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Second US John Doe,DNA profile from
11 Nov,2003
Supposed to be a Caucasian rapist of a former Tillery Elementary School teacher, Arkansas
D3S1358: (15, 16), vWA: (18, 20), FGA: (21, 23), D8S1179: (11, 12), D21S11: (28, 30), D18S51: (12, 14), D5S818: (11, 13), D13S317: (9, 13), D7S820: (11, 12), D16S539: (12, 12), THO1: (7, 9), TPOX: (8, 9), CSF1PO: (10, 12), PENTA E: (7, 11)
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Only one allele, 3 away, from the multi-modal 'Average Joe'
Doing allele frequency analysis on all but the Penta E, he is 7 times more likely to be Caucasian than Black.

Third US John Doe,DNA profile from Wisconsin
Unknown ethnicity
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
The final pair (7,7) of CSF1PO are rare, both in Black or Caucasian populations, so highly significant
For the first 12 pairs,doing allele frequency analysis there is equal probability of being Black or Caucasian but that final (7,7) would suggest more than 600 times more likely to be Black than Caucasian , or of course from some under-represented population. Possibility of a Gafoor trawl here. On a commercial medical site I saw reference to a cell line from the mammary gland of a 56 year-old Black woman with CSF1PO (7,8) close enough to be of interest to anyone doing a Gafoor Trawl if there was no (7,7) in their database.

Fourth US John Doe,DNA profile from California, ethnicity not known
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
Doing frequency analysis, over 5 MILLION times more likely to be Black than Caucasian generally through the loci but especially D5 (8) and TPOX (6).

Fifth US 'John' Doe, a Jane Doe, DNA profile,Caucasian
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
Doing frequency analysis 10 times more likely to be Caucasian than Black mainly from D5 (9).

Future Developements

Automatic 'Justice' - a glimpse into a future trend
Article Last Updated: 12/19/2004 01:13:34 AM
Rudy Michael Romero was about to be paroled for an armed robbery conviction when he was linked to a series of rapes along the Jordan River Parkway in the early 1990s. Based on recent DNA tests, the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole revoked Romero's July parole date and ordered he serve at least another 25 years. While DNA cases that free prisoners have become common, the Romero case is raising eyebrows in the legal community - though nobody is rushing to his defense. Utah's parole board acknowledged it has entered "uncharted waters" by keeping Romero behind bars based on evidence of crimes for which he has not been convicted. Romero will never be tried for the Jordan River rapes because the four-year statute of limitations has expired. But the DNA evidence was compelling enough for parole board members to deem Romero a sexual predator who would pose an "unacceptable risk" to the community. Parole Board Chairman Michael Sibbett says that because Romero is serving a five-years-to-life term for aggravated robbery, the board can keep him locked up for the rest of his life. "He was never paroled, so it's not like we're pulling him off the street and taking his liberty back," Sibbett says. "And he is serving a life sentence. There is no constitutional guarantee that inmates get to be released short of their expirations. And his expiration is life." Stephen McCaughey, a Salt Lake City defense attorney, says the parole board is setting "a dangerous precedent." "When you basically are keeping somebody in for crimes they are assumed to have committed, crimes they were never convicted of or even charged with, you are starting to put yourself in the position of being judge and jury," McCaughey says.
End Quote

Cold Case DNA Profiles
There are more and more prosecutions of people where the sole 'evidence' is a DNA profile obtained from old "cold case" evidence from decades ago. Evidence stored at ambient temperature and humidity.
There is no validation studies into the validity of old DNA being processed true to type. No research published in the likes of FSI or IJLM. My understanding of the law is that scientific evidence can only be submitted if it is a proven science. Unless anyone knows differently no sets of Guthrie cards say from 20 or 30 years ago being analysed now and compared with samples from the same individuals traced decades on. The nearest is seriously counter evidential.
Forensic Science International 143, (2004) page 49
The electrophoregram from one blood stain stored at room temp and humidity for 17 years. RFUs are the vertical access units showing amount of amplification. Low molecular weight D19 and D3 are good strong responses of about 3000 rfu, responses decreasing with weight down to the last two , D18 and D2 which are about 150 rfu and barely distinguishable from the bottom mush level and should not or would not be admissible in court.

