Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

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A Very Personal Story by Paul Nutteing
Copyright Paul Nutteing, 2000


I've changed all names and locations also a few minor details to preserve anonymity (for the moment). Otherwise the story is an exact record of a double paternity dispute that as of January 2000 is on going. The dotted ... sections I've edited out to reduce the length of the piece.

Chapter 1
First Contact

Sunday 8th September 1996,a perfectly ordinary afternoon and the phone rings at home in 186 Alton Road, Winchester.
Caller: "Is that Mr Nutteing?"
Myself: "Good day"
Caller: "Is that Mr Nutteing?"
Myself: "How do"
Caller,more exasperated: "Is that Mr Paul Nutteing?": I put the phone down. Another damn junk sales caller. But hang on a bit this girl asked for me by my Christian name, that's a bit odd. The voice sounded like Carol down the road. I bet her car has broken down somewhere yet again and wants me to wander down the road to tell her son at home or something.
I was just about to dial 1471 and the phone rings again and this time I acknowledge that my name is Paul Nutteing. She says; "I am Nuala _,I believe you are my father". She says she's in a phone-box in Amesbury, Wiltshire and passes me the phone number to ring her back. I apologise and explain about my appalling telephone manner. I know that telesales junk callers have to work to a script and especially to their first question, on identity, they have to get a yes or no reply. Anything else and they have to repeat the question. They will try up to a dozen times before cussing and swearing and slamming down their phone. Well it gives me a lift to get back at them. Unfortunately,by coincidence,Nuala had done telesales work.
Apparently she had known for ages that it was unlikely that Kevin ,her apparent father, could be her natural father. Hair type and colour didn't match and from the age of 14 or so she had always dyed her hair presumably to disguise this and she was somewhat taller than either of her "parents". At some point she had found from his military pass that Kevin has a "quite rare blood group" and she expected to have the same blood group. More recently someone calling himself Michael had tipped her off that there was something awry in her origins . Nuala did check if I knew her birth-date. Off the top of my head I remembered it as October 25th, 1976 but I was one day out. At no time did she mention if I knew anything of her brother's origins so I didn't raise the matter. My way of dealing with all the nastiness 20 odd years previously was to adopt a coping strategy that both children had died. Of course I didn't tell Nuala this. Over the years if anyone asked me if I had any children I just said no. Perhaps ten years ago I bumped into Sheila, Nuala's mother, and she handed me a photo of my daughter. I handed it back with scarcely a look. She interpreted this as my being uninterested which in a sense is true but not for the reason she thought. I had no reason to remember my daughter's birthdate over the years.
At one point I asked Nuala if she knew Carol who lives down my road as her mother knew her. Over the years Carol had told me a few things about the family. Nuala told me that she had actually helped Carol move in down the road a couple of years ago. Talking about this was the only time Nuala faltered in all the half hour or so of conversation with me.
She told me she was at Nottingham University and next weekend she would be back there. She would phone me again in a weeks time.

Chapter 2
All a hoax?

The next weekend came and went and no call from Nottingham. I started getting a bit suspicious. I tried putting myself in Nuala's position. I couldn't believe I would have been so calm in conversation in such circumstances . I would have been a lot more circumspect about raising whether a stranger was my father, certainly not my opening line on a phone. In my conversation the previous weekend I found my brain seemed to be working at double rate and felt I was speaking unnaturally fast although Nuala made no comment. I suppose it was some sort of adrenalin effect. An hour or so after her call I was retching just as I did as a teenager faced with an exam. I decided the next time Nuala contacted me I would give her the phone number of Dave a friend of mine in Winchester. I could see a situation where I might break down on the phone while she was in Nottingham and no one else to contact in Winchester to assist.
One thing I could check was that someone called Nuala _ was a student at Nottingham University. The registrar's office was very helpful but there was no one of that name as student or staff currently or recent past at Nottingham. I was now seriously thinking I had been hoaxed.
I decided to check out the apparent discrepancy of Nuala's birt-hdate because I had no written record. She was born in Winchester so I thought it would be possible to wander down to the registry office near the station and get a copy of her birth certificate. I had constructed a scenario where someone might require a copy of someone's birth certificate when they are unrelated. I structured a story where her father was on long term contract in the Pacific area and had forgotten when his daughter's birthday was. He could not contact his wife and admit this so had asked me to get a copy of her registration and forward the date to him.
I did not know before going to the registry that anyone can get the birth, marriage or death details as a copy of the register. That is details of anyone related or not and no necessity to divulge a reason. I had thought you could only get a copy of your own birth certificate. A precise date of birth was not necessary, nor the exact names. I paid the two sums of 6 quid for a full copy of Nuala's registration and that of her brother Fergal two years later.
What an eye opener. Sheila had told me that Nuala had been registered as illegitimate (myself and Sheila were not living together when Nuala was born). But there on the section marked name of father was Kevin who could not be Nuala's father. His signature along with Sheila's was at the bottom of the document. This as far as I could see was conspiracy and perjury. Kevin and Sheila married about five years later. In a sense there was little wrong with Fergal's registration as he had been registered as illegitimate. He was given Kevin's surname although it was another three years before they married.
I remembered back to the very first call that Sunday and thinking the voice was Carol. She certainly was around in the mid 70s, knew Sheila and myself but could she have so thoroughly hoaxed me and for what possible reason. It would certainly explain why the caller faltered explaining about moving Carol into Alton Road. She would have to refer to herself in the second person which even an actress would find difficult I would have thought. Another possible reason for Nuala's faltering will emerge later.
The last I knew was that Sheila was living in another part of Hampshire but for the moment I assumed she was living in Amesbury. Perhaps Carol had visited her and there was some sort of bust up but it was too improbable. One thing I could do was try and locate where the real Nuala was living, forget about the red herring of Nottingham. None of the phone books in Winchester Library showed any possible address under Sheila or Kevin's names anywhere in southern England. Not having any other information all I could do for the moment was assume it might be South Wiltshire and start with Amesbury. I still had the phone number of the Amesbury call box and tried ringing this a number of times. Eventually someone answered and told me it was in Holders Road, Amesbury.
I took a day off and went to Salisbury Reference Library which holds the voters lists for all South Wiltshire. Starting from the ward containing Holders Road I scanned all the names. In the adjasent ward was an address that stood out a mile-Sheila, Kevin, Nuala and Fergal even Sheila's distinctive maiden name rather than married name. This had to be the address, 12 Talbot Rd. It had only taken twenty minutes. I decided to wait until dark and then drive over to Amesbury to walk past their address. The only thing of note was through the glass front door I could see a child proof stair gate. One of the things Carol had told me was that Sheila had had twins in her late thirties.
Now to try and compose a letter to my real daughter which in my mind would be my first contact. The following is what I sent.

