coat from the other end of the pub and I left about 23. 05.
I went home to bed. About 23. 50-23. 55 there was a rattling of the letterbox, not excessively loudly. I crept downstairs without putting on the light. The noise from outside my door attracted the attention of the next-door neighbour B. Hack. Mr Hack told the woman outside that "I am probably still down the pub". The woman replied "Paul left the pub before I did", at this point I recognised the voice of Stella CONSTANT and the silouette from the street light casting a shadow on the glass panel of the front door. Stella CONSTANT then wandered off down the road.
Stella CONSTANT returned (about 2 minutes before my first 999 call). She started kicking the front door and trying to open the lock with her keys or something. The glass panel meant I had a reasonable view of what she was up to as I again had crept downstairs with no interior light on. The noise of her kicking is probably recorded on the 999 tape record of all 999 calls. Mr B. Hack came out again and said he would phone the police. Stella CONSTANT, as I recognised her voice again said "The man here has been sending me poison pen letters". Mr B. HACK then had a complete change of attitude going by his change of voice. [
I know he must have , coincidentely, received poison pen letters as I accidently intercepted one delivered to my address by mistake. Only a 30 second conversation with this evil bitch is enough to corrupt someone]
Mr HACK became helpful and said "Paul might be around * "giving her the exact address. L. H. a near neighbour to these premises phoned me about a large window just being smashed. I immediately phoned 999 for the second time as I was still waiting for police attendance. At 00. 38 L. H phoned again because I had not turned up. I dialled 999 for the third time to say I was going round to * to board-up because of the excessive rain and wind that night. At that time I estimated the cost of replacing a 10 ft by 6 ft by 8 mm thick plate-glass window to be £500 [later revised upwards]. I did not give permission for anyone to interfere with the window [standard police speak in these circumstances] signed P. Nutteing
[I later learned from another near neighbour _ _ at _ __ that she had gone out in the rain and witnessed Stella CONSTANT kicking in the window in a very specific manner ****. This neighbour then pointedly asked Stella CONSTANT whether she had just broken the window and Stella Constant replied "yes" she then wandered off down the road. The neighbour phoned the police and then 3 weeks later made a statement about these events also not released as a copy by local police to me . The WPC did not believe me when I said the offender was a social worker. ]
 Criminal Damage
Half of this window showing the portion patched with perspex until compensation came from this evil woman. The rest of the window was cracked so braced-up, a metre rule is laid between the two red circles. This glass weighed 130 Kg or 2 1/2 hundredweight or about twice the weight of the criminal herself. Following is a copy of the 500 pound settlement cheque for smashing this window signed by K D Dawson the husband of this grade one nutter.  settlement cheque
Someone should have told her the Sicilian proverb: "Revenge is a dish best served cold". The window was kicked with such violence that all the broken glass was on the outside without a single tiny piece inside. Make sure you never put yourself in the position of being on the receiving end of this woman's feet in the early hours of the morning or your head or body could end up looking like this window.

Proper Evidence

Other Evidence From the archives of Southampton Council Register of Electors for 16 Feb 1978 to 16 Feb 1979 showing the names Stella CONSTANT and Paul NUTTEING living at the same address of 200 Empress Rd, Southampton.

From Bugle Street Registry Office, Southampton, two birth certificates:
Naomi Leafe-Marie DAWSON born 27 Nov 1976, mother- Stella Maria CONSTANT and father-Kelvin Derrick DAWSON registered on 21 Dec 1976

Fian Gerald DAWSON born 27 OCT 1978- mother Stella Maria CONSTANT and father blank, registered on 28 November 1978
 BC of F G Dawson
Copy of the birth certificate of Fian Gerald DAWSON

Copy of the Salisbury Journal (weekly newspaper) 02 Dec 1999 page 63 a public notice
"Would anyone knowing how the son of Stella Constant known as Fian Dawson can be related to Kelvin Dawson , all of Salisbury, please contact Paul Nutteing ... [postal address] .. "

Copy of Southern Evening Echo (regional daily) March 07, 1984 - Top of front page.
 Echo cutting
Title - Machete husband is overpowered.
Police laid siege to a country cottage near Salisbury after a middle-aged man went bezerk with a sword and a machete.
After climbing in through an upstairs window, officers managed to disarm and overpower the man and the drama ended without injury.
The alarm was raised shortly after midnight yesterday when the man's wife made a 999 call to the police claiming her husband had "gone mad" at their home [Heron Wood] in Middle Woodford.
Two police officers reached the scene to find that the woman and another couple had fled the house but the man , aged 59, had locked himself in wielding the sword and machete.
Police reinforcements were called in , and after surrounding the property and gaining access through a window, they ended the siege with a broken pane of glass the only casualty.
The man was taken for treatment at hospital [ The Manor] under the Mental Health Act.
His identity was not revealed.
A police spokesman said "It is most unlikely that any charges will be preferred.

The same story is reported on the front page of the Salisbury Journal of 08 March 1984 titled "Police Seize Armed Man"
[ The man referred to was the Father of S. M. Constant a Michael Ellis CONSTANT, this information came courtesy of Christina Garman (now Edwards), note the time of this event as shortly after midnight the same time of psychiatric excursions of the daughter. ]
Their divorce soon followed this event
 Divorce of M E Constant and H E Constant
Decree Nisi Absolute of Michael Ellis Constant and Honoria Eileen Constant , May 12, 1986