Jakub Tomczak trial, Exeter
Because of surprising amount of contacts from Poland over this case, this is my take. "He had voluntarily given a DNA sample after he was contacted by a sister in England, who had been asked to do so by the police." "When he was first interrogated by the police, Jakub voluntarily offered his DNA sample to help with the investigation. The British police told him it was to exclude him as a suspect." "The court heard that the DNA was not the 'Low Copy' type, involving smaller samples of DNA, which has been used in some other cases." The expert witness said that one of the samples confirms the 24-year old's innocence beyond doubt, leaving the experts with two contradictory samples - one pointing to T.'s guilt, one to his innocence. http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=137199&command=displayC ontent&sourceNode=136986&contentPK=19635882&folderPk=79934&pNodeId=137002 DNA PROFILE 'WAS ACCURATE' 11:40 - 23 January 2008 A second witness from the Forensic Science Service has told the court that Jakub Tomczak's DNA profile was accurate. The court has been told that a "computer error" happened and was then spotted and corrected by forensic scientists who had been involved in processing Tomczak's DNA. The jury yesterday heard that this computer "blip" was in a graph that the defence counsel had requested after Tomczak's DNA had already been analysed. The prosecution called process supervisor Mary Cagney, following forensic scientist Rachel Notley's evidence the day before. The prosecution's case is that the DNA from Tomczak's voluntary mouth swab matches the profile of semen found on the victim's body. Miss Notley, from Chepstow Laboratory, Wales, said the DNA from the mouth swabs and the semen matched. She told the court she was unable to say that the semen had been left at the crime scene by Tomczak. She gave a probability of one in a billion that another person other than Tomczak could have that DNA profile. Mrs Cagney, giving evidence yesterday, said her unit at a laboratory in Birmingham had been involved in analysing Tomczak's mouth swabs. The semen from the woman's body had been processed at a laboratory in London. Prosecutor William Hart asked Mrs Cagney whether the results from the swabs were accurate. He referred to one of the 'sites' that were analysed to help build a DNA profile. "Are you sure from your work that '11/13' was the correct designation?," he said. She replied: "I am, yes." The court was told Mrs Cagney's unit received a request from the defence, last October, to provide a graph which was a picture of some electronic data gathered during one stage of the process. The piece of the graph which the forensic scientists have told the court should have said '11,13' said '12,14' on the graph. Mrs Cagney said that was an error caused by a problem which occasionally occurred with a computer programme. "It's a glitch," she said. There was nothing about the graph that cast any doubt on the designation done by her department, when processing the DNA. Under cross-examination, she said the unit was aware there could be a problem with software which caused the "glitch" and looked out for it. ... "
I've never seen reference to "software glitches" biochemistry problems leading to stutter, null alleles, false homozygosity etc and hardware problems like bleedthrough/pullup and binning errors for "fractional" variant alleles but never software problems. "'11,13' said '12,14' " is bollocks. The biochemistry problems lead to say D16(11,13) coming out as D16(10,13) or D16(11,11) or D16(13,13) not both alleles erroneous.
"First DNA tests first excluded Jakub Tomczak as a suspect. The second test showed some of the DNA evidence found on the victim matched Jakub's profile. On the fatal night, Jakub was wearing a checked shirt, not a T-shirt of the local football team, as captured on the CCTV footage. Even an expert could not tell for sure if the man on the camera was Jakub. There were more loose ends, but many among the local community seemed to be convinced - he did it." http://www.wbj.pl/?command=article&id=39764&type=wbj 28th January 2008 ... Tomczak's DNA was not found on the victim's clothes or purse and blood found on the victim's face did not match his either. ... I smell corruption when you have to go to a foreign news service to get a fuller picture. No mention of blood, from another person, in any of the English press reports. No wonder the DNA analyst did not want to attend court. Anothe rpossibility - did Jakub use condoms and foolishly left them lying around for the rapist to find and transfer the contents ?