Home phone number
186 Alton Rd
Date Oct 23rd 1996

Dear Miss _ On the 8th of September (last month) I received a phone call at the above telephone number from a girl purporting to be yourself. From my researches this call was most likely a hoax but it did contain a lot of specific and accurate detail. This call lasted about half an hour. She did say she would re-contact but I've received no further call or letter. I did a bit of basic investigation that left me a bit suspicious. After a month I started full research leading to this letter.
I was initially certain it was genuine but my researches have since turned up inaccuracies. These indicate it was a hoax and have also possibly lead to the identity of the hoaxer. This person (I will not name at present) is a close friend of your family. I believe the hoaxer's intentions were mischief, not malicious or criminal in intent and I have not contacted the police and have no intentions of doing so.
If the following details are incorrect please ignore the rest of the letter as my researches would have been totally awry.
Born Nuala _ _,24th October 1976, Winchester, with mother Sheila _ _
As I cannot be absolutely certain of the identity of the hoaxer, please do not contact any other member of your family or close friends about this letter, at least, at this stage. My personal details at the letter heading can be checked in a Winchester phone book at any reference library or Directory Enquiries.
I did know you and Sheila about the time 1977-78 when you lived in Winchester. If you feel you cannot contact me directly at this stage please nominate your vicar/college tutor/trusted friend with little personal knowledge of you (specifically your birth-date) to contact me as an intermediary.
I believe you are a totally innocent party in this matter. I only wish to resolve all this in a low key manner with all concerned and I repeat I will not be taking the matter to the authorities.

signed Paul

I heard nothing in reply so by now I'm going distinctly round the twist. I couldn't confront Carol with my suspicions as they were so outlandish. I could think of no other explanation. I decided to make a point of stopping to chat to her every time I saw her. She was forever fixing her car out on the street. Perhaps she would give herself away or something.
One day she was out there with a friend I had not seen before who was in fact her boyfriend and later her husband. She was changing the clutch on the car. I said with maybe a slight wink "you could borrow my clutch alignment tool". She stood up, passed me straight faced and went to go indoors. Halfway down the path she dropped the spanner into the tool box but it missed. The next action I've still not found the reason for, it is so bizarre. She backed out of the front doorway so her face was not showing to us and walked backwards a couple of paces. Crouching down and scrabbling about behind her trying to find this spanner and failed then jumped up and ran indoors. Myself and her boyfriend looked at one another non-plussed and speechless and I wandered off down the road. Was this rational behaviour on her part ? I didn't have to dwell on this. Seven weeks after the original phone call from "Nuala" I got a letter from Nottingham. She was at Nottingham Trent University not as she had said Nottingham University. The letter I had agonised over and sent to her at Talbot Rd was still there. Her mother was in the habit of collecting a pile of letters before putting them in one envelope and posting on to Nottingham.

Chapter 3
Knowing Me, Knowing You

... The few months that myself and my daughter got on well. ...
I had to explain to Nuala the background between myself and her mother because at sometime I would have to explain about her brother. It never got to that stage because Nuala was just not believing a word I was saying about things . She confided with precisely the wrong person, her mother, explaining to her what had been going on over the last few months that Nuala and myself were talking on the phone and letter writing. Nuala had never told her mother or Kevin that she had found my identity and had contacted me. Sheila had given her some information about Nuala's father not being Kevin but certainly not my name or anything like that. Well she couldn't. If her daughter contacted me then it was inevitable that Fergal's origins would come out in the open. She would have to tell both son and daughter or neither. According to Nuala she had found my name and phone number from her mother's address book. I just could not believe this for reasons I will come back to later.
On Sunday, November 17th Sheila made an unannounced visit on me for duration four hours. For good measure she dropped in on Carol down the road to inform her that I had fantasised about her being a hoaxer. I had never said anything to Carol myself. Nuala had told her mother about my attempt at rationalising things. She did a similar thing to my friend Dave in Winchester who's name and phone number I had given to Nuala in case of difficulties. My friend did not go into details but Sheila had phoned his number and I got the impression that she had upset my friend's missus. I gave Nuala Dave's phone number because I have confided all the intricacies of this whole double paternity matter with him. I don't know what she said but Dave was well aware what a nasty piece of work this woman is. The immediate reason inexplicably why she had come storming round was because of a postcard. I had sent a postcard to Nottingham with a piece of poetry on it. I had previously made mention of the phrase about a tangled web to Nuala and had found its origin. Walter Scott's Marmion Canto 6, Stanza 17
"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"
This woman spent four hours literally perched on the edge of a seat. When not chain smoking there were plastic bags laying near the seat and she was turning these inside out and back. Although I live in a tip I do not allow smoking but you do not go against a woman like this. I don't know what it's called, the evil eye or something, just as it was twenty years ago.
I've seen it captured in a local newspaper article in a photo of someone I was petrified of. I had confided with someone a week previously that I knew he had access to guns and my concern whether he might spray the pub with bullets. This press photo captured this exact same stoney gaze. That person the following week shot himself.
It is impossible to have a rational discussion with Sheila. As soon as things get awkward she drops into this tantrum-like behaviour. With this disturbing glazed eye and I would almost swear blue smoke coming out the top of her head. Assertivness is one thing but this is something else. As always it was pointless talking to this woman you just don't get any sense out of her. At one point I asked her who Fergal's father was. She said it was "someone completely different, someone you don't know" which was all new to me. As she seemed to be totally off her trolley that afternoon I ignored it. As far as I could see she was not in a fit mental state to be driving between Wiltshire and Hampshire and back. She spent about half an hour going into great detail of an investigation she was currently engaged in. This concerned multi-generation child sexual abuse within an extended family in a village in Wiltshire. I just let her prattle on not taking much of it in. I was trying to put a reason behind why she was telling me all this. I don't know anything about psychology but I have an idea of what lies behind this. I assumed discussing an on going social work investigation with someone totally outside social work involvement would be against some code of practice. Some time later I had a discussion, not naming names, with someone I used to know socially who is a senior social worker in Hampshire. I explained about this village investigation and the middle of the night phone calls that this woman was making to me. For the public good I was concerned whether someone like this could be in sole control of decision making regarding other people's families. He assured me that all major decisions would have to go before a senior line manager. Divulging details of an on going investigation to someone outside is a disciplinary offence apparently . He invited me to a more extended discussion about the whole matter but I declined.
He had answered my principle concern.
This visit did show she was still a pathological liar. Later I found out she had told her family she had to go out to visit a friend. This was a weekend when her daughter travelled back for effectively just one day at home. About the same time Sheila phoned me to say that Nuala wanted no more contact with me as it was all too upsetting for her. Little did her mother know that Nuala had the same week given me her mobile phone number. This was precisely to make it easier to get in touch with her. So no change from the same lying bitch that I knew 20 years ago.
I decided to back down over her brother. Some sort of normality returned to the point that myself and Nuala met for the first time on January 2,1997.
... Return of some sort of father/daughter relationship ...
In the intervening time I assumed Sheila would explain about Fergal's origins but not a thing. Only a social worker like herself could structure her own family in such a way. After six months I decided that as Sheila had told Fergal nothing then I would ask Nuala to say something. No way. So I contacted him myself by letter. After all no one had given me any explanation of how Kevin could be Fergal's biological father.

Chapter 4
A Son?