I managed to trace someone who lived with us in the mid 1970s. I specifically asked him if he could remember any psychiatrically significant events or bizarre night time activities concerning the behaviour of S. M. Constant and whether he remembered an incident of a stabbing of a certain named person, not leading him any more than that.
This is his reply dated 25th August 1999.
How nice to hear from you after all these years. I am sorry that your contacting me has been prompted by obviously less than happier circumstances. I am writing this by return, I am going to France tomorrow. After time to think it through I may be able to supply more accurate information. Much time has gone by and memories of those years in Soton have not been revisited in a long while. We may have to enter some sort of dialogue in order to tease out the information that you want, realising differences between want and wish to hear and probably not really wanting to hear any of it.
I shall start simply. I remember Stella, first met in the Onslow, me, you, perhaps Richard [pigshit], then Stella and her boy friend (nameless in my memory but slightly tubby with a very wispy beard and a Morris Minor). They had both started at the teacher training college on the Avenue (LSU?). She had dropped out, he had not. He was her boyfriend since secondary school and from his permanently pained expression, her protector. She was strikingly attractive, petite, elfin faced with deep dark eyes but poor teeth . Over the next year or so the couple often joined us socially in the various pubs that we drank in.
My relationship with Stella was not that good. I remember one night I had been to a party, glass had entered my shoe and cut my foot. As I was cleaning my injury in my room the couple entered, they were obviously upset. He did most of the talking.
The problem seemed to be that she thought I didn't like her. I seem to remember this was resolved with the agreement that though we would never be close, there was never any previous, intentional animosity on my part and that I would never cause her harm physically, mentally or verbally. This may be a sign of unbalanced behaviour, certainly this is the only time I ever experienced this sort of scenario. I thought little of matter at the time. I, making this clear to them as well, was more interested in cleaning the glass from my foot.
This incident may have happened at 200 Empress Rd, I am sure it did. It may have been after she * , my memory of its geography and timing is vague.
Now the incident that I remember that interests you is as I described it to you all those years ago. At the time you and Stella were in your relationship, I remember that I tried to remain uninvolved with it, let you get on with it as you both seemed to protect your privacy, a difficult thing to do in a shared house. Neither of you discussed your relationship apart from the occasional word, perhaps to explain things. It was all a bit of a mystery to me. One night yes about 2. 00 am perhaps. Stella came into my room and climbed into my bed even before I was awake, the touch of her hand on the back of my neck woke me. She was upset and wanted comforting. Due to your relationship I did not comfort her and due to her lack of personal hygiene she was told to leave very quickly. This she did. I do not remember where she went after she left me. I have a feeling that she rejoined you because I vaguely remember an argument. I know that the next morning you questioned me about Stella's movements and I am sure I told you what happened as I have described it above. I think I knew, we all knew, that she was pregnant at that time. I remember one other incident after that. Perhaps it was when I took time off work because of 'flu. I had disappeared, thought to have gone off with friends from the shebbeen, but in fact ill in my room for 2-3 days. I got up, eventually, one afternoon to go out and phone work and found Stella talking to a man *. She said he was an old friend or even a previous landlord of hers. I seem to get the feeling that he was a regular visitor. This occurred well into her pregnancy, as she was quite big by then.
I do not have any recollection of a stabbing incident. Though it does seem to ring a bell. Again the name _ _ seems familiar. However I cannot link it to anybody.
Well that's it. I think you knew all this anyway. I am still working on the exact date I left Soton. At the moment as far as I can work it out it was towards the end of July 1976. I am sorry that you have been trying to phone but I was busy with our _ _ _. However the BT Call Minder does work like an answer phone, so I was aware of someone trying to contact me. I am going to leave this letter now but over the next few days I will be thinking and trying to remember more details. If you want more information then we may have to enter a dialogue in order to jog our memories. It may even be nice to exchange news at a later date. Call me if you like after Monday next week. Best Wishes _ _

Four letters constituting a round robin with name, address, signature and dates 20 to 22 Aug 2000 with the same minimalist statement :- "Dear Mr Nutteing, Please do not send me any more letters to me. " signed _ From Mr K D Dawson of 4 Nelson Rd, Salisbury, Mrs P Dawson of 7 Maple Croft, Ridings Mead, Salisbury, Mr A Dawson of 21 Wordsworth Rd, Salisbury and Mrs H E Constant of 6 Elliot Green, Winterbourne Gunner, Wilts

Forensic Photographic Evidence of Perjury

Three dated pieces of photographic evidence to show that myself, Stella CONSTANT and Leafe were living together as a family between June 1977 and June 1978. These photos are dated 9 July 1977 showing when we went to Surrey for my sister's wedding. Second photo February 1978, when she had just conceived Fian, this photo taken by me shows the now ex-friend of Stella Constant with her 9 month old son with Stella Constant and Leafe all sitting in the front room at home in Empress Rd, Southampton. This ex-friend , Janice S. Conroy will not date this photo more precisely, her husband even gave me a completely bogus date so I had to get a copy of the birth certificate of her son for dating purposes. I assume precisely because she has broken off a 20 year friendship with S M Constant she is not on speaking terms with me either. This photo is negative number 1 on the contact sheet reprinted a bit further down this file.
 Feb 1978
She had arrived on a Saturday morning about 8 to 8. 30 am by public transport from her New Forest home requiring 2 changes of bus. There must have been some extra special reason for this journey at this time of morning but she has totally clammed-up. I don't remember her visiting on any other occasion. Dating of this photo was an interesting exercise. The above image is cropped down a bit and could so easily have shown a dateable newspaper in the domestic clutter in this photo or the others on the same strip of negatives but nothing useful. Nothing on the photo wallet either.
There are 3 pieces of indisputable evidence the (younger) boy was born 05 May 1977 and the (older) girl Leafe was born 27 Nov 1976. The third piece of all things is from my garden shed. There is a cushion from the sofa in this picture I sometimes use as a kneeler. The repeat pattern on the covering is such that 10 stripes cover 240 mm. The complete negative / print shows more of the sofa than in the above image. Taking into account that the girl is nearer the camera, level with the front of the sofa , and the boy set back about half way to the back of the sofa. Measuring the sitting height of body and head and multiplying by 1.79 (from anthropometric chart for sitting heights/ages and 5 per cent allowance for slouched attitude ) to give full body height and scaling for the front of the sofa , gives a height of 785 mm. From standard growth chart for the average girl , height versus age , equates to 16 months. For the boy measuring and scaling gives height of 725 mm. Again for average growth chart for boys corresponds to an age of 9 months. So adding to birth dates gives a dating of the photo to Feb / March 1978. Fian was conceived February 1978.
I know a child health worker and she agreed to put ages to the kids in the picture. Her professional opinion is the younger boy is between 8 and 10 months. He is sitting unsupported which is according to her a developmental benchmark achieved by the age of 6 months in normal circumstances. The older girl she assessed as between 1 year and 18 months.
Then in March 2002 I re-looked at these photos under a strong magnifier. In part of the toys and domestic clutter at 200 Empress Rd there looked like a bit of a newspaper laying sideways-on behind an open lattice (1970s ?) shopping bag that I had not noticed before.
From negative numbered 5 on the contact sheet reprinted further down
 Leafe  a  Leafe b
Then this part of the image magnified.
 Leaf c
Then this area of text enlarged and rotated 100 degrees next to a copy from an archive microfilm version of the Southern Echo of Monday, 27 Feb, 1978
 Echo Newspaper Feb 27, 1978  Enlarged text
I have now got a professional full-tone photographic magnified print of this area , about x12 linear or in area terms about 150 times the original size. I have not corrected for the skew or aspect change due to the original newspaper lying on a slant. Also note the shadow of the white lattice work of the shopping bag onto the newspaper and wall behind. Note the discontinuity of the shadow due to the newspaper flopping over. How anyone could fabricate such an evidential photo right on the limits of the grain of the film would be quite a feat for even the CIA or MI6 etc.
Ainsleys Darkroom For individual attention in photographic processing and advice by someone who has been doing dark room work for perhaps 30 years .