Post Script

I have no criminal conviction,no criminal record or court appearance at any time. Because of corrupt Wiltshire Social Workers ( story - nutteing3 in a search-engine ) I have been drawn into this Kafkaesque world.
After the CPS dropped all this nonsense I wanted to retrieve my involuntrarily extracted DNA sample and data but by then snagged by s82. I sent of my 10 GBP,after being told this was necessary for removal ,more lies. Instead I get my DNA profile in the post. What with that and dyslexic error - suggesting a dyslexic member of staff; repeated phrase - suggesting lack of proof-reading and managerial control especially as 'signed' by the director; double posting of recorded delivery - suggesting managerial incompetence, D8 on chr 8 printed as D6 on chr 6 - suggesting of technical incompetence.
( I would be interested to hear from anyone else with such examples of incompetence of this shower in Birmingham). This was the standard of care shown by the public face of the FSS - what on earth was going on behind closed doors ? This file and supplementatry files is the result. If the world's forensic science services find the contents of this file,uncomfortable - tough titty. Different people around the world have highlighted small fractions of the problems analysed in this file. But I seem to be the only one who has explored the full enormity of the confidence trick played on the world by people who call themselves scientists. I'm proud to say, putting just the two words DNA and profiles in the Google search box, returns this page at the top of the heap of 2,400,000.

This is the only place you will be able to read such material other than
Le Monde 23 December 2003
outside the UK has published a lot of the material (cribbed ? ) from this site. Nothing mainstream published in the UK because the special branch or their ilk must have a "D notice" or somesuch in place.
I interested a Nick Davies, crime writer for the Guardian newspaper but he will not communicate with me now.
Alec Jeffreys was perfectly happy to communicate with me, while I was learning, but not now.
I am one of the few to stand up against the dangerous powers-that-be in this blighted country.

I would be interested to hear from any whistle-blowers (anonymously if required ) from any of the world's forensic science labs, with the inside gen on any of the material exposed on this site and related sites.
Email Paul Nutteing by removing 4 of the 5 dots
or email Paul Nutteing ,remove all but one dot
Or a message on usenet group uk.legal has got to me recently a couple of times.
My original accounts nutteing@quickfindit.com and the nutteing2@quickfindit account are now dead. A lot of the contents of this file, plus other material, 'peer reviewed' on the main forensic science user-group , using my pseudonym of Nona Revers or nonarevers

Continuation of sparring on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/forensic-science/messages with forensic 'scientists' using my pseudonym of Nona Revers or nonarevers
It shows the very dangerous blinkered mindset of forensic scientists. I have to assume the same attitude is prevalent within the police and the judiciary.

A simulation of a large DNA profile database - the result being a match on 10 loci in just 2 million 'parthenogenic' profiles i.e. no kinship, relatedness, co-ancestry

You too, with just an ordinary domestic low-spec pc, can show that the worlds forensic statisticians and scientists are wrong.
A simulation of DNA profile 'families'
A simulation of DNA profile families with consanguinity
A simulation of DNA profile 'families' for 6 generations
dnas.htm revisited with all alleles represented
dnas.htm revisited for >8 percent allele frequency subset (similar ancestry )
Simulation of Taiwanese Tao and Rukai populations to explore the effect of within and without ancestral clusters
Basques autochthonous DNA profiles simulation, 9 loci
Australian Capital Caucasian 9 loci simulation
Australian Capital Caucasian 9 loci simulation, >= 5% allele frequency
CODIS, 13 Loci Caucasian Simulation
Automating the macros
Exploring other DNA profile match scenarios
Suspect familial matching
Return to co-ancestry factor in the NDNAD simulations
144 random matches in 65,000 -- ONLY?
Return to Arizona database simulation (Jan 2008)
Scam by the Guardian national newspaper
'Peer review' of some of the dnapr.htm material
Continuation of sparring on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/forensic-science/messages with forensic 'scientists' , myself using the pseudonym of Nona Revers or nonarevers
'Peer review' of some of the dnapr.htm material , part3
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