31 Mar 99
186 Alton Rd
Dear Fergal,

In January to March 1978 your mother was living with me at -,Winchester
Within my family, inherited from my father is a condition called dyschondrosteosis Dyschondrosteosis . So far all 5 related people show at least one of the manifestations of this trait. I should say they are minor although distinctive to anyone who knows what to look for. The condition I have along with _ _ is Madelung wrist deformity Madelung where the joint between wrist and ulna bone is mis-formed. If hand (palm down) and forearm are placed flat on a table the end of the ulna at the wrist is displaced upwards. With hands in the air just opposing finger and thumb pressure from the other hand will reduce the misalignment. This will revert to normal state on releasing the pressure, actually a clinical test (X-rays are distinctive). Two people have the expression of the same trait that your sister Nuala has. This is the out of alignment of upper arm and forearm at the elbow when the arm is stretched out and locked at the elbow, cubitus valgus. The most distinctive form of the trait is what my father had, namely mesomelia. It is the reason my father was about a foot smaller in stature than myself of 6 ft 3 in at about age 13. With this apparent anomaly and no other inherited characteristics I don't think my mother ever managed to convince her husband that I was in fact his son. Then all the sourness of father/son relationship that goes with such suspicions. If you had a son a foot taller than yourself you too would be suspicious if you had no foreknowledge. When someone in my family was diagnosed (first symptoms in early adolescence) in Harley St with this condition it was referred to as late onset rickets. It was considered an environmental or dietary condition and not, as now, a genetic condition with consequential family counselling. The condition was too rare to be diagnosed by an ordinary general hospital paediatric or orthopaedic consultant. This form of the trait manifests itself as a differential shortening of the forearms to upper arms and lower leg to upper leg . There is often a bowing of the bones in the forearm giving a false impression of someone who has muscle-bound forearms. It was only after a relative of mine did some internet medical research last year that I found out that my weak wrist deformity is all part of the same inherited trait.
... list of medical source material ...
It is so rare that many of the quoted consultants have seen only a few such cases in their working lives. The form of the condition that runs through my family is about five times rarer than the basic form which is itself as rare as 1 in 100,000 of the population. So maybe only a few dozen people in England and their close family would have this particular form but probably undiagnosed. As far as I know from the literature this condition does not spontaneously emerge except in one very specific set of circumstances. If you have any of these distinct "skeletal dysplasias" then the obvious conclusion is that you would have inherited them from me.
There is no father named on your registration of birth. Your mother is allowed to put any name in this section. As far as I know Kevin was at your birth only a few weeks prior to the registration.
There is a person still living in Winchester who was told directly by your mother (close friends) that I was your biological father. Very much relieved that my contact with this person meant I was aware of your origins. They had kept this knowledge to theirself for 20 odd years. They did not know what I knew of it all. This person was quite willing to talk to Nuala about this or anything else and the same courtesy would be extended to you.
Five out of five people who were living in Winchester in 1977-78 and knew me and your mother were of the opinion that I was your biological father. Because of the evidence gathering nature of the questions and not wishing to prejudice any of these persons replies, I asked the same questions in the same order with no pre-amble.
a) Do you remember a Sheila _ in the mid 70s. ? b) Do you remember her having a daughter called Nuala? c)Statement: This girl has recently contacted me d) Do you remember Sheila having a son in 1978 called Fergal? e) Who would you say was the father of this boy? Responses were Yes, Yes, Yes, Me in all cases. There was a sixth person I asked these same questions of. I had forgotten they were not living in Winchester 1977-78 returning to Winchester later. Then I asked if they would mind Nuala talking to them if given contact details and all agreed and I'm sure the same would apply to yourself. I am trying to show that if I am deluded then a lot of other people managed to delude themselves also:- not very probable.
Your mother is a proven liar. She has lied to Nuala, found out later when talking to me. She has lied to me found out later in similar manner talking to Nuala. This is apart from the big lie, actually perjury ,contravening the Perjury Act of 1911, section 4 (Nuala's birth registration) 7
In 1975 your mother became pregnant within a couple of months of living with me. She left some months before Nuala was born. About nine months after Nuala was born I pleaded with your mother to return. She did and again within a few months was pregnant. I would state the reason behind this but I am fettered. It is the reason why your mother became pregnant at these times and not during the time living with Kevin for a sum total of something like 20 years. The reason behind this was told to me by your mother in one of her three secondary MPD personalities, denied by the primary personality.
In a normal household the father knows full well that he is the father of his son. Any interference from outside by someone like me would get short shrift. So far not a squeak from Kevin. He is in an awkward enough situation regarding perjury in 1976 without adding to it.
Your mother will not reveal what your blood group is. Similarly no other precise inherited trait that you could have inherited from Kevin. Before Nuala decided to clam up she had told me that she had found out Kevin's blood group which is "quite a rare one". She expected to have this same rare blood group. From this I can reasonably infer two things: a) that Kevin's blood group is "B" or rarer b) that your mother is group "O" as only in this situation does the offspring take the blood group of the father. I am blood-group "A" (copy of blood donors book enclosed, dating back to my first donation in 1971. It looks a bit iffy but my light signature would not work on glossy paper and the change of addresses since 1971). The other pictures were taken on 14 July 1978 when myself, Sheila and Nuala travelled to Guildford in Surrey for my mother's 60th birthday. Don't let anyone try to convince you that the date is wrong I. e your mother being 4 or 5 months pregnant (not so obvious in these pictures). My cousin, Louise, the black-haired 6 ft 3 in girl's daughter Phillipa was born on the 18th April 1978.
When I sent some photos of me as younger up to Nottingham Nuala looked at the ones of me aged about 17. The same day she phoned me to say that this person was "i-i-i- identical" to yourself.
The only justification that your mother has come up with to convince me that Kevin is your biological father is the following. She can remember one specific sexual liaison with Kevin at about the time you were conceived. I know a mid-wife of 15 years experience. She told me that a woman with a lifetime of precise invariant periods can back track to a conception date with an error of plus or minus 3 days. The average woman can back track to a day plus or minus 5 days. There would not have been a clear ten days or anything like it that me and your mother would not have had sex. The only justification that Nuala has come up with is that you apparently look like Kevin's father. I cannot comment not knowing either.
It is not really acceptable genetic evidence but at least the following is not counter. You must have got close to 3 grade "A" "A" levels to be doing law at your uni. I obtained 3 grade "A"s but admittedly in completely different subjects.
Your mother's idea of a rational resolution of this mess is waking me up at 1 o'clock in the morning and foul- mouthing down the phone. I will only take note of anything she puts in writing to me because of the extra discipline required on her part to commit her case to writing. As for the truth of all the above I would have to be very certain of my points or downright stupid to write this to a trainee lawyer. All points are self evident or can be confirmed via independent sources other than myself or your mother.
Yours sincerely
Paul Nutteing (signed)

p. s. If you know or find that your blood group is "O" or "B" or more exactly a group not consistent with having a father who is group "A" then I will make my apologies.