This is from genuine of the time negative. Forensically it is Kodacolor II film which was only manufactured 1973 to 1984 the code number along the edge means it was manufactured 1977. For more technical information regarding dating of old negatives go to the Usenet archives (Google groups etc) for group and keyword "nutteing". Amazingly just because of the colour caste of the film itself when placed on a lightbox Ainsley could say from just looking at these negatives that they were from the mid to late 70s. No chance of this being computer manipulated imagery copy transferred to 35 mm negative apart from the technical difficulty of overlaying the shadow of the shopping basket over the upper part of the curved newspaper. In 20 years time how will people be able to do the equivalent when there is only digital cameras with no negatives with any amount of possibility for manipulation of material. This enlarged image shows the readable text caption with the ascenders G, h and d of Greyhound then the dot on the I and decender g of racing (marked above C), the stars marked below each S in clear areas, the edge of paper marked E , the white area between paragraphs marked W and the distinctive line of 3 words above the mark 3 - two long words either side of a central short word "Sandown and Shanklin". It was very rare for this "Greyhound racing " caption to appear at the right hand edge of the sheet and a pair of "star" dividers near this caption were only used on this one issue of "the Echo" , checking all editions from 2 months before this Monday, 27 Feb 1978 edition to 3 months after except the 3 column version on 09 January. Taking measurements on the archive paper and the enlarged section of negative. Taking as a unit of measurement the distance between the top of the black caption and the star in the first column. Then in the second column the length from black bar to the inter-paragraph white bar is 71 per cent in both cases and distance from the black bar to the second star is 135 per cent in both cases. And now for the doubting thomases the only 3 possible editions of the Echo for the 2 months from 01 Feb 1978 to 31 Mar 1978 where the "Greyhound racing" caption appeared on the right hand edge reprinted here blurred deliberately for better comparison of pattern rather than text.
Having to read the local sports results of a quarter of a century ago; the things you end up doing to fight corruption so that those charged with perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice can't wriggle out of it. More of the only such images for 1978 with "Greyhound racing" at the edge this time covering all issues of the months January and April. There is no point in checking any further in the Echo archive (before January or after April) because of the ages of the children shown in the negative of S M Constant with Janice Conroy (negative 1 on the contact sheet below). The first has the caption over 3 columns and a different type-face
 Comparison 2
I think I have found a new vocation as Forensic Evidence Investigator. This is fully forensically admissible evidence that Stella Maria CONSTANT and Kelvin Derrick DAWSON committed perjury in their statements to police so I don't have to use the weasel word "allege" when referring to it. This photo of Leafe could not have been taken before 27 Feb 1978. It is negative number 5 on the strip of negatives. The picture of Jan and S M CONSTANT shown above is negative number 1 on the following contact print (first image numbered 0) so probably the Saturday before i.e. 25 Feb 1978.
 Contact Prints
The complete series of photos shows toys all over the place and distinctive heavy play pen so the mother cannot plead the case that she only happened to be visiting 200 Empress Rd when I took these photos. She was clearly still living with me after 27 Feb 1978. Her son was conceived late January to early February as she had a normal full term pregnancy to birth on 26 October 1978.

Fourth photo dated 04 June 1978 when S M CONSTANT was four months pregnant with Fian.
 04 June 1978
This was taken in Surrey when me, Stella and daughter went up for my mother's sixtieth birthday 4 June 1978. Another picture on the same strip of negatives shows my cousin's daughter who was born 18th April 1978. Only the second time my mother met her granddaughter. We slept in the spare room together at my mother's house . If I remember rightly Stella had started to move out some things the week before this weekend in Surrey.
A combination of photograph and testimony from a third party. The photo taken by this independent person shows KD Dawson and SM Constant in an unusual context. The testimony is the important matter as the person can place this unusual circumstance with the situation that I was looking after Leafe for the day and SM Constant was otherwise still living with me. The date of this event was after 07 April 1978. So to sum up Stella Maria CONSTANT was living with me from about June 1977 to the first week of June 1978.

Affidavits from Independent Witnesses

In a similar vein 6 affidavits from independent persons not family members or friends:-
I can confirm that I was living with my former partner in the room adjoining Stella and Kelvin's room at 4 - 6 Denzil Avenue, Southampton, until the winter of 1977/78 and that I continued to socialise with them after I moved to Portswood. At the time I was living there, I was aware of your relationship with Stella and I recall that the paternity of Leafe and Fian was in some doubt. I can only state the truth as I recollect it. That there was widespread speculation that you were their father. signed _
In reply to your letter of 11th Sept, 2000, I can confirm that Stella CONSTANT was living with you at Empress Rd in the early part of 1978. signed _
I knew Stella CONSTANT during the last years of the 1970s. I was aware that during that time she had a relationship with both yourself and Kelvin, her boyfriend of some time. I have also visited her while she was living in your house in Empress Rd and a flat she shared in Portswood after the birth of her son. All these events happened so long ago that I do not remember specific conversations that I had with Stella but I have been left with the enduring impression that you were the father of both of her children. I hope the problems you are having with Stella are resolved soon. signed _

Before requesting the following affidavit I had to establish whether he remembered enough of our conversation without leading him as to when or the subjects covered.
Affidavit of _ _ _, team leader, social worker, _ social services Dated 24th October 2000 I have known Paul NUTTEING since the 1970s. Over this time I have seen him occasionally at times when people we both know have been present or on rare chance meetings. On an occasion some time between one and three years ago [actually 3 Oct 1999 as I recorded his home phone number in my diary on that date] I ran into Paul in the Safeway supermarket in _ _. He asked me for advice in relation to a personal difficulty he was experiencing. He told me that he knew I was a social worker and that his difficulty was with a social worker who worked in Salisbury. He told me that the difficulty related to him being harassed by the social worker with whom he had previously had a close relationship. Paul did not tell me her name and has not done so since that time. He told me that the difficulty followed a paternity issue. I told Paul something about the way that Social Services Departments work in general. However, I was unable to tell him any details about Social Services in Salisbury because I am unfamiliar with that organisation.
signed _
[He allayed my concerns about how the social services would deal with a rogue social worker.
I asked him how Social Services managers would deal with an employee who divulged details of a serious social work enquiry before the details had been made public. More generally he said there were enough checks and balances, in particular, all major decisions had to go before a senior line manager. I did not send a letter of concern to Wiltshire Social Services at that time October 1999 because of this conversation. But after the "Kristallnacht" window smashing event, I had to contact Social Services, Wiltshire about this woman]

An affidavit from a pub acquaintance concerning the stalking behaviour of Stella Constant on 28th May, 2000 (Kristalnacht)
November 23, 2000 [I requested an affidavit 6 months after the event without leading him in enquiry as to his recollections before his writing of what he remembered]
On the night in question I was drinking in the Dolphin _ _ by _ _ _. As to the essential happenings of that evening, or the order in which they unravelled I am somewhat hazy, but what does stick is the embarrassment sustained.
As I remember I was drinking with Paul NUTTEING and A. J. We were joined by a female, who gave every impression of being on friendly terms with Mr Nutteing. In fairly short order Mr Nutteing left the table, taking his drink to the other side of the bar room. At no point did he address the lady. Whatever Mr J. and myself were left trying to engage in polite conversation with her. She appeared somewhat amused by Mr Nutteing's actions. I think she later went over to Mr Nutteing with the intention of buying him a drink. At that point she left the table A. J. leaned over and said something to the effect she must be "an ex". Mr Nutteing made no attempt to be either friendly, or for that matter in any way hostile, he just gave the impression of wishing to have nothing to do with the lady in question, and was evidently displeased by her appearance. I bumped into Mr Nutteing a few days later in the same hostelry , and he apologised for the event. Saying the woman in question was a "menace" and elaborated to some small extent.
Signed _ _

Part of the covering letter with this following affidavit:
Please find enclosed letter as promised. I hope this ends happily-please let me know. I do feel guilty as I promised Stella I would not disclose her secret. I would also like your assurance she will not find my address ! or telephone number.
My home town is Southampton. I made a group of friends when I was 17 with whom I stayed in contact. I was a teacher in Andover, Hants from 1975 to 1979. During this time I returned to Southampton during the holidays and occasionally at weekends to stay with my parents and would visit my friends, including Paul.
Paul's girlfriend was Stella who had already had a child, of which Paul was the father, they lived in Empress Road in Paul's house. That particular holiday (Christmas 1977) I was surprised when Stella told me *. Amongst the people who met in the pub was a man Merv who often sat with the group. I did not like him and had as little to do with him as possible [he was violent with a permanent air of violence and threat about him]. During the holiday it was on the news on TV that a young man had been killed in a street brawl in the Derby Road area.
[Mervyn Frank CLARKE of flat 16, No 5 Denzil Ave, Southampton, DOB 10 June, 1950 , Vienna. Coroner's report 10 Mar 1978] I recognised this as being the young man I did not like from the pub and I was shocked.
That evening I went to the pub and Stella was very upset. She told me that she was pregnant. I asked her if it was Paul or Kelvin's. She replied that it could have been Paul or Kelvin's or the young man that had died the night before [early hours of Christmas eve ], which is why she was so upset and had been drinking. I promised never to reveal this fact and I never would have if Paul had not been arrested.
signed _
[editorial-note, note this date and the date of birth of Stella's son. This is probably an example of pseudocyesis - the conviction that a non-pregnant woman is pregnant. She actually fell pregnant a couple of months later. From a midwife I know the accepted normal (no medical irregularities ) for the gestation time of a human female is 38 to 42 weeks, 46 plus weeks is more in the realm of hippopotamus. Probably due to amenorrhoea , anorexic induced suppressed periods, this nutter thought she was pregnant. She stopped taking the pill and got pregnant a couple of months later. ]

I was not aware of this person Mervyn even knowing S M CONSTANT let alone being sexually involved with her and another possible sperm donor. As a result of this above affidavit I did some research :-
Cutting from the Southern Evening Echo 11 March 1978, page 3
Title : Open verdict on red light death riddle
 Death of Mervyn Clarke
Southampton city coroner Mr. Michael Emanuel has recorded an open verdict on a 27 year-old seaman who died after a street incident in the city's red light district because inquest evidence failed to explain "satisfactorily " how the man's injuries occurred. Mr Mervyn Clarke, who died in Derby Road in the early hours [ just after midnight ] of last Christmas Eve, had fatal head injuries consistent with a heavy fall -but also a mysterious neck injury that could have been caused by a karate-type blow. The coroner, when informed that the police had been directed by the Director of Public Prosecutions not to proceed with criminal charges, said there was still no evidence requiring the papers to be returned to the DPP. "Nevertheless, owing to the lack of evidence as to exactly what has occurred my decision is to return an open verdict, " he said. Det Sgt George Pothecary , of Southampton Central CID, gave evidence yesterday of the police enquiry into Mr Clarke's death and statements made by an overseas seaman, Mr Ron Daniel, who admitted pushing Mr Clarke in the chest, causing him to fall. Mr Daniel, lodging at the YMCA, Rockstone Place, Southampton and studying at the Nautical Training School, Warsash, met Mr Clarke and his friend Mr William Shaw in the Dorchester Arms, Onslow Road [ Onslow Rd and Derby Rd are either end of Denzil Avenue ].
Map of the area.