The following is a few extra explanations. Mainly due to the threats of injunctions and all sorts of crap I could not include in the above letter at that time.
Section 1, the time that Fergal was conceived.
Section 2, one of the people still in Winchester I had asked my 4 questions of had said that Fergal was quite small. This in simplistic terms, without knowledge of the genetic growth oddity in my family would make it unlikely that I was Fergal's father. One time at my home Nuala and I were talking about the genetic growth quirk that goes through my family. After all Nuala is doing a genetics course at uni. She was quite happy with the effect that has come out in herself, she studied ballet to a high level. Then I started to explain the distinctive foreshortening of the long bones which Nuala certainly has not got. She got extremely agitated and squirming on her seat. If it wasn't for me standing in the way I'm sure she would have jumped up and run out of the room. I deliberately changed the subject to a minor foot anomaly which meant bending down to explain. This one is not relevant to her as it only goes down the female line of my family. By this time Nuala had regained composure.
The only reason I can see that Nuala had got so agitated was I had been describing the very appearance of her brother which should not be possible if Kevin was Fergal's father. Nuala had told me she was not interested in having kids so this could not have been the cause of her agitation. I wanted to ask but felt I couldn't what was the reason Nuala had started a course in genetics. Perhaps in the background she wanted to find an explanation for her brother's appearance. All explained in just 10 minutes sitting in my kitchen. But of course she can't admit any of this to me because it is damning evidence against her mother's statements.
Section 3, both Nuala and Fergal had been given the short form birth certificates. Should any teenagers read this story and they have only been given the short form of certificate then in all probability there is a skeleton in the closet. The full certificate with place of birth and name of father is only marginally more expensive. I enclosed a copy of his full certificate with this letter to Fergal.
Section 5,I never got around to asking Carol these same questions until later, I shall expound on this further into the story.
Section 6, There is only one time I lied to my daughter. This was an effort to disguise her mother's (sorry, not PC) our behaviour. I had given Nuala a calendar of dates and stuff to explain about how she and her "half brother" were in fact full brother and sister. Not really lying I suppose. I had implied that Sheila and I were living together up to the time she was born. I had told Nuala that I had accompanied Sheila to the maternity unit when she was nearly born about a week earlier than she actually was. Nuala kept badgering me to explain about all this and I kept fobbing her off saying it was too personal. Eventually I had to explain that Sheila and I had not been living together for some months. She often came round at night and this particular night we were having sex, although full term. Sheila started haemorrhaging and we rushed up to the hospital by taxi.
When I told Nuala this on the phone there was a lot of noise at the other end, she must have collapsed on the floor or dropped the phone. Well she did keep on for an explanation. The doctors did something to suppress things and she was born about a week later. Nowhere in Sheila's scheme of things did she intend me to be anywhere near the birth of her daughter. Kevin was supposed to be there and as far as I know was there a week later. She must have told the medics that she did not want me around and I was escorted from the premises by a couple of security goons. I was fully intent on staying there. I walked out of the gate of the hospital, the wrong way, and ended up walking around the countryside, I don't remember where, getting home about dawn.
Section 7,
I can now state the reason that I know Kevin cannot be Fergal's father or Nuala's for that matter. Kevin is technically infertile. Sheila had told me in her "super honest" personality. This is the only occasion when you can believe anything she says. Unfortunately it is in a sexual context so no use in everyday dealings with her. She would tell me the most and I do mean most intimate of sexual details of other men, including their names, she had sexual relations with. Curiously the one lesbian relationship she referred to she never went into detail and no name mentioned. With this sort of activity I had to assume it was a two way process. Other people would have detailed knowledge of myself. I never had direct experience of this 20 years ago and had to wait to the 1990s to have it confirmed. I bumped into someone in the street who knew Sheila. This person was exceedingly drunk and told me intimate details of myself, someone who was only an aquaintence of mine.
In relation to Kevin, Sheila had told me about him being infertile. Although perhaps only aged about 20 Sheila had him go to hospital for fertility tests. She told me the exact sperm count which of course I do not now remember. It was something like the low thousands whereas it should be up in the millions. He underwent a repeat of the test and it came back much the same figure. Hence the extra conspiracy element when it came to him signing his name at the bottom of Nuala's birth registration. Sheila desperately wanted to get pregnant but was not doing so with Kevin. This couple many years later had twins. I can only assume this was via technical intervention of ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) where only one sperm is required. The alternative is someone else is the father and again Kevin's signature is on these twin's birth registration. As this ICSI procedure often leads to multiple birth I would bet on that scenario, but the twins, of course, are likely to be infertile as well which all seems a bit daft.
My pleading with Sheila to return and live with me is about the only thing Sheila and myself can actually agree happened. The most unlikely of events and there is agreement.
Section 8, this is still the case after three letters to Kevin I have received no contact in any form from him.
Section 9, still the case. When I visited Sheila and Nuala in the maternity unit a short tine after Nuala was born there was someone else present. This other person noticed that the section relating to Nuala's blood group on the patient notes relating to Nuala had been noted and then scored out with heavy black pen.
As these full blood grouping details are not that readily available in reference library texts I will repeat them here. The overriding significance of blood groups and paternity is the ability to rule out a bloodline link, it cannot prove a link.
Details taken from Human Anatomy and Physiology by D. V. Wynsberghe

Parents blood / Child's blood types / Child's blood types types / possible / impossible A and A A or O AB or B A and B A or B or AB or O not applicable A and AB A or B or AB O A and O A or O AB or B B and B B or O A or AB B and AB A or B or AB O B and O B or O A or AB AB and AB A or B or AB O AB and O A or B AB or O O and O O A or B or AB

For the search-engines as the following material has been mis-ascribed elsewhere - for E E Phillipp read E E Philipp.
From Philipp, E. Discussion: moral, social and ethical issues. In Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embryo Transfer. Ciba Foundation Symposium (Vol. 17), G.E.W. Wostenholme andD.W. Fitzsimons (Eds.). Amsterdam: Elsevier, Excerpta Medica, North-Holland, 1973, pp. 63-66.

PHILIPP: We blood-tested some patients in a town in south-east England, and found that 30% of the husbands could not have been the fathers of their children. ...
KILLBRANDON: Mr Philipp,surely the figure of 30% must be a minimum? What you established was that 30% could not be the children of their mother's husband, not that 70% of them were?
PHILIPP: Yes, it is a minimum. We were screening some female patients by testing their husbands for their blood groups, because we were interested in antibody formation in correlation with the ABO groups as well as the rhesus groups. From our results we suddenly realised that 30% of the children could not have been fathered by the men whose blood group we analysed.
STALLWORTHY: What was the extent of that group?
PHILLIP: Not large - between 200 and 300 women - but large enough to give a great shock.
J H EDWARDS: ... Analysis of some blood group data ,making allowance for the fact that one could not detect all the illegitimacies, showed that in the 1950s in the West Isleworth area about 50% of premarital conceptions were not fathered by the apparent father. As the apparent fathers were questioned while visiting their wives immediately after the birth, most of them obviously thought they were the father. ...
End Quote

I had asked my GP ages ago if he was able to have an exchange of letters with another GP concerning blood groups. If the relevant details and permissions were forthcoming from the other parties then this was possible. If Sheila was not lying then all this argy-bargy could have been avoided yonks ago . I knew Sheila was always lying to me but I assumed naively that she would not lie to her own children.

Section 11,I now know that Kevin's father died when Nuala was eight years old. Fergal must be a chameleon. At different times different people have told me that Fergal looks like Kevin, Kevin's mother, Kevin's father and myself as a teenager.

Section 12, One time on the phone Sheila gloated that Fergal had done arts subjects at "A" level instead of "pissy f .. king science subjects which any moron could deal with"-my subjects.
Section 13,I no longer listen to anything that this woman may say down the phone. I just say "put it in writing" and slam the phone down. It does of course mean I cannot use my telephone answering machine anymore. She has still not put a single comment in writing.

Chapter 5
Flaky Pastry

13 Mar 99
186 Alton Rd
Sheila, I don't rate your solicitor much the first advice she should have given you was to make sure any communication with someone you are in dispute with should be in writing. Thank you for mentioning psychiatric problems. In the last year I have sought psychiatric help but on your behalf. I took along tapes and transcripts of your phone calls, relevant anecdotes from 20 odd years ago etc. and obtained a very useful diagnosis. Your problems lay in the areas of dissociation and fugue, specifically Osiris complex / MPD. The reason Nuala and Fergal are playing ostrich is because they must have picked up a number of the symptoms that you've displayed but are petrified as to what it all means. This letter is the first part of treatment. Namely awareness of the problem. Multiple Personality Disorder as far as I know is treated in a talk it through therapy fashion. Additionally perhaps hypnosis to confront early childhood trauma and dissociation (usually sexual molestation). I pass the following info on gratis that many (maybe the majority) of MPD cases are diagnosed after failed suicide attempts. Hopefully this letter should avoid this scenario. Because you have been shown personal letters between me and both Nuala and Fergal you won't mind me sending copies of this letter to both Fergal and Nuala.
signed Paul Nutteing p. s. Because you are a proven liar I take as much notice of your phone calls as the telesales junk calls that come down my phone line.

The above letter I rattled off after the following message left on my answer machine.

12 March 1999 Right Paul this is Sheila again lets make a few things quite clear. I've no intention of putting anything down in writing to you OK. Lets get that right from the start. Now the second thing, if you continue in this way I have been in touch with a solicitor over the last year or so about all this. She does feel that we have grounds for a case of harassment against you. Now if we get one more letter I promise you we will start instigating proceedings because all of us have had enough. We have plenty of evidence of your maliciousness in the letters that you have sent. Nuala has shown me and the ones that Fergal has given me. Now you know if you can't get the message then I really do suggest that you've got a problem and suggest you seek some advice about your mental health GOODBYE.