O= The Onslow, D= The Dorchester, B=bedsits of Kelvin Dawson and William Shaw and M= The murder site.
The incident that led to Mr Clarke's death happened after the trio had trekked around Southampton's red light district looking for the club, with Mr Clarke knocking on prostitute's doors from time to time asking the way and Mr Shaw stopping people in the street. Det Sgt Pothecary said the police launched a major enquiry and on Christmas Eve Mr Daniel made a statement at the Civic Centre police station that "proved inaccurate ". He said a man had come from a house in Derby Road and pushed Mr Clarke. On December 28, after further police investigation , Mr Daniel was again taken to the police station but maintained his story from 11. 15 until 1. 30 pm. After a break for lunch he greeted the police with the words :"I pushed him". The police officer told the coroner that Mr Daniel said he had been frightened to tell the truth because he thought he would go to prison. Home Office pathologist, Dr Peter Pullar, said death was caused by massive brain haemorrhage, consistent with the head injuries although there was no skull fracture. There was a possibility the coroner commented that the mystery neck injury could have been caused by something like a projection from a kerb.

I never knew or knew of Mr Daniel, William Shaw I knew as Will only as someone around and about at the time. I did not know that Stella CONSTANT knew Merv let alone was sexually involved with him. I knew of 6 people sexually involved with Stella CONSTANT , going around people requesting affidavits turned up this one and one other. I asked someone else if they would write an affidavit but they refused but did admit to sexual liaisons with this at least 8 times ridden "office bicycle". Constant by name but not by nature. She made sure she slept around enough to get pregnant so she could supply a ready made family for her intended infertile husband Kelvin Derrick Dawson. This promiscuous behaviour of S. M. Constant meant it was like trying to live with a prostitute. Mr Clarke had lived at flat 16 , No 5 Denzil Ave, Mr Shaw at flat 5 and Kelvin DAWSON at flat 7 at these infamous "superflats" in Denzil Ave. On the day after Boxing Day of these events "Will" somehow found where I lived and descended on me with a bottle of whisky of which he had already, and obviously, drunk half of the bottle. He told me that Stella CONSTANT had been involved somehow with these events. I disbelieved him because as far as I was aware she was at her family home Heron Wood, Middle Woodford, Wiltshire for Christmas as usual and he was obviously sloshed. From the affidavit above it was more than likely she was staying with Kelvin DAWSON in Denzil Avenue on Christmas Eve. Mr Shaw didn't go into any more detail. There is motive , method and opportunity to implicate S M CONSTANT in this murder. I have twice been on the receiving end of this woman's feet in the small hours of the morning. If Mr Clarke had denied the possibility of being the father for S M CONSTANT's phantom (at that time) pregnancy and someone else had felled him to the ground then a soft shoe kick from this woman could well have been the "karate-type blow" and at exactly the right time of night. Of the three kicking events one kick from this woman, bare-feet at the time, split one of the wood panels in a heavy Victorian wooden door (when I refused to have sex with one of her sisters). The others recently in 2000, was enough to smash a 10 foot by 6 foot plate-glass window, and the other recorded on police tape of 999 calls. All kicking occurrances were situations when this dangerous woman could not get her way.

A personal letter from a family friend of Stella's from the 1970s up to the time of my input [ pictured in frame 1 of the contact prints above ]. I had previously sent my "paternity treatise", copy of Fian's birth certificate, some medical info and colour pictures of me, Stella and Leafe as an obvious family group in June 1978 in Surrey with my extended family. In other words the same material as full family members of Stella.
Immediately to the reply below I had written enquiring whether she was my daughter's informant about my identity .

Dear Paul
20 July 1999
I was startled to receive your letter but I think it would be best if I draft out a reply.
Stella and I have not been friends for well over a year now so I don't know about anything that may be going on at the moment. I never knew much about who the children's fathers were except that she said Leafe was your's and Fian Kelvin's. I didn't really think it was any of my business.
I've never had much conversation (if any) with either of the children and they certainly would never have come to me asking who their father was.
I do feel a bit sorry for your situation but the only bit of information I can give is that I think Fian looks like Kelvin's mother - obviously a very subjective judgement.
I hope you will not write to me or contact me any more as although Stella and I are no longer friends I feel very uncomfortable being drawn into this.
I wish you well and hope that you manage to sort all this out Yours sincerely _

Other Evidence

Taped telephone call from Fian DAWSON, trainee lawyer, on 04 Sept 1999 time 00.37.
[pick up receiver, nothing said by either party for 5 seconds]
Fian__ Hello, Hello there, Hello Paul
Paul__ Hello
F_____ Paul NUTTEING, I'm sorry if I woke you, this is Fian DAWSON here
P_____ Oh hello, yes
F_____ You've been trying to contact me for some time, is that right?
P_____ Yes
F_____ I know it is. I've read every one of your letters dating back quite a while now and thought I'd better just ring you and tell that even if you are my father err to be honest I think that is quite a remote possibility cos I don't look anything like the photos you sent me and I don't look anything like Leafe. Er, I do actually bear quite a resemblance to my father and I don't want anything to do with you and perhaps you might like to stop the letters to the family and people that we know OK. Would that be a possibility?
P_____ I'm afraid it would have to be something in writing or something
F_____ How do you mean something in writing, that's
P_____ Sorry
F_____ You want me to make it clear in writing that I don't want anything to do with you
P_____ Well something like blood groups or something
F_____ Blood groups don't prove anything. I'm not even going to tell you anything even if you were my father I mean
P_____ No it just proves the negative sort of case I agree
F_____ Listen to me please. Even if you were my father I wouldn't want anything to do with you OK. Do you understand that?
P_____ Well I mean all I've got ...
F_____ Not about proving negatives or positives . You made it quite clear that you're not a very pleasant person
P_____ [guffaw]
F_____ I don't want anything to do with you and I don't want any more letters and I don't want to find out that any more of my family or friends have got any letters. I mean you can send them, fine, but you're not going to get anywhere, OK. You're talking to me and that's who you've been trying to talk to for a very long time
P_____ You're just a voice on the phone, I'm afraid
F_____ I'm a voice on the end of a phone , for fucks sake, WHAT, WHAT, Oh jezus who do you think I am, you think I'm Kelvin or someone like that
P_____ I've no idea, you're just ...
F_____                                   ... just a voice on the end of the phone and you're some madman that keeps sending me fucked-up letters ok.
P_____ I wouldn't know about that
F_____ Tell me about it OK. Look I don't want to hear them anymore. I don't want to read them anymore OK and so there is no more reason for you to send any more of them . I've made it quite clear to you already that if you were my father and there is fuck-all possibility of that. I don't give a crap OK about deformed legs and Madelung wrists Madelung or whatever, OK, or you know, the number of weeks my mother was living with you or the number of weeks my dad was living with her. Absolute bullshit OK. If you are my father and I told you before you're not OK, you really aren't. I wouldn't want anything to do with you OK.
P_____ Well it's an interesting point of view but I still haven't heard anything definite
F_____ Yeah, yeah I know its an interesting point of view but humour me and put up with it.
P_____ Sorry
F_____ Just put up with it, that's my point of view, ok. I don't want anything to do with you.
You can rot in hell as far as I am concerned OK.
P_____ Well, I'm afraid, you're phone call just makes everything worse.
F_____ How, how, tell me please. Do you really think that I want anything to do with you, really
P_____ Well I don't know what you're dealings with your mother is or anything
F_____ How do you mean
P_____ What sort of a hold she's got over you.
F_____ What sort of a hold she's got over me, please, she's my mother for god's sake ok
P_____ I know exactly what she's like, yes
F_____ I know what you think she's like and everything. This is a phone call to put an end to all this.
P_____ No, a phone call doesn't do anything
F_____ Yes it does, trust me
P_____ Well you're the trainee lawyer or whatever aren't you (probably now with Parker Bullen, Salisbury / Andover )
F_____ Yes I know I am
P_____ Well you know nothing can be settled as a result of a phone call
F_____ Yes, I do, so what do you want
P_____ Well I ...
F_____ Go on, its your turn, say what you want
P_____ You've just woken me up, I'm just trying to think
F_____ It was the very least I could do to wake you up really
P_____ Well I'm going to put the phone down, Ciao
BT CLI Telephone number 01722 412 ... called at 00.37 today ....
[Blatant contravention of section 43 of the 1984 Telecommunications Act especially the admission of improper use in his last statement. ]
Fian Dawson (part) sound recording 1. 04M

Taped telephone call (part) from Leafe DAWSON 20 March 1997 Leafe ....... The thing is Dad [K D Dawson] had a quite unusual, quite a rare blood group so that sort of balances out so I know that for sure. [me being her biological father] Whatever Fian is I don't know ....... [This was totally unforced, volunteered information at the time I had forgotten what my own blood group was]

Blood groups sound recording 420K

Taped telephone call (part) From Leafe DAWSON 27 April 1997 .... Quite interesting actually, 'cause, really strange why , looked at the pictures [I had sent Leafe of me as a youngster], gosh, that's Fian, really strange. The little passport picture, the little passport one of you, [of me aged about 17 ] black and white. Looks i-i-identical to Fian , god!, oh my gosh ............ [Again totally volunteered information , she later lied about this conversation ]

Fian identical to myself sound recording 820K

Some evidence of the physical harassment of myself by Stella Constant Tape recording of the BT CLI recorded by myself and a cassette copy sent to Salisbury Police as evidence and a copy of Fax sent to DC Memory and WPC Griffin of Salisbury Police

The BT CLI (1471) sound recording 440K

 fax to CID
And the confirmation fax report with the all important machine CLI of Salisbury Police CID identifier of their fax line. (Actual time was 10.50 as fax clock was slow)

FAO DC Memory and WPC Griffin 02 Nov, 2000 Hampshire Police have told me to contact you direct.
At 01. 31 on 01 Nov 2000 someone on Salisbury (NTL) phone 01722 5065 .. tried waking me on my home phone. I do not know the identity of this line. The only person to do this sort of thing previously is the evil bitch Stella Maria Constant of 4 Nelson Road, Salisbury
From , signature P. Nutteing

Five sections up is an example of a letter in reply to a letter of mine that annoyed a one-time friend of Stella Constant and now similarly.
 Trethowans Solicitors Letter
Solicitor's letter from Trethowans solicitors
My letter response to the above letter from a New St, Salisbury solicitor as an example of the sort of letter I would expect most people would send if they found a letter annoying, so by return of post shouting capital letters but not green ink:-

Copy circulated to DC Memory and WPC Griffin
From P. Nutteing and address
Nevertheless I have interpreted your email address as belonging to an Ian Singleton and will address the letter to that name.
05 Sept 2000
Dear Mr Singleton
I take issue with you in your use of the word "allege" in the first line of your letter. Either you are implying that Hampshire Police have prosecuted the wrong woman or you have been misdirected by your client. Knowing the nature of the woman I expect the latter.
Hampshire Police have informed me that Re: Crime Reference 008089/00 criminal damage on 28 May at premises * , that your client was arrested, charged and cautioned for this offence.
Please correct your records that the window in question is 10 ft x 6 ft.
[there follows a lengthy explanation on the determination of compensation] If I don't get a satisfactory response to this letter then I reserve the right to increase my claim to nearer £940. I also reserve the right to take your client to court to obtain compensation. As of this date I have not started legal proceedings against your client.
Yours signed P. Nutteing [Despite or because of this letter 10 days later I received from him a full settlement cheque]


SMC - Stella Constant, KDD - Kelvin Dawson, LM - Lynn Middleton, JBS - John Stoddart PD - Pauline Dawson, HEC - Honoria Constant, ADD - Andrew Dawson, MWD - Madelung Wrist Deformity medical research paper in fairly lay terms

Number ... Date  ... .. Recipient ...  ...  ... Topic 
1 ... ... 8 Jul 97 ... SMC ... ... ... "I've now listened to the messages ... " 1 ... ... 13 Mar 99 ... SMC ... ... ... "I don't rate your solicitor much ... " 1 ... ... 11 Ap 99 ... .. KDD ... ... ... Paternity Treatise + MWD + June 1978 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... +photos + Blood donor's book copy 1 ... ... 26 Ap 99 ... .. PD ... ... ... Ditto 1 ... ... 12 May 99 ... HEC ... ... ... Ditto 1 ... ... 7 Jun 99 ... ADD ... ... ... Ditto 1 ... ... 21 Jul 99 ... KDD ... ... ... Informing intention going into the public domain 1 ... ... 6 Jan 00 ... SMC ... ... ... Postcard about publishing in the public domain 4 ... ... 29 Mar 00 ... KDD, ADD, HEC, PD ... With printed version of public domain story 1 ... ... 30 May 00 ... .. LM ... ... ... Suicide of SMC concerns LM forwarded to JBS

13 (NOT hundreds) Total of letters sent to the people named on the charge sheet.