I am now in a position to go into more detail about the MPD diagnosis. One thing I forgot to mention to this psychiatric medic was that I suspected that Sheila had had anorexia. This was sort of confirmed by Nuala.
One of the old pictures I had of Sheila definitely showed the sunken "Belsen like" cheeks. And another example of weird behaviour that at the time I couldn't fathom. Myself and Sheila had been in a pub for perhaps quarter of an hour. She got up and went to the toilet and didn't come out for ages. The next woman to go in there was one of the bar staff. She came across Sheila in what I now know to be in a cattonic state. The bar-girl asked me to go into the ladies to do something. She was coming out of this state when I entered and of course wanted to know what I was doing in the ladies as she had absolutely no knowledge of being in a "locked-up" state, weird.
The following is an example of this woman's recent behaviour on 07 July 1997. I was woken up eventually at just before 1 o'clock in the morning. Transcript of the messages in one session left on my answer machine.

Message 1
Hello Paul, its me Sheila, pick up the phone I know you're there Paul. Its me Sheila, lift up the phone OK be a silly bugger I know your there.
Message 2
Paul basically its Sheila again. If you don't pick up this phone I'm going to come round and slaughter you. Now will you pick up the bloody phone. I know your there come on. I'm going to ring you in 5 minutes I want you to pick up the phone please.
Message 3
Well Paul, its Sheila again. Well you've had you're chance to pick up the phone to discuss this in a civilised fashion so tomorrow I'm coming down with the twins and we can discuss this in a civilised fashion. I'm sure we can sort something out if only you would just get rid of your idea of me of 20 odd years ago and understand that I'm a different person now. I'm not out to get you alright but I am protective of my children and we need to sort some things out Yes ? OK see you tomorrow, Bye

The next time the phone rang I woke, went downstairs, and picked it up. There followed another ridiculous conversation with this woman that just gets nowhere. I will only be convinced by forensic proof, blood groups or some such, not verbal from this woman. But of course the last thing she can do is put anything in writing.
I showed the transcript of the above answer machine messages to a local social worker that I know. She was concerned for the welfare of the twins. There's irony for you, Sheila from her own mouth, is one of those social workers that go into other people's families to split them up.
It would appear that Sheila has at least 3 separate personalities. I wish I had known of this diagnosis earlier. I would have asked her what name she was calling herself at these different times as this is apparently characteristic. They are a small child, what I call the "super honest" character and the "essence of evil" character.
I have recently traced someone who lived in the same house as us in the mid 70s and we have not been in contact since then. Not a bad trace for me as a rookie private investigator as he had changed his name. I had asked if he was aware of any psychiatric problems with Sheila when he knew her, not leading him any more than this. I quote from his letter of 25 August 1999, verbatim except for the usual change of name.
"At the time you and Sheila were in your relationship. I remember that I tried to remain uninvolved with it, let you get on with it as you both seemed to protect your privacy, a difficult thing to do in a shared house. Neither of you discussed your relationship apart from the occasional word perhaps to try to explain things. ... One night about 2. 00 am perhaps, Sheila came into my room and climbed into my bed even before I was awake, the touch of her hand on the back of my neck woke me. She was upset and wanted comforting. Due to your relationship I did not comfort her and due to her lack of personal hygiene she was told to leave very quickly. "
This was the behaviour of a small child frightened by a nightmare, say, and crawled into her parents bed but this is a 22 year old. Another odd night-time activity was her pissing in a metal litter bin in the sitting room. It could only have been her (or myself of course) as it occurred once when there was only the two of us in the house.
The "super-honest" character I've outlined before, I assume it gave her some sort of sexual gratification.
The "essence of evil" character I only came across once. It was probably on a Monday/Tuesday night. She came back the usual time for her after being with Kevin or whoever probably about 1 am. She said that her sister (I forget which but that is not relevant) was coming over to Winchester the following Saturday. She wanted me to have sex with her sister. There followed about 2 hours of argument as to why I found this a total no-no. She just went on and on about how it would please her so much etc, etc. It was now about 3 in the morning and at that time I was rising for work at about 6. 30 so to get some sleep I said I would have sex with her sister. After all Saturday was some time off and she would probably have forgotten about it by then or I could disappear for the day. Then all hell broke loose. She started punching and kneeing me saying how dare I consider such a revolting idea. I restrained her flailing arms and bundled her out of the room. It was an old door that had a bolt lock on it and this was the first time I used it. This woman ,bare footed, started kicking the door and shouting abuse ,waking all the neighbours ... Not prepared to put in print ...
... Another anecdote concerned an incident when someone was stabbed. I was not there at the time. The story was related to me by two separate people who were present. There were differences in their stories and I tried recently to obtain confirmation before printing from the person stabbed but he has not replied to my letter. ...
About ten years ago the newspapers carried a story of a man terrorising a village with a sword and machete. The newspapers didn't mention any names but did mention the name of the village where Sheila's parents lived at the time.
I would never have known that this person who was overpowered by a SWAT team and carted off to mental institution was Sheila's father. Carol had informed me in the following week, why is another matter. As far as I can see Sheila has inherited something of her father's condition, presumably schizophrenia.
I have stated this woman, in a sexual context, had a "super-honest" personality relating intimate details of men she was having sex with. She referred once to having an on going lesbian relationship with someone. Curiously she did not go into detail and did not mention her name. From indirect evidence this other person was someone perhaps 10 years older than herself, called Nuala. This was a thoroughly corrupt individual. Her reputation preceded her and I had nothing to do with her. She was into witchcraft which to my mind is an opportunity to gain mind control over others. She used to abuse her own child by forcing him to sleep in a basement coal hole. With hindsight, this woman and her male partner were well on the way to becoming a Fred and Rosemary West. In 1979 this male partner got wind that he was to be arrested and charged with the most gross imaginable forms of child sex abuse. He promptly killed his son and himself. Sheila told me that she had named her daughter, MY daughter, after this evil woman. This is one thing I have not told my daughter.
When in this "super-honest" personality Sheila would inform people about all sorts of sensational things. Sometimes these stories would be told back to her in her primary personality.
Of course she had no recollection of ever saying such stuff.
The only way she could explain this was that these other people were spreading vicious rumours. Little did she know that she herself was the rumour monger.

Chapter 6
Communication Breakdown

Anyone would think I had forged Nuala's birth certificate. Along with a begging letter for 500 quid, which I decided to pay over, she included the following amazing justification. "Mum has never asked for any child support which she would have been quite entitled to. " I had to reply: "Sheila had never wanted me to pay child support as this would have meant continuing contact with you and Fergal. She made a parting threat that if I should pursue you or Fergal then Kevin had arranged with a bunch of fairground heavies to come round tooled up and sort me out. "
"The first point of call for the powers that be would be the General Record Office where they would find that Kevin is your official father on your birth registration. If he disputed this then he would have been liable to a charge of perjury. I can confidently assume that none of the rest of your family are aware of me. This is the way Sheila engineered all this subterfuge".
Nuala wrote that I was "lying and deluded" and broke off all communication. The only thing I have lied to her about was trying to disguise how Nuala was nearly born a week or so early. Anything else is what I am saying is not in agreement with what her mother is saying, she cannot have any verifiable proof that I have been lying. How can Nuala have lived with this woman for 20 years and not realise she is a pathological liar to say the least. Then the most crass of arguments. Nuala believes her mother because she is her mother.