Letter from Wiltshire County Council 02 June 2000 Dear Mr Nutteing I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 30 May. I am not responsible manager for Stella Constant, who works within Children & Families Division of Wiltshire County Council's Social Services Department, whereas I am responsible for staff working in the Adult Care Division. Consequently I have passed your letter and its contents to Mr John Stoddart, Area Manager, Children & Families, Kennet & Salisbury. Mr Stoddart is currently on leave until Tuesday 6th June, but I am sure he will respond to your letter after that.
Yors sincerely L. M

I tried getting some sort of affidavit from someone I have full name and address for I will call J who was stabbed sometime late 1977 or early 1978. The event occurred while I was babysitting and I was not present. It occurred in the toilets of a West Indian night-club. The people involved were J, Stella CONSTANT and maybe a third party. J will not discuss let alone write an affidavit about this incident that occurred again at the Jekyl and Hyde hour about midnight.
It was in J's bed-sit in Denzil Avenue, Southampton in December 1975 I must have witnessed the first of these Jekyl and Hyde transformations. Again about midnight but without corroboration from either J or the now un-remembered other person I will not go into detail here. Lets just call it inappropriate behaviour.

The CPS are aware or should be aware of the following which , by careful cross-comparison of all the testimony in this file, is manifest:-
Neither the police or CPS are in possession of the letter that I was arrested for sending. This letter is safely in my possession. Prosecution for sending a letter that is still in the hands of the sender is just plain ridiculous. All that lot have only seen copies of the letter that I allegedly sent. This letter was unopened before being sent to the Belfast "National Return Letter Centre" where it was then legally opened to reveal the return address to me and forwarded back to me.
There is a serious problem with the testimony of John Barton STODDART which will necessitate high level investigation by social services, "using a false instrument" , namely letter JBS1. He has submitted a forged letter JBS1 as the principal evidence against me. This letter is not my writing or my signature or my phrasing.
The term "illegal activities" would appear to be a term much used in Social Services speak.
On the first page of the statement by Stella Constant on the 14 April 2000 she admits to earlier perjury then goes on to provably lie about where she was living between June 1977 and June 1978. Kelvin Dawson repeated this same provable lie about where his now missus was living between June 1977 and June 1978. There is a serious irregularity in the statement of Stella CONSTANT on 22 August 2000 see the editorial note. If the three missing pages relate to mental health aspects behind the broken window incident then this irregularity with JBS1 taken together would suggest something that moves this whole farrago onto a different plain. She had been witnessed by a neighbour "SMC- accidentely damage" by willfuly kicking in the window, the actions of a deranged psychotic lunatic.
2 To get sufficient gravitas for police involvement Stella Maria CONSTANT and Kelvin Derrick DAWSON did wilfully and provably make in a major part of their statements false statements to police and hence malicious prosecution of myself. Whether I am found guilty or innocent they will both have a counter action against them. After all I have only sent some informative letters that the junk-mail industry does every day to millions of people.

If there is any moral justice Stella Maria CONSTANT, social worker with Children and Families section of Wiltshire Social Services, should be prosecuted for the psychological and emotional abuse of her own children for deliberately putting them through all this hell. From a senior social worker I know he told me there are two sorts of people best placed to know exactly the best way to disrupt families - social workers and child psychologists .

Because Stella Constant and John Stoddart have made provably false statements to police in a conspiracy for malicious prosecution then all their past processing of legal matters must now be suspect. Anyone who recognises these names of Wiltshire Social Services personnel having given evidence against themselves in child custody matters etc should have their own cases reviewed.

Charges will be the same as the Jeffrey Archer Trial (found guilty 19 July 2001); perjury, using a false instrument and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice with an added charge of misfeasance (abuse of public office)

Prior to the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act the "aggrieved" would have had to go to court to obtain an injunction. This would require forensically admissible evidence. This 1997 Act starts in the realm of civil law with no requirement to show proper evidence as long as they make statements strong enough to fool the police. Sections 2 onward of the act then fall in the realm of criminal law.


Email by ( removing 4 of the 5 dots )
or email Paul Nutteing, remove all but one dot
Or a message on usenet group has got to me recently a couple of times.
My original accounts and the nutteing2@quickfindit account are now dead.

Log of sites/files had taken down by the opposition in Wiltshire

Now only readable by using the "Wayback Machine" The Internet Archive and putting in the search box the original URL

20 Nov 2001
Hello Paul Nutteing, Your web site is in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. Specifically, your page contained material or content that is racist or otherwise offensive to others, including content which aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others. If you have any questions, you may refer to our Acceptable Use Policy located at Regards, Abuse Team

10 April 2002
Dear User, We have received a number of complaints about the allegedly defamatory content of your postings regarding { }. We must remind you that the Freeserve user conditions subject to which Freeserve is made available to you require you not to use Freeserve "to transmit or post any material which is defamatory, offensive or of an obscene or menacing character, or which may, in our judgement, cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any person." Your postings regarding { } put Freeserve at risk of libel proceedings and accordingly we will be suspending your { ) web-site as of 09:30 April{10}th 2002. However, if we receive your written undertaking that you will remove the allegedly defamatory content from your web-site, then we will be happy to reinstate your { ) web-site. Kind Regards Freeserve Webmaster
Don't waste your time going to a Citizen's Advice Bureaux for advice on this sort of thing. You will wait around for an hour then after they see you they will come up with their usual useless reply, "get some advice from a solicitor".
This is the "Agony Aunt" story as printed in the Guardian Newspaper. The replies are a load of useless moralising with no practical suggestions at all; which was the reason for my submission. The information in all these internet files is far more useful to anyone in similar circumstances.
Guardian Newspaper - Private Lives for 25 June 1999 If this article fails to emerge from the Guardian archive then try clicking again.