Chapter 7
War is Declared

As far as I am concerned my daughter telling me I was lying was the limit. The gloves are off now. Asking around friends no one could offer any advice how to get this woman to stop lying. I sent the problem to a national newspaper agony aunt. A page was devoted to it on 18th June 1999 and the next week the replies were printed. This was the same as I found among friends. I expected a polarizing of responses between male and female but this was not the case. There was a marked difference between parents and non parents responses.
A lot of moralising but no practical suggestions. Just a lot of "no, I wouldn't do that if I was you". Twenty odd years ago I had quite enough of trying to get anywhere with this woman. I could not see why I should waste a lot of serious money in taking all this stuff to court. But, then, all I had was some circumstantial evidence and some hearsay. In retrospect this woman only saw me as a non-anonymous sperm-bank. Pay out for a civil court case with unknown outcome. Then pay maintainance to support such a corrupt woman to live with the only person she had wanted to live with from schooldays-Kevin. I'm not that much of a wally.
Even my daughter was telling me I should go through "proper channels", take her mother to court. Her mother didn't go through proper channels using conspiracy and perjury. There is even less reason to waste serious money on legal recourse. Take this sort of thing to court and all of a sudden all sorts of stuff becomes inadmissible.
I decide to become a private investigator and trace all the close family of Sheila and Kevin. ... Detailed explanation of how to trace people ...
I did not know the names of any of them let alone married names but in the end found the names and addresses of two of Sheila's sisters and their mother. Also Kevin's brother and their mother. If I sent my dozen or so point paternity treatise I had sent to Fergal along with my written letter to Sheila about her being a fruit cake it should force something. Sheila would have to put up or shut up. Get an injunction or something against me or have to lie in turn to all her close family. I got a load more crap down my phone from her, nothing in writing from anyone let alone solicitor's communications.

Chapter 8
The McGuffin

I've never been convinced how Nuala was supposed to have discovered my identity as her biological father. There were two separate events apparently 1) A character in a pub called "Michael". As I consider this was as Alfred Hitchcock termed it, a McGuffin I have given the actual name used, i.e. not disguised as all the other names in this story. A McGuffin is a person or prop in a story that does not necessarily exist. Its sole purpose is to propel the plot along.
2) Finding my phone number.
I had not discussed the phone number business with anyone. Not even Nuala as there is a flaw that Nuala would be unaware of and it opens up another can of worms. The problem with "Michael" is he only informed Nuala something about her origins and made no reference to Fergal's origins. Sheila, Kevin and everyone else in Winchester at the time knew what was going on in the mid 70s. They would only be able to tell Nuala in general terms, if anything,(no names) because it would inevitably lead to discussing Fergal's paternity if anyone contacted me.
There are two people I've come across who genuinely thought Kevin was Fergal's father and me as Nuala's father. I sent similar letters to the following to each of these people. It is quite possible that one of them deliberately told Nuala but I took the other scenario that Nuala was digging around.
"It is my conjecture that Nuala realised Kevin could not be her father (mis- match of blood groups). Nether Sheila nor Kevin would explain anything and she could have badgered you into giving my name. Then Nuala concocted the Michael story and the phone number business to protect your identity. There is no reason for my phone number to be in Sheila's address book. She has never phoned me from the mid 70s up to 1996 after Nuala had contacted me. If my phone number was in her book then it could explain who my phone pest was. For years I received some hundred or more silent phone calls. All at about the same time of day and another distinguishing feature which would be inadvisable for me to put in print. Even if my number was in Sheila's book then it would hardly say 01962 -,Nuala's real father".
I got replies from both these people. Both were in Winchester in the mid 70s, knew myself, Sheila and Kevin and had continuing contact with Nuala up to the present. One was a written reply I've quoted from below and am quite happy to accept. From the other person, Carol, I've had a verbal denial with a refusal to put in writing from which I infer what I choose to infer.

Extract from letter in return of post, dated 20 July 1999 Dear Paul
... Sheila and I have not been friends for well over a year now so I don't know about anything that may be going on at the moment. I never knew much about who the children's fathers were except that Sheila said that Nuala was yours and Fergal Kevin's. I do feel a bit sorry for your situation ...
I hope you will not write to me or contact me any more as although Sheila and I are no longer friends I feel very uncomfortable being drawn into this. I wish you well and hope that you manage to sort all this out.
Yours -

Chapter 9
The Conspiracy Widens

I've now ended up being in dispute with a professor, the head of law faculty, of a prestigious university. As far as I knew Fergal was at this university studying law. On May 12,1999 I phoned the university. I thought I could contact Fergal's tutor as I knew there was some family troubles brewing and I was in a position where I could have steered events around any exams he may be having. I had considered it a right and proper enquiry and saw no reason to dial 141 (to deliberately block the identity of my phone) before the university direct line number in the law faculty. The (named) person at the other end never asked for my name, I would have divulged if requested. She said that a Fergal - - was not at that university in any capacity student or staff. About 3 minutes after my call I received what I thought was a genuine but misplaced call.
Female voice: "This is the eye unit at the hospital here returning your message left on our answer machine but you did not leave a name". I asked out of idle curiosity: "Is that the County Hospital?" but no reply. There was a dead line for a couple of seconds. I continued trying to be helpful including giving my name but there was only me on that phone number. I had been using the phone at work. I remembered a local person is a bit dyslexic and sometimes erroneously gives my number to people. I gave this slight variant of my number to this caller to try. This local person never received a call from the "Eye Unit". This facility, by looking in the phone book, is at Winchester Hospital not the County Hospital. I only knew the eye unit had moved not where to. The manager of the real eye unit gave me the phone numbers and contactees names on the only two of the departments answer phone lines. Neither had any knowledge of a message and call as I described within the previous half hour. So 3 minutes after my phone call to this university law department an investigator misrepresenting herself had made a call to me to determine my name. There was no reason for this investigatory behaviour in relation to my work before or after this call 8 years in total.
I wrote to the head of this law department a lengthy letter. This detailed the bogus call and mention of my letters to Fergal being opened and returned to me. The usual procedure for correctly addressed mail to an incorrect addressee is to mark "Unknown at this address" and put back in the post system. It is only the "Dead Letter Bureau" that is then legally allowed to open such letters, find an address and return to sender. My conjecture was that someone in the law department after my May phone call had dialled 1471 to find my phone number and then a follow up bogus call to get my name. A procedure that is totally unwarranted if Fergal was not at that university. The professor dismissed this by saying that their phones do not have a 1471 facility. By written "cross examination" of a manager of the phone system for that university I have the statement that these specific phones "do deliver CLI (Caller Line Information) so your number can be seen by the called party".
I put this in writing back to professor of law to wrong foot him and have heard nothing since.
... Advert in a local paper mentioning everyone's real name ...
Even this failed to get any sort of response. I had always thought someone would break rank and contact me.
I have now mailed printed copies of this write-up to all the other parties and still no response in any form. They must realise how disruptive and destructive this whole process had become. But no contact other than a few attempts from someone to leave messages on my now switched off answer machine. The caller only rang at times she knew I would not be in to physically receive the call.
I will never understand human psychology. Why is it perfectly permissible for the ubiquitous but ephemeral "man in the pub" to tell Nuala about her origins. Then it is fine for Nuala to contact me on very shaky grounds (if she is to be believed). But as soon as I who was actually there tell Fergal about his origins it becomes the gravest of sins and no one believes me.

On going

Where will all this nonsense end. I fail to see why I should be vilified for all this. I should be considered the wronged party in all this but it doesn't seem to have worked out like that. Sheila is the most evil person I have ever dealt with and to be bounced into dispute with her again by my daughter takes the biscuit. It would seem you can only fight this sort of evil by acting in like manner.
Paul Nutteing

Update as of 21 May, 2000
The CPS got the local police to interview me in April, 2000 about the perjury committed in 1976 by the couple referred to in the above tract. There was a follow-up interview with a more senior officer to clarify matters. Then on 19 May, 2000 two uniformed officers a WPC Vivian and a Sgt Davis warned me that I was liable to be arrested under the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act if I sent another letter to an unnamed woman in Wiltshire.
This is another catch-all piece of legislation. So more research in the reference library. It seems it was not possible to formulate a bill designating stalking as an offence.
There is no specific mention of informative but unsolicited letters being "conduct" covered by this act. So as it is not ruled out it is by default ruled in. I can now justifiably demand that Wiltshire Police start proceedings against all of the UK's junk letter sending industry. Personally I find junk mail annoying but I am sure there are thousands of people in the UK who genuinely feel harassed by the ever increasing pile of junk through their letter boxes. I feel the ghost of A. P. Herbert coming over me. The letters I have sent to friends and family of this evil bitch have been extremely informative and quite specifically no threats made.
The uniformed officers only stated the complainant was a woman in Wiltshire, no name, no OIC in Wiltshire police and no case number for when I send my disgruntled letter to Wiltshire police. I have not sent any letters to this woman since March, 1999.
If she feels harassed or threatened then it is due to pressure from her own extended family. To whom I have communicated principally a printed version of the whole of this tract to each one along with edited highlights of the documentary evidence that it is based on. It is up to each of them to contact me or the police if they feel threatened. Information overload I can understand them suffering from but not feeling threatened. As mentioned at the end of the chapter entitled "The McGuffin" that one of their family friends (from about 1973 to 1997) wrote a very civil letter in reply to me requesting that I send no more letters. Note I have only received this one communication from someone who was a friend or family. I can only assume like myself that she took exception to being lied to and ceased friendship. I sent off a postcard to her with my name and address and just the statement "all acknowledged" to let her know I had received her letter.
I did, though, in March 2000 post her a copy of the above tract but sealed in another wrapper within the cover letter identifying myself and explaining so she could bin, unread, the contents if she so wished.
For anyone else trammelled by this 1997 act there is an interesting exclusion in section 1,3(a) (The main offence) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows- that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime.
Again just the term crime not specifically criminal law, civil law or for that matter moral law. The "man on the Clapham Omnibus" test for harassment is in section 1,2-"For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other. "May I hereby apologise to any of the readers of this whole saga who felt themselves to be harassed by reading it.

Update on 9 August 2000
At the end of May at work I received another suspicious call. These people misrepresenting themselves obviously have no idea of the normal calls I receive on this phone line. This person from what they called "Army Special Projects" makes what would be otherwise a reasonable request for information but I refuse to divulge and put the receiver down. She phones back extremely indignant etc but I now know when I smell a rat. I asked if they were aware of my works address and they did. I told her to put her complaint in writing and she slammed the phone down on me. If anyone is aware of a company or government facility of this name I would be interested to hear. Of course no such complaint was forthcoming.
This call was at about the time Sheila made her statement to Wiltshire Police about my indirect "harassment". The WPC who phoned me from Wiltshire to tell me this sounded suspiciously like the person from "Army Special Projects".
On the 27 May Carol accompanies Sheila to my new local, Sheila would not have known this change. She comes over to me and says she has a few things to say. I tell her loudly so there are plenty of witnesses "put anything you have to say in writing". I moved from my seat but she pursued me and I went down the other end, finished my pint, and left the pub early. When will this evil bitch get it into her thick head that too many lies have come out of her mouth for me to take any notice of anything she may say. About an hour later the bitch starts kicking hell out of my front door. I dial 999 in the dark and while on the phone she tries keys in the lock and a credit card slid down the Yale catch. I tell the police there is a psychotic woman trying to break into my house over the noise of her trying to kick in the door. Before the police arrive she breaks a load of glass and disappears. All this monitored by 2 independent local witnesses. One of them challenges her as whether she had broken the windows to which her reply was yes and then some unintelligible gibberish. She is now justifiably cautious about being a named witness, concerned about revenge from this "not right in the head" window-smasher. So now criminal damage of cost ?940 so I make a statement of complaint to the police.
I happen to know someone who is a counsellor for the Samaritans and asked for some advice. This activity is not rational and is often a "cry for help" prior to suicide. So now I send a letter detailing everything to her employer. Well her family won't have her treated so perhaps her line manager in Social Services can start whatever is necessary. At least he acknowledged saying "the contents of my letter have been noted".
On June 6th at work I receive a phone call asking for me by exact personal name. This just does not occur unless I have asked someone to phone me at work in reply to some personal matter, perhaps once a year. The caller would not identify themselves so I don't confirm my identity. After flustering and trying to get advice from someone else in the same room they then had to abandon their call. Surprisingly the CLI comes back as a Hampshire number that I write down but do not recognise. There is a repeat performance of this nonsense, I check the CLI again and it is the same. I check a third time and can be as sure as can be of this number. This number belongs to the local constituency office of John Denham MP. I neither live or work in his constituency and there is no reason for anyone at his office to contact me by personal name on my works phone . So rattle off a letter to this office and in case intercepted at this originating office a copy to the Houses of Parliament. The MP was honourable to reply in person immediately, I quote " ... there were no members of staff in my office at 16. 55 on the 6th June.
 Denham letter
I am therefore unable to explain why my office telephone number has registered on your line when you dialled 1471. I would add that as you do not live within my constituency, I would see no reason for my staff to contact you ... " This mystery remains as such, other than from a BT engineer it is impossible to disguise a phone line identity as someone else's phone. Also I later found out from someone familiar with this MP's office that it is shared and although no staff may be present it is not locked so accessible to others until the whole building is shut. When the police on behalf of the CPS interviewed me about the perjury committed in 1976 the sergeant mentioned I might find it useful to talk to my MP but this would only seem to be a coincidence. I later found out that someone had only just started working in his office who previously worked in social work in an environment where their telephones routinely disguised their origination identity. They had not worked there long enough to find out that this phone line identity was not removed from normal public access. On a side note emergency services and security services can routinely disable the disabling 141 or the equivalent block disabling facility. Strange to think politicians ,as far as their phone use, are more accountable than social workers. John Denham replied to my letter but there was no explanation forthcoming. He is responsible for this phone line and any use made of it. BT will confirm the time of use of a subscriber's phone if there are suspicious circumstances. The people in his office and using that phone at that time decided not to own-up - there was at least two people involved so yet another conspiracy.
On the 7th June the seventh Hampshire police officer (plus two Wiltshire) apprised me of proceedings since 28th May. Sheila had been arrested and charged and then later cautioned. So now I have to recover losses by civil action so first of all I send a formal notice as a recorded letter to her address. Tacked on the heading of this letter I had to put "This notice is made under the auspices of Section 1, subsection 3 of the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act". I won't mind betting she throws a tantrum and tears up the letter in front of the postman and refuses to sign the advice of delivery return postcard. I hope postmen have some sort of training in self-defence. I send a letter to her friends and family with my name, address and signature just saying that the enclosed is a copy of this recorded letter in a second sealed envelope. The theory is these letters are just unsolicited junk mail until and if the recipient opens the enclosed envelope I still have not received a single communication from any of Sheila's family to tell me to stop sending them letters.

Update 19 August, 2000
Well I don't know if she threw a tantrum and started kicking the postman but advice of delivery return postcard came back showing failed to deliver in the relevant box.
So now Section 1, Subsection 3c of this daft 1997 act gives me carte blanche.
ie Subsection 1 does not apply "that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable". Going over to Wiltshire and smashing that evil bitch's windows would be reasonable in the circumstances. I will settle on another round of letters to her family and friends with no necessity for the silly secondary sealed envelope. If Sheila has managed to suppress her suddenly becoming a criminal all her family, friends and employer will know now. I faxed copy to her local newspapers but they would not print a public notice that is directed to a named individual. All this wasted money would have been far more productively spent going towards DNA testing.