Some further reading that seems appropriate to this woman's behaviour Bullying

A Social Services exposure site

Exposure of bullying in a Kent hospital Kent institutionalised bullying

Local Government Ombudsman Watch

A UK site for exposing social workers Blundering Social Workers
Now on
A useful site for checking social worker registration details

A US site for exposing social workers and allied officials King Herod Society

Fatuous comment about the above site
Ms Tucker knows full well that incompetent social workers hide behind threats from their legal departments. She knows the local government ombudsman will rarely look into complaints and that local and national newspapers will not publish any material relating to such grievances. Turning good money over to bloody lawyers in civil courts is not a valid recourse. About the only outcome of legal nonsense is publicity so why not cut out these expensive middlemen and go public from the outset. Publishing by the aggrieved themselves details of incompetence and misdeeds of social workers is thoroughly to be recommended for the public good and for very necessary cathartic reasons.
An eclectic mix of UK " naming and shaming " sites variously exposing
Liverpool Council
Parking Wardens
Currently unavailable but is still available on the internet archive Mirror of NHS exposed site

An outline of Multiple Personality Disorder in layman's terms MPD

A More technical exploration of Multiple Personality Disorder or DID MPD

A collection of articles concerning disputed paternity
The full reference to the oft-quoted figure of 30% false paternity.
Philipp, E. Discussion: moral, social and ethical
issues. In Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embryo Transfer.
Ciba Foundation Symposium (Vol. 17), G.E.W. Wostenholme
and D.W. Fitzsimons (Eds.). Amsterdam: Elsevier, Excerpta
Medica, North-Holland, 1973,pp. 63-66.

We blood-tested some patients in a town in south-east England,
and found that 30% of the husbands could not have been the fathers
of their children. .........
Mr Philipp,surely the figure of 30% must be a minimum?
What you established was that 30% could not be the children of
their mother's husband,not that 70% of them were?
Yes,it is a minimum. We were screening some female
patients by testing their husbands for their blood groups, because
we were interested in antibody formation in correlation with
the ABO groups as well as the rhesus groups. From our results
we suddenly realised that 30% of the children could not have
been fathered by the men whose blood group we analysed.
What was the extent of that group?:
Not large - between 200 and 300 women - but large enough
to give a great shock.
........ Analysis of some blood group data ,making allowance for the
fact that one could not detect all the illegitimacies,showed that in the
1950s in the West Isleworth area about 50% of premarital conceptions
were not fathered by the apparent father. As the apparent fathers
were questioned while visiting their wives immediately after
the birth,most of them obviously thought they were the father. ....

End Quote

The book includes other material relating to "disguised paternity".

In another reference there was mention of
...Blood group studies indicate levels of paternal discrepancy
........ up to 20-30% .... Liverpool Flats study: McLaren cited in
Cohen J,1977.Reproduction. London: Butterworths

Another example of the very strange employment criteria of Wiltshire Social Services Guardian Newspaper Archive Type in "keith andrews" as keyword and read articles of 04 May, 2000 and 06 Dec 2000 and 23 April, 2000. From The Times of 04 April 2000 " Mr St Leger (Keith Andrews) , (alias Marc Philip Justin Onslow Berkeley St Leger Curzon ) invented a whole new family tree.......claimed his mother was Joy Chantel Helene de Burgoyne of Paris and Tours, and he had been married (bogously) to Marie-Louise, daughter of the Duc de Brissac of Paris. "
Also another case of who is harassing who. Type in "laura fish" published on 02 April, 2001

Someone else on a more serious charge of child sexual abuse after false allegations. Curiously this person's discontinuance notice from Wilts CPS was almost the same day as mine February 26 2001 ; mine was February 27 2001 Wiltshire Newspapers Archive Issue day 05 April 2001, title "Man's anger at sex abuse claim" , 46 year old Devizes man.

Another local case of Social Services incompetence go to Echo Newspaper and type in keywords collings gosport

About the only "text book " on the 1997 Protection from Harassment act is The Law of Harassment and Stalking by Paul Infield and Graham Platford published by Butterworths, 2000. It is available inter-library loan from Aberystwyth University Library. It is useful for those on the receiving end of stalking, hence the input from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust as well as people finding themselves on the receiving end of the act used bogously as in the case of animal welfare activists etc. That is being used to stifle public protest a concern of Liberty. The impetus for the act was the manifest stalking of Tracy Morgan by Anthony Burstow.

A reported case where the anti-stalking law was used for its intended purpose again a man being stalked by a woman. Wiltshire Harassment Case

The following is a link to another David versus Goliath battle , this time with Dorset County Council, Social Services 3 Families

Another David v. Goliath Story from Dorset Charlie Mabey of Corfe Mullen
..OR.. Cached until their archive is back
Another example of social services getting it spectacularly wrong. The Broxtowe Files

and yet again this time Newcastle social services

Newspaper of UK Social Work with a useful archive facility Community Care

Someone else's site concerning the under side of social services in Wiltshire

Another very personal story

Another story of a personal dispute with legal involvement

More law and relationships not mixing

British False Memory Society with references to prosecutions of people after false allegations

The case of Ashley Pittman
This is not now an auto linkable-to site

Hounded and Grounded Flying Vet

Gordon Warren Story of corruption within the Metropolitan Police oddly from an inside source

And another similar but more general site Police corruption from inside sources

Jim Hulbert-Taxi Ride to Censorship

Mark Purdey versus MAFF etc If this article fails to emerge from the Guardian archive then try clicking again.

There follows a random collection of sites devoted to campaigning and publishing and fighting injustice, corruption, unfairness etc.

Men's and Father's Rights

Reports of corruption in UK officialdom
To access this site now you have to go to The Internet Archive Internet Archive and type in

Lobster magazine

Stories of political corruption

Counter feminism

Schnews- Brighton , with an extensive list of links to campaigning groups

Transparancy International

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

Scandals in Justice

Flying Fish

ZNet media

Squall Underground

Civil Liberties in Europe

Central TV, Roger Cook Report

The Mark Thomas Product

Global Internet Liberty Campaign

UK general community action advice

"Revenge is a luscious fruit which you must leave to ripen" - Emile Garboriau
If you have found this file in an archive then put keyword of "Nutteing" in a search engine to find an updated version, also some sites do not support the .wav sound files.

For anyone with further interest in this story then copies of the affidavits, documentary evidence, photos or even taped phone calls, used as evidence, could be made available. Obviously, outside a court environment, some identifying features would have to be deleted.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave 70K

All the actual witness statements for the forthcoming trial can be found by clicking here Pre-Trial Witness Statements and evidence 150K

Continuation of the sorry tale , nutteing2 The Saga Continues , nutteing3

Folie à Deux, Dissociation and Crime 40K , nutteing4

Setting-up Mirror Sites , nutteing6

DNA profiles and their implications , dnapr , nutteingd

This file as it was in 2001 on the first mirror site before the Wiltshire opposition had it taken down
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