Update on September 16th 2000
A detective constable of Wiltshire police phoned me to say he wanted to interview me and would I come over. This I did but they were too busy so I have to go again the next week. In the meantime I send him some information in case he was thinking of arresting me. This was notifying him that I had been inappropriately warned earlier in the year about harassment by sending letters to someone I had not been sending letters to. I still had not send any letters other than the official court proceedings notification.
All the same I go over to Wiltshire and promptly get arrested for harassment.
The custody sergeant asks me if I have any injuries. I demonstrate my "broken" wrist and he turns away in revulsion. It is a genetic thing I explain . So onto the taped interview with the DC and WPC "Army Special Projects". I expected the interview to concern only the indirect "harassment" but they raised the background so it can now all be called up in court should it all get to court. There was a couple of dropped jaws when I explained that me and Sheila were living together when her son was conceived. WPC read out part of Sheila's statement to the police which stated that me being Fergal's biological father was a "monstrous lie" and I had no grounds whatever for saying this. So my readiness to accept any statement in writing from Sheila was misconceived, She has lied to me, her children, presumably the rest of her family and now the police . All I have to do is show there is reasonable doubt over Fergal's paternity. (Her name and mine is in the archived voter's lists for 1977/78 and I can get a number of affidavits from people including the woman who was told directly by Sheila that I was Fergal's father). Sheila will really be in the shit now-knowingly making a false statement to the police. Then as this was the main plank of her case malicious prosecution of myself followed on from her statement . My jaw dropped when these two detectives genuinely said they did not know how to trace people.
One curious thing they said was someone or persons had been sending in excess of 150 communications to a "Sheila" of Wiltshire Social Services. I had no knowledge of this but trying to prove a negative is not possible. The police thought it was me but as it was someone who had pulled stuff off this internet file it could have been anyone including the "Michael" character who knew of me, Nuala and her background. If anyone out in cyberland reads this could they cease as it is not helping my case at all. The DC and WPC wanted to get home but once started they could not stop me and the interview went on for 2 tapes.
I've never been arrested before, quite interesting. They learnt a few things as well- bit of a change from the usual drunks and shoplifters. I was bailed to present myself to them in a months time.

Paul Nutteing

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If you have found this file in an archive then put keyword of "Nutteing1" in a search engine to find an updated version , also some sites do not support the .wav sound files.
Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave 70K

All the actual witness statements for the forthcoming trial can be found by clicking here Pre-Trial Witness Statements and evidence 150K

Continuation of the sorry tale , nutteing2 The Saga Continues , nutteing3

Folie ┴ Deux, Dissociation and Crime 40K , nutteing4

Setting-up Mirror Sites , nutteing6

This file as it was in 2001 on the first mirror site before the Wiltshire opposition had it taken down

DNA profiles and their implications , dnapr , nutteingd

Setting-up Mirror Sites , nutteing6

There's no such thing as too much information

Don't waste your time going to a Citizen's Advice Bureaux for advice on this sort of thing. You will wait around for an hour then after they see you they will come up with their usual useless reply, "get some advice from a solicitor".
This is the "Agony Aunt" story as printed in the Guardian Newspaper. The replies are a load of useless moralising with no practical suggestions at all; which was the reason for my submission. The information in all these internet files is far more useful to anyone in similar circumstances.
Guardian Newspaper - Private Lives for 25 June 1999 Was http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0, 4273, 3878074, 00.html If this article fails to emerge from the Guardian archive then try clicking again.

Some further reading that seems appropriate to Sheila's behaviour Bullying

A Social Services exposure site

Exposure of bullying in a Kent hospital Kent institutionalised bullying

A UK site for exposing social workers Blundering Social Workers
Now on http://www.blunderingsocialworkers.tk
A useful site for checking social worker registration details
Fatuous comment about the above site
Ms Tucker knows full well that incompetant social workers hide behind threats from their legal departments. She knows the local government ombudsman will rarely look into complaints and that local and national newspapers will not publish any material relating to such grievances. Turning good money over to bloody lawyers in civil courts is not a valid recourse. About the only outcome of legal nonsense is publicity so why not cut out these expensive middlemen and go public from the outside. Publishing by the agrieved themselves details of incompetance and misdeads of social workers is thoroughly to be recommended for the public good as well as very necessary cathartic reasons.

An eclectic mix of UK " naming and shaming " sites variously exposing
Liverpool Council
Currently unavailable but is still available on the internet archive Mirror of NHS exposed site

Local Government Ombudsman Watch www.ombudsmanwatch.org

An outline of Multiple Personality Disorder in layman's terms MPD

A More technical exploration of Multiple Personality Disorder or DID MPD

A collection of articles concerning disputed paternity

Another example of the very strange employment criteria of Wiltshire Social Services Guardian Newspaper Archive Type in "keith andrews" as keyword and read articles of 04 May, 2000 and 06 Dec 2000 and 23 April, 2000.
Also another case of who is harassing who. Type in "laura fish" published on 02 April, 2001

Someone else on a more serious charge of child sexual abuse after false allegations. Curiously this person's discontinuance notice from Wilts CPS was almost the same day as mine February 26 2001 ; mine was February 27 2001 Wiltshire Newspapers Archive Issue day 05 April 2001, title "Man's anger at sex abuse claim" , 46 year old Devizes man.

Another local case of Social Services incompetence go to Echo Newspaper and type in keywords collings gosport

About the only "text book " on the 1997 Protection from Harassment act is The Law of Harassment and Stalking by Paul Infield and Graham Platford published by Butterworths, 2000. It is available inter-library loan from Aberystwyth University Library. It is useful for those on the receiving end of stalking, hence the input from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust as well as people finding themselves on the receiving end of the act used bogusly as in the case of animal welfare activists etc. That is being used to stifle public protest a concern of Liberty. The impetus for the act was the manifest stalking of Tracy Morgan by Anthony Burstow.

A reported case where the anti-stalking law was used for its intended purpose again a man being stalked by a woman. Wiltshire Harassment Case

The following is a link to another David versus Goliath battle , this time with Dorset County Council, Social Services 3 Families

Exposing social services

Another David v. Goliath Story from Dorset

Another example of social services getting it spectacularly wrong. The Broxtowe Files
and yet again this time Newcastle social services Was http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0, 3604, 765857, 00.htm, 31 July 2002.
A good summary of all the "Satanic Abuse " nonsense involving hoards of incompetent social workers who go with what they believe and people they believe rather than any proper evidence.

A TV movie - Indictment:The McMartin Trial 1995
Concerning a notorious 7 year trial of a family falsely accused of child abuse , satanic and ritual abuse with no evidence and just the input from a dangerous "expert" social worker.

Newspaper of UK Social Work with a useful archive facility Community Care

Another very personal story

Another story of a personal dispute with legal involvement

More law and relationships not mixing

British False Memory Society with references to prosecutions of people after false allegations

The case of Ashley Pittman

Hounded and Grounded Flying Vet

Gordon Warren Story of corruption within the Metropolitan Police oddly from an inside source

And another similar but more general site Police corruption from inside sources

Someone else's site concerning the under side of social services in Wiltshire

Jim Hulbert-Taxi Ride to Censorship

Mark Purdey versus MAFF etc If this article fails to emerge from the Guardian archive then try clicking again.

There follows a random collection of sites devoted to campaigning and publishing and fighting injustice, corruption, unfairness etc.

Men's and Father's Rights

Reports of corruption in UK officialdom
To access this site now you have to go to The Internet Archive Internet Archive and type in vomit.cc

Lobster magazine

Schnews- Brighton , with an extensive list of links to campaigning groups

Transparancy International

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

Stories of political corruption

Counter feminism

Scandals in Justice

Flying Fish

ZNet media

Squall Underground

Civil Liberties in Europe

Central TV, Roger Cook Report

The Mark Thomas Product

Global Internet Liberty Campaign

UK general community action advice

Log of sites/files had taken down by the opposition in Wiltshire

Now only readable by using the "Wayback Machine" The Internet Archive and putting in the search box the original URL

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UK Regional newspaper campaigning